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    Any cheap one with 2 buttons and a wheel is all you need. Next question... jk xD


    If you are into games like mmorpgs and stuff having a couple macro buttons is usefull and practical but not extremelly needed. Also, personally I don't really like heavy mouses, I prefer a medium-light weight one. Size wize I have used both big and small mouses and there is no difference since your brain just adapts to the shape in a couple hours.

    Personally If I went for a gaming mouse I would aim for a good price/quality ratio. Also a mouse pad might be good to get too to make the most out of the mouse

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  • posted a message on Wow, some players are really toxic !

    people flaming? just /mute all. Problem solved.

    I used to hate rankeds because of that, dickwads and kids thinking they are so good are EVERYWHERE. from diamond to bronze and even in normals in under lvl 30 accounts you can get toxics. 

    Just mute them and focus on improving your self. You will lose games anyway, you might as well improve from them instead of getting an headache from listening to the toxic garbage lol.

    If you are actually good there will get a point where your lp gain stabilizes and you start climbing.


    Or make a smurf and do rankeds there, with the champs you want to main. That way you can improve in a stress free enviroment - it's a smurf, who cares, use it to have fun.



    TL;DR: You didn't say anything people haven't heard of 10 times already. mute people and carry yourself you still make a shit load of mistakes, focus on them. Some games you just can't win. Deal with it.



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    Riot Corp presidant: Guys we need a new champion.

    designer A: LETS GIVE SLOWS

    designer B: SLOWS? BITCH A KNOCK-UP.

    Designer A: Yeah bitch that's what I did to your mother...


    designer C:Bitches calm your tits, Knock-ups are soooo 2014, this is 2015... EVERYONE GETS A ZHONYAS, even that ugly guy that works at the cafetiria,...



    And so the bard was born

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    I still want to try AP gp, seems fun, stupid sustain, decent Q damage with lich bane. the ult does some decent damage and hits everyone in teamfights. might do it later

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    Quote from Ebi_chan jump

     But the quote is why sejuani "outscale" nasus : because she s much better in teamfights. And, seriously, sejuani full build vs nasus full build, even with 600+ stacks, as long as nasus doesn't have last whisper and sej got liandry and tank, she is the one wrecking him, even in 1v1. What should do Nasus is splitpushing instead of teamfighing with a sejuani in the opposite team. Hybrid AP/Tank Sejuani does more dps than most of the midlaner by the end of game, serioulsy (got some over 60k "damage to champs" in many 45 mn games with her).

     Yeah sure, sej would beat nasus... if he dced or went afk out of boredom. He would delete sej in a 1vs 1, unless he went ap or went 6 boots build for the lulz.


    Also a 600 stacks nasus is just going to literally 2 shot turrets, he can just split push and unless you send 2 people (or even more) to take care of him he will just delete your base and end the game before you can do anything about it.

    In either case your team either is in a 4 vs 5 and in this case the other team just stalls and nasus ends the game.

    Or you get stucked in a 3 vs 4 and their team recks yours. 

    You can send sej but she would do nothing,nasus would 2 shot turrets, lifesteal for 300-400per Q out of creeps and push your base.

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  • posted a message on Jarvan IV Flat Armor Nerf on E and your Thoughts.

    Lol at all the wannabes that are in denial, you know a jungler that is suposed to be a fighter/tank is too strong when you 1 shot squishies with your basic combo when you only have 2 offensive items. This is jarvan in a nutshell.


    He simply gained too much from the new junge items + half of the other season 4 junglers are shit.

    he deserves to get nerfed and that armor removal was just the start. He will either get his Q or ult damage tweaked or his base stats will get toned down.

    Freaking deal with it.




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    45 days. Still doesn't beat maplestory, I quitted it 3 years ago (I'm 18) and I prolly had 70 days on it, good memories tho.

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    riot touches the all mighty j4 that has been dominating this seasons jungle (and is also strong top)




    QQ more please, just ignore the shitload of utility and damage he still has. Jarvan is the same as Lee Sin pre nerfs lol, did that hurt Lee? no it made him more balanced. 

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    btw anyone wants to boost my seasonal char xD? (EU)

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  • posted a message on I'm thinking of getting Diablo 3

    I made a topic just like this a couple months back xD

    Yep, worth it

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