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    Nisekoi had incredibly dense, but cute characters. I can see the appeal, but it wasn't for me, because the main characters dishonesty was just cringe-worthy.


    Oregairu on the other hand is shaping up on the drama end. Like damn, you can feel the tension. Loving it and can't wait for the next episode!

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    Quote from Shigure jump

     so what show is that from? i don't recognize it at all :/

    Oregairu. Its second season is currently airing.


    We talked about it a couple of pages ago.

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    Quote from Teiji_x_Teiji jump


    Haruno best girl.


    That is all.

     Right family, wrong girl.


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    I barely ever report anyone.


    I only report AFKers if they made it obvious that they don't want to play anymore. If they never connect to the game or suddenly DC without having ever said a word, I won't do shit, because technical failure happens to everyone. It's extremely rare to have a rage-quitter on my team, so me reporting them almost never happens.


    I do not report feeders, unless they are doing it willingly. I would not report a 0/5 feeder who is not saying anything, but I would report a 0/3 guy who is pissed off in chat and doesn't care about winning anymore. It's the attitude that counts, not the result.


    I report people who badmouth my team mates. If you are flaming a feeder on my team, you bet your ass, that I'm going to report you.


    I don't react to people who flame me myself. If he keeps it up for the majority of the game, I will remind him, that his spam is making it difficult to keep game-relevant information visible in the chat. If he still won't shut up, I will ignore and report him after the game. If it was just a small outburst at the beginning of the game over a mistake, then I don't really care, because that can happen to anyone.

    The same applies to spammers. I mute them, but unmute them a couple of minutes later to check if they stopped. They might have calmed down and have valuable information to share.

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    Quote from elauser jump

    If you haven't seen hunter x hunter (2011) then I can reccomend it for you ^^

    It's quite childish for a long time but gets more and more serious as it goes on and becomes quite interresting and dark.

     (and a very catchy ending song. (Just Awake Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas))

    The only thing I haven't seen yet that you've listed is Zetsuen no Tempest and Monster. Will watch it after Afro Samurai (started with it yesterday and love it so far) and I started with Monster but kinda stopped after the third episode due to unknown reasons... can't remember why, probably just forgot it.


    Death Note and Code Geass are awesome but the protagonist of Code Geass is/was imo too... "nice" :D I'm the kind of guy who would mostly join the villains in books (would for instance join the bad guy in eragon but not assholes like the one from akame ga kill)


    I've seen so much more than there's listed here but I just can't remember all of them on the spot and too much work to write down ^^


    Is there something else which has the kinda... madness feeling of Hellsing Ultimate or Soul Eater? Really liked that.


    ps Thank you for the reccomendations ^^


    Funniest scene in Soul Eater :^) and I don't even think that it was supposed to be funny


    Mmmmmm... more antagonist type of shows, eh? Black Lagoon is up there, it's a very controversial action show about criminals, basically. It has some identity issues and sometimes you don't know if you are supposed to laugh or not. Maybe it's what you're looking for.


    Darker Than Black is another show with a somewhat twisted "hero", especially in the second season.


    If you just want a edgy scenario in general, I want to point you towards Ergo Proxy or Kara no Kyoukai


    Now that I think about it Durarara is infamous for Orihara Izaya, the master troll and jerkass who runs the town. He's not the main focus of the show, but that's kind of hard with so many characters. Aaaand, then there's Baccano, another anime with very eccentric characters. I'm sure there are some among them to your liking. Both shows are very similar, but only Durarara got a second season :(

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    Quote from elauser jump

    So as someone who watched quite a bunch of animes but is not someone who is really far into it...

    Which anime should I watch next...


    I want something kinda more serious probably a bit deeper plot, not plainly focused around ecchi (nothing against ecchi but a lot of those are just too dull, things like no game no life are still great though imo). It can also be comedic but preferably not where the characters just make a straight up idiot out of themselves, something with a bit more niveau. Something where you just don't have to be ashamed of someone elses behalf.


    Here are some things that might help you.


    Akame ga kill : I liked it but it just felt so bad that they were forcing "feels" on you. So many characters just died in an attempt to make the anime seem more deep.

    Steins;Gate: Absolutely loved everything about it. It probably has a bit of a lame start but then I loved every second of it.

    Soul Eater: I love the distinct animation style and adore the "madness" featured in it.

    Mushishi: Loved to watch an episode before going to sleep. Very calming and interresting to watch.

    Berserk: Oh god I would so love to see what happens next. The end was so amazing it was one of the few anime that made me read the manga which I love.

    Naruto Shippuden: All in all I really love it but what I kinda don't like is the whole forced "power of friendship" and the main character being kinda dumb.

    Eh, you've good taste, I think.


    If you're not afraid of watching another Shounen, you might wanna try out Hunter x Hunter. I have yet to see it myself, but I've heard high praises about it. Take the Madhouse (2011) release. It has 100'ish episodes though.


    If you want something disturbing with a brain, you might enjoy Monster.


    Death Note and Code Geass fill the "super villain" trope. They are pretty smart and basically want to take over the world. I preferred Code Geass, but both are good.


    Zetsuen no Tempest mixes seriousness and comedy quite nicely. A plot about magic and a pretty interesting philosophical scenario. This show also has one of the best troll characters I've seen in a long time. Only click the spoiler if you've already seen it.

    Fuwa Aika is the master troll, face it.

    Pretty sure I could come up with more, but you don't need that many, do you? You kinda need to be more specific.

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    Quote from Teiji_x_Teiji jump

     Sauce for your avatar pls. <3


    Also; Higurashi - on episode 14 currently.


    It's great, I'm grateful for the recommendation a dude I know.


    Shion is luv, Shion is life.

    http://myanimelist.net/anime/14753/Hori-san_to_Miyamura-kun/ gg easy


    Ooooh, you're watching Higurashi only just now? It's pretty fucked up, but awesome. The first season that is. The second season is more about the power of friendship. I loved both. :^)

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    See? He's not looking for advice. He just wants to vent. He's going to disregard any advice given, because he already made up his mind, that "Riven is indeed broken" and there's nothing you can do.

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    Are you looking for advice or do you just want to vent? I have advice, but I want to ask in advance, because I don't want to waste my time.

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    Quote from Pleinair jump

     hmm zilean... how was laning with zilean now as kog?

     Zilean is great at punishing aggression. If they try and bully me, he can land a stun and/or we can chase them out with my E slow. Dankaw had a lot of presence, so Blitzcrank couldn't just run up to me. He ended up hooking Zilean, so I could just use WE to trade favorably against Graves.


    The most crucial mistake they did over and over again was trying to all-in us without their jungler. They didn't respect Zilean ulti at all, even though it counters their laning strategy completely.


    I would say that Zilean does fine against all-in as long as he gets his ulti off. So basically just like Janna, but he has some poke and nice zoning with the stun.


    Edit: Actually, ask Dankaw about this. He can probably tell you more in detail.

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