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    Glad to hear the controller scheme seems to run fluidly. Its my big annoyance with some games. But its also the reason why I love Halo Wars the controls were so beautiful for having an rts on console. Might just want to steal someones Xbox one to be able to try this.

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    As long as your not under wrongful assumptions like the Ahri I had on my team. She was like "OMG I have no deaths and still cant carry this garbage team" Look at her score compared to our adc? Now first glance shows that Ahri did much better. But the gold ends up being even so she wasnt super ahead.


    Also being in this game as the jungler I can personally tell you that Ahri provided no pressure in the game. She could barely cs and basically only got kills when I was ganking or when another team mate got the target very low for her. Always make sure you look at all the details of the game before you say you cant carry. If she had flawless CS and some once of map awareness then the game was over cause a score like that normally implies you are very ahead but unfortunately it means little when your still behind in gold.


    If you really want to improve look at all the little things you individually could have done better. Did you upgrade your trinket at level 9? Did you CS well? Did you force pressure when you noticed it was available? Do you even know how to tell when your stronger? Did you die to ganks? Why did you die? This all sounds cliche but this is all one must think about when improving as opposed to thinking I can not carry on this champ.


    Btw this is the game I was referring to http://matchhistory.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/NA1/1758757277/40132719?tab=overview


    Tip: Maybe your having difficulty carrying in general look at why you can carry on other champs and not on this one. Look for these changes and adapt. I can not carry on zed but I suck on that champ I can barely play the champ in lane without even being able to have time to look at my minimap.

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    I think Riot just does not want it to feel forced

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    Are you talking about me or gamekingcaleb?

    I swear it was only once and they came on their own

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    Sounds cool you should inform us how it pays out after a few days of expierence

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    That thug life inhib. Although lets be completely honest what was sivir doing not activating w? She does realize she gets bonus attack speed from right? Anyways nice but I hate when teams do not surrender.

    I am not under the impression that you can not win just that the game is way to depressing to continue playing it

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    its actually a problem with persistent effects with your models effects. Sorry to add to the Necro. Theres a recreatable bug with sunfire cape persisting over your dead body. Saw it once on the icons while near no enemies only ones I had already killed.

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    That moment when you accidentally kill someone else. The rumble instead of the velkoz you went after. Had a moment where I threw a charm at a Lucian while seiging and missed and got sad only to find that I had killed a janna.

    Edit:I liked it but the music didnt match the gameplay in my tastes. Also seemed rather slow.

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    Quote from Dont_jinx_me jump
    Quote from H1Q4 jump
    Quote from Dont_jinx_me jump
    Quote from s0uf jump
    http://matchhistory.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/EUW1/1997020348/36160355?tab=overview&amp;participant=8 <- for the ppl that wanted more info @ Dont_jinx_me, yep no excuse for that behavior. I guess im not so emotianal stable, emotions take control over and i stop thinking rational (e.g. fk it lets win instead of this guy got me so mad i dont want to win anymore).

     Time for the bitch goggles to come out coz jesus christ there is WAAAAY more wrong with this jinx than her not getting last whisper


    *clears throat*

    Finishing boots before IE

    2 life steal quints

    No AS Quints

    buying 2 potions at 15:39 then selling them on her next recall

    (personal one here) building phantom dancer instead of shiv

    1 point in "enchanted armour" rather than "unyielding"

    Doesn't upgrade trinket

    and finally....played jinx....THATS MY THING!!!!!


    *snaps fingers and walks away....at least until another comment is made on this thread*




     She's silver give her a break (oh and I'm a huge fan of Pd over shiv).

     noooooooooo, I used to be like that till i saw the light.....ning. 




     Finally someone else that sees my stuggle. I love shiv and just hate phantom dancer. 


    But anyway on topic. Was I the only one who noticed that Vaynes badass bork into zephyr? Build looks fun just zoom zoom zoom.


    Ok seriously on topic. Having watched Doublelift in past days and watching his games. He himself doesnt even get last wisper third he more often than not goes ie-attack speed item-lifesteal item. I highly disagree with GA ever being built on anyone besides assassins or Irelia though. Like defensive items are bad in general when behind. And personal I just build full damage on adcs.

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    Quote from xiblade jump

    I've been seeing the Frozen Mallet on gnar with great effect of late. Brut like BlackHat said is really godo as cdr is a very good stat on him.

     Yeah this the only damage item I see viable on Gnar. I play him a lot and I find that the only good part about tri force gnar likes is phage. After that the item is way to expensive to warrant.

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