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  • posted a message on Marksman conflict!

    ADC's are retardedly op atm.

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  • posted a message on Jungle Fiddlesticks - Do I really need a leash?

    Botlane can smiteless leash without losing CS or EXP.

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  • posted a message on ''You picked Fiora,reported''

    Quote from OuterRaven »

    I wouldn't go as far as reporting you, though if I was the jungler I wouldn't even bother ganking your lane. Seriously, unless the enemy laner was literally begging for me to gank him, I'd just leave you to rot.

    Basically the same treatment I give to Teemo players.

    So, as a jungler, you tend to not-gank for laners that snowball heavily? Fiora with a lead is scary as fuck. Same thing basically goes for Teemo, if he gets an early lead he'll snowball his lane to infinity.

    I don't like you.

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  • posted a message on Patch 3.10 MR items.

    Ryze got shit on this patch. Not only the range nerfs, but removing Mana from Banshee's basically means he has ONE MR option in Abyssal, or the choice of a tank item that doesn't boost his damage, which is something you just don't want on ryze. ><

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  • posted a message on why not ad supports?

    Quote from TheDevicer »

    It is not so much a question of damage or whatnot. In fact, it would be better if there were a support base scaling off AD. What if the meta shifted to favor supporting APs, for example? It has more to do with the type of skills supports have. Does starcall look like it does physical damage? No, of course not. Soraka's a fallen being that calls the aid of the stars in battle. How about Nami? She empowers her allies through water and uses it to trap her opponents. The point is, most abilities by supports don't really make much sense if they scaled with AD. The story's a bit different if a giant crocodile rips you apart. Even Dominus, a move focused on calling dark energies scales off AP and does magic damage. It's mostly a conceptual issue.

    I don't agree with this at all. The itemisation simply isn't there for an ad-autoattacking support. It would be too strong. Either supports bring utility, or they bring cc. Being a support you're basically a non-dmg utility/cc-caster past 20mins (Again; Unless you're Zyra). So if there was an ad support, it'd just be an ad-caster, and it'd be no different than regular supports.

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  • posted a message on why not ad supports?

    It would basically have to be an AD caster, or it wouldn't work at all. You don't build any damage items as a support, so you have to rely on base stats to get by during laning phase, and be a cc/utility bot come mid/late-game. (Unless you're Zyra... fuck you Zyra)

    Having to be an AD caster to support the same way, I don't fucking understand what the difference would be. AD/AP what's the difference when it's a caster? ><

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  • posted a message on ATN Coach "NA isn't that strong right now"

    All-stars said nothing about the comparative strength between regions. Nothing what-so-ever. NA is weak as fuck, EU is unstable as fuck but they haven't been practicing at all since spring-split. Wait and see when EU teams have practiced for a week more, and EU will be scary as fuck. No NA team can beat GG, Fnatic, EG, NiP, or ATN.

    I'm a huge Curse-dig-tsm fan, but no NA teams will stand a chance when against the best EU teams.

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  • posted a message on Annie in Arams

    Quote from Perrysh »

    Why build a Chalice/Athene's on Annie, you sure as hell don't need that much mana if you do it correctly. If you really want cdr, get a Morellonomicon and DFG. AD Annie is actually pretty fun and works pretty well. If her attack speed didn't suck as much as it does, it would probably see high level play on SR. 


    PS: Was replying to Jamial, but failed. 

    Chalice in ARAM is incredible, because ARAMS are all about poke. You won't get to sustain mana off your Q, since minions just die randomly most of the time (people aren't coordinated in Arams - also, the MR helps vs. magic dmg teams). I personally don't like DFG on Annie, since I don't feel it gives her what she needs, but I can see it working.

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  • posted a message on Annie in Arams

    Maxing E on Annie with a Thornmail+Sunfire is always a lot of fun! :p

    But I really don't see her issues in arams as you describe them. Do what you do in Rift. Take flash, initiate, let tibbers do work. Why is this hard to do? You're not supposed to be tanking their damage, you're supposed to be stunning their whole team 2-3 times in a teamfight. With some CDR (Athene's in ARAM - chalice is super op), you can easily get there, and hourglass helps you survive. She's also tons of fun with magic pen + rylai's into tank.

    It's ARAM, go AD annie if you want, she has 625 range.

    At any rate, I always manage to get fed as fuck when I get Annie in arams. :D

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  • posted a message on Most annoying champion for you

    Ezreal. His E's so goddamn broken.

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