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    Swain ;3.

    But in all seriousness I think Anivia is quite high up there, you need amazing positioning with your ult and w (to a minor effect your q).

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    Quote from Teiji_x_Teiji jump

    Hello nee san.


    As adc, or marksman as some onii chans like to call them. I'm sure you know already to get kills, push wave, take safe dragons, roam to mid to snowball mid and take early turrets. Making sure to not take gold away from mid, as nee san has to share the gold so the team feels happy and its team members are not poor peasant ni chans.


    Anywhoo, the only thing I can suggest, is the obvious which nee san may not have considered. Maybe helping out all the non-onii chans by pinging three times minimum for important stuff, dragon, if someone is getting ganked and so on. Some more communication as I don't remember there ever being much in Silver, nee san is trust-worthy, so teams having you as shot caller, objective-pinger, tower-taker and teamfight-winner extraordinaire would be great and definitely help out with your climb.


    It also makes people feel better if you buy one, maybe even three pink wards per game to make bot lane even safer for nee san. Watching mid and dragon like a hawk will be really helpful and make not so confident team members, slightly more confident, mostly. Reminding your teammates when dragon is spawning, baron too will be essential, because if you don't tell them dragon and baron exist, they'll forget they're even in game.


    Roam mid whenever it's in a position to be helped, make your enemy mid tilt by doing this, dominate enemy bot blue jungle camps after you take the bot turret to make enemy jungler tilt, get a deep ward in there too, you may have to ping your support four times so make sure you're not close to the ping limit! Three pings will not be good enough, it must be four or they won't ward.

     I usually go for dragon around level 4 whenever i'm playing kalista and i try to keep it free of wards while going to it every time it spawns, i need to work on my onii chan baron warding though >_<

    I also tend to buy a couple of pink wards in games and upgrade my trinket whenever i have the extra gold.

    One thing I know i need to work on is roaming as adc, as nobody in my elo does it xD >_< ;-;


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    i was in s1 but got dropped to s3 because i was one of the only people doing good in lane, as adc I stay bot so I can have better late game by farming and pressuring other lanes with global ults. (most of the time i play jinx, due to kalista being banned 24/7 ;-;) And when i do go other lanes I go mid and just pressure lanes with karthus ult. Any suggestions on how to improve? Ty to all the onii chan's and onii sama's that reply to this, it really means a lot <3.

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    I play it :D. Add GummiGator 

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    Try Kalista top, you bind the jungler and start w or e depending on if your leashing. great level 6 ganks. I usually build Bork>Boots>Runaans>Frozen Mallet.

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    I do, mines GummiGatorPBE :D

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    Yay a new onii chan!~

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    Quote from xderby jump

    EVERYONE building BT+ Trinity on Lucian. 


    Then suddently everyone forgot about trinity on him including pros.



    Why ?

     I think it's cause they nerfed his cooldowns to the ground

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    I'm still waiting for onii chan to become a playable character, that, urf or senpai.

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    I've tried Sivir mid lane as a caster and it worked out quite well

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