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  • posted a message on LoLking the player above you and give him advice!

    You may want to try to build your defensive item on the ADC faster. When someone who can dive you is fed you can't always rely on your teammates peeling. Also try some other roles :D

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    I main Hecarim since Season 2 and I've done a lot of builds and I had the most success with what you described. But it's really just situational, the Spirit of the Elder Lizard let's him dish insane amounts of damage early, it's just too good with the AoE of Q and W. But really if you can't get shit done, everythings pushing or you're behind I would maybe recommend the Spirit of the Ancient Golem or just get those Kindlegems and Glacial Shrouds done.

    Although that all depends on what your lanes can do and how you're doing, if you got Jayce or a Riven Top who will just dish out you can build tanky, get the all the armor and health early and will still feel usefull, when you got a Singed Top or something like Nidalee Mid you might want to rush the SotEL so you can bring some damage on the lane.

    Regarding the items alone, one spirit item, Iceborn Gauntlet, Spirit Visage and of course boots of choice (I'm a big fan of Mobility if you're doing well, mobility + homeguard + E, feels like you didn't even recall) is really his core, you just might want to tweak the order in which you buy them according to the game. Or if you're increadibly behind you should think about things like Sunfire Cape instead of Iceborn Gauntlet. Locket is completly legit on Hecarim but you shouldn't really rush it.

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  • posted a message on So, how do you play Jarvan IV?

    Exactly, actually my reason for waiting is when I get doublebuff and arrive on lane both laners are getting level 2 or just got to level 2. Communicate with the lane of your choice beforehand so they pick an ability 2nd which allows them to help with the ganking (like Ahri taunt, Ryze cage or something along the lines). That will be one knockup, the slow from your W and maybe a hard CC from the lane which increases the chances of a kill by a lot.

    Imho you should really always come from the ledge like Moorsky said unless you're Volibear or... well Singed if you're into that (although this isn't as crucial for J4 because he gets a fair distance in a short time with EQ). The laner has a lot less time to react and you're kind of getting in the way of his retreat.
    With Jarvan you just need to be careful here so you don't do the "Fizz" and pull yourself farther away from your target and can't follow up.

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