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    I play champions that I can relate too in terms of personality,lore, and of course play-style. Sometimes just one of the other like one example I use often is Rumble, he's a champion who reminds me very much of when I was a kid when I had daydreams of being a badass superhero in a mechasuit and I swear on my life one of them was me being a superhero who made awesome weapons from scraps I found in a junkyard. Personality-wise he's really cocky similar to me and also very smart quick I don't want to be cocky but I consider myself smart and have engineering as a likely career choice. Play-style fits me as well because I love playing tanks/bruisers and mages which Rumble technically is,I love his all-in balls deep play-style and the fact he snowballs hard and can still do tons of damage even if behind makes him a very safe champion to pick. 


    That's to say I also like mages like Xerath and Viktor and tanks like Sion,my play-style really varies. Like I hate auto-based champs like Kayle and Irelia and I never do well with assassins.

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    Ugh personally the #1 thing that I hated about this video was the red sound bars you used. It takes away from the plays made and is very distracting,and I honestly don't feel it's visually appealing at all to begin with. Also the part with the countdown was off and I think you could've made the song go in sync with your combo kind like how a lot of montages have like at 2:50 you could've timed it better so that the countdown wasn't off + that moment when the beat intensifies you E onto the enemy Nocturne or something to make it more "epic". 


    Minor things that personally both me are I don't like how in the clips that the top/bottom is cut off and I don't really like the fonts used. Also the introduction should've only included the champions you were going to play in the clip and the "SKINS GIVE POWER" was irrelevant to the video (and you don't even have a Talon skin baka!). Lastly even though Lee Sin/Irelia are considered assassins,I more of consider them as bruisers than assassins just because of their build paths and general play-styles I find are way different than an assassin.

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    If manga/manhwa count I want to be the main character Jee-Han from the manhwa The Gamer. Basically one day he got the ability to see people's "levels" in stuff like a video game and can learn abilities/skills (even instantly learn skills instantly through a book like Mabinogi!) or through special actions. The coolest part is that he's not in a video game world,he's like a video game character in the real world so although there are others like him in his world they don't have the same ability as him which is "The Gamer". His body functions exactly like a video game character with health/mana points and gaining HP/MP Regeneration and also he can fall from large heights and not be affected because his body functions exactly as of a video game character. He even gets a inventory (and can carry a shit-load of items) and food/medicine/etc. to him now act as potions and he can even make parties with other people and train together with them to level and I should note that he is the only one able to do this,not any other character in the manhwa because they all have their separate unique abilities although I'm not really far yet and there's the possibility others like him could appear.


    On the other hand, a really interesting concept that I think is fairly new because it's usually the character in a video game world but it's really interesting to see the complete opposite (and it's absolutely badass too!). To sum it up he's broken as fuck and you can tell the main character will become ridiculously OP as the manhwa goes on because he's a late-bloomer (weak early,ridiculously strong late) and I definitely want to be like him because that's honestly the coolest superpower you could ask for.


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    I wouldn't say that Varus fails as an ADC,it's just that the current meta does not favor him but that doesn't necessarily mean he's not strong. Gangplank is a champion commonly regarded as trash but there are two Korean Diamond I / Masters one trick ponies of him (although one decayed I believe because of military service). Anything can really work if you can play it correctly,personally I feel Varus is really strong he's a strong lane bully with a lot of team fight presence and overall utility. I feel like the only reason why Varus isn't strong at the moment is because of his lack of steroid and I mean his passive is a steroid but it's a shitty one because you have to kill something to gain that attack speed bonus and even than those attack speed bonuses aren't huge (20% minion/40% champion).


    If you want to play Varus mid I would say go for it if you truly love the champion but champions who can 100-0 the enemy is generally favored which is something Varus cannot do,even AP Varus takes longer then the average APC to 100-0 because you need the three blight stacks however I could imagine it working in a siege composition or simply late-game because double ADC is really strong although it's a really risky pick that should only be done if you are a one-trick pony or somewhat.

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    The process I go through whenever I'm trying to learn champions is looking through the profiles of multiple pro players (doesn't matter region) and looking at their runes/masteries/skill order/item builds then I'll ask myself a series of questions:

    • Why are they going X masteries?
    • Why are they going X runes?
    • Why do they level up X ability(s) first?
    • How do these items benefit this champion?

    I'll basically analyze everything and try to rationalize it and then begin to read guides on those champions and see the opinions of X champion mains and then I'll try to form my own type of build or simply replicate the one I feel makes the most sense or is best for me to use. I try not to blindly follow builds/set-ups because the person could always be wrong about it.

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    Quote from Jasiwel »

    Janna's role is different though and she can't duel anyone like Riven can. Sure, she can do some sick things for her ADC and team, maybe to the point of being ridiculous and overbearing, but I think this is a case of comparing apples to oranges.

    That is true but more of my point was if we're going to argue overloaded champs how about look at the actual currently strong champs like Gnar (super overloaded) and Janna.

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    Quote from acheron16 »

    Because Janna doesnt have a skillshot, doesnt have to be mindful of her position to use ult, doesnt have to manage shields and has no drawback when using W... And she completely one-shots ADCs with no trouble \sarcasmoff


    I dont mind at all you defending Riven, but saying "X is so much easier and stronger" (and being false about it) in a Riven thread is just stupid

    Was replying to Ensar492 who claims Riven's kit is overloaded and to everyone claiming Riven is very strong when Janna's kit itself is overloaded and she's an actual problematic champion in the game unlike Riven. False about what? Janna is easy and is definitely considered stronger then Riven atm,of course they excel at different things but majority would agree that Janna is a really strong support right now.

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    I'm back home now guys so tell me when you down. Currently trying to get first win of day on main

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    I really have no problems with Riven at all and wouldn't think I'd see the day people would complain about Riven after she got her ass handed to her by Riot's nerf bat. You guys are really over-exaggerating,a 0-10 Riven 100-0 an AD carry? Impossible unless it's a Riven with a billion CS or assists (but we're going to assume that's not the case) and if it's a competent AD carry they wouldn't be split-pushing by themselves (especially if they're not playing a champion like Vayne/Twitch who would beat Riven) and in team-fights would be impossible to catch if the team had the slightest brain to peel for the ADC,like literally all it takes is like one CC and a little kiting for the ADC to wreck a Riven if she's 0-10. 


    I honestly can't remember the last time I lost to a Riven,in fact I have had so many Rivens on my team that fed so hard. Riven does not scale as hard as champions like Tryndamere or Akali in the late-game,she just completely falls off and becomes ridiculously squishy unlike Tryndamere with invincibility or Akali with insane sustain and decent tankiness. Whenever I go against a Riven I just play Jayce (a good counter) or a tank and take teleport because I'm just going to stay under tower all day and farm and be useful to my team late-game when I become a meat-shield and be able to provide CC/Peel unlike Riven. I also love when Riven players take Ignite (in addition to Fiora) because majority don't know how to play the early-game right and end up losing the game for their team cause I just TPed bot for a double kill + tower + dragon while they're splitting top and getting one tower.


    > Her kit isn't broken.  She's simply a shadow of her former self, but she's still in a spot where someone very good with her can make her seem broken, just like Shaco.  If you want a real broken champ that's overloaded, go for Janna.  She has almost 0 skill required, and has 0 risk for 100 reward. 
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    Finished Zankyou no Terror yesterday and I just picked up Space Brothers to add onto my list of anime to watch. 

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