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New Twisted Treeline Altar Vision

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    I was just wondering about the vision of the altars on the new twiste treeline. I has messed up so many ganks so I just wanted to check here if anybody knew about the range of the vision of the altar and when the altar actually gives vision. I am aware that it gives vision when it is neutral, in the beginning of the game for an example.

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    The best way for you to learn the vision mechanics of the altars is get a friend and 1v1 in a custom game. Experiment with the vision lines w/ each other learn what happens when. This will be much clearer, and much more memorable than someone vaguely explaining how the vision works.

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    Anybody can see vision of the altars when they are neutral, when they are owned by a team, only that team can see what the altar sees.  The altars range is very limited, covering the altar itself and about half an inch to one inch around the altar,  It is not enough to see the wolf camp or you if you hug the wall of the wolf camps, if you hug the bush wall by the middle either.  As long as you aren't directly next to it, it shouldn't be a problem for you.

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    How can your ganks have been messed up? If you're at your own jungle camp, they will never know if you're going for jungle camp or to gank. Just don't enter the shrine or stand close to it, then you would be safe to gank.

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