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Basic AP rune question

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    Now this may sound pathetic but I have only 2 rune pages... one AD rune set and one AP rune set,
    But I cannot decide on how to make my AP rune set, for ex:

    • Quint of AP x3
    • Flat Armor x9
    • Scaling MR x9
    • M.Pen x9

    This is my current rune set, but I used to play with Scaling AP instead of MR and bought some health instead of armor... I just need a very basic rune setup so is this current set ok? or what should I do? (don't tell me you need rune sets for different champs i know but I just need a general rune set)

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    maybe run mana regen seals if you playing against ap mid

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    I got two rune sets for AP:

    1. Quints: AP flat ; Red: Mpen ; Yellow: Hp/lvl ; Blue: AP flat (offensive)

    2. Quints: AP flat or MS ; Red: Mpen ; Yellow: Armor flat ; Blue: Mres flat (defenisve/utility)

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    Quote from prettyprettyteemo »

    maybe run mana regen seals if you playing against ap mid

    that is irrelevant because he needs a general rune page.

    you could run some flat mr glyphs (6 flat + 3 scaling = 8 flat MR + 8@ lvl 18) but apart from that it looks pretty good.

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    Thanks for the replies and i'll just go with bodycounter's defensive runes


    Thanks for fast replies

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    The rune set up you have ins't that bad, to be honest. You should look to swap to flat MR eventually. The armor is fine there for now. Many mids run it regardless of their lane opponent.

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    Your current run setup is pretty much the most widely used AP setup.

    If you're playing AP mids (rather than other lanes), you may want to consider using flat MR glyphs. Scaling breaks even at level 9, so they are better for other lanes which don't really see that much magic damage until around that level anyway.

    Some people use a mix of flat and scaling MR. It mostly comes down to personal preference. I personally use 5 flat and 4 scaling. Not for any particular reason. I ran out of money while switching to flat and could never be bothered to finish the transition.

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    Flat MR if you want earlier trading power and will build MR if you need it, scaling if you don't want to build MR. Personally I go flat, in mid getting an advantage early can really swing the lane in your favour.

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    Setup 1:

    Flat armour seals, Flat MR glyphs, Mpen marks

    Setup 2:

    Flat armour seals, Scaling AP glyphs, Mpen marks

    With Movement speed quints and Flat AP quints interchangeable depending on matchups and champions.


    I find that armour is better than scaling health since you'll mostly be taking auto attack harass in lane and minion waves do physical and junglers mostly do physical as well. Also on champs with a lot of early kill potential like LB, you might want to bring Flat AP glyphs.

     Never use Scaling MR mid because you don't get the full benefit of flat until level 9. Either flat MR or scaling AP.

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    every AP rune setups are typical, generic ones. I find mine on and just follow the lcs pros :p

    ~Vuldin Archives.

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    ^ Disagree, most pros use very specific runes depending on what champion they play. Also, different pros will use different runes on the same champion, for example Yellowstar recently ran Mpen reds and AP everything else on Ahri, most other people don't do that...

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