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  • posted a message on Is Olaf obliterating marksmen too effectively?

    Hi, I main adc in diamond 1-2 and I dont see more ADC kill potential in Olaf more than other bruisers, and btw vayne is the most useless adc atm, you can say whatever you want about her late that isnt even that good compared to others since she can only target one champ, but her early and mid game really such and with the current meta these are the important phases.

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  • posted a message on (EUW) Looking for D1 players to start a 3v3

    I wanted to get challenger in 3v3 this season and was looking for some D1 players to do that. I'm not really high elo experienced in 3v3 ( just played some games to gold 1 with some real life friends that are quite low in soloq) So if someone that wants to come knows how to beat the higher elos would be cool

    IGN: Mautrix

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  • posted a message on New masteries for Jungle Olaf

    Jungle olaf is useless but go for 9-21 if you really like to feed

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