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    What are your Local Area Connection settings? Since the devices can connect to the laptop but not gain internet access, my hunch is the laptop is not allowing devices to access the internet through the laptop's wired connection.

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    Quote from MessyButtHole jump

    Thinking about giving away my cards but in the slim chance that i have some cards worth anything is there a way I could know just by looks or certain names i should look for?

     Hard to say, but chances are your cards aren't worth much unless they were immediately preserved the moment they were removed from the package. There are few you might be able to get $3-$5 for if they're in really good condition. Also consider that there are a bunch of us who played Yugioh as a kid, find a shoebox full of old cards and think "I might be able to sell these!" That also drives down the value.


    While I can't confirm it, my hunch is that first edition holos and promotional cards (from McDonald's or the movies) would be worth the most.

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    I think what's going on here is you're chat restricted on top of being ranked restricted, so you see "Play X more games" for the chat restriction and "Win X more games" for the ranked restrictions. I've never been either, so I can't say if one message takes precedence over the other but that might be what's happening here. Once you finish the chat restricted games you see the ranked restricted games message.


    Based on the support pages, it seems chat restrictions are lifted after a certain amount of games are played, while ranked restrictions are lifted after a certain amount of wins are achieved (in normal draft).

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    I used to play Yugioh, though stopped around the point when they started fleshing out the archetypes (Around the Dark Scorpion stuff). It does have a pretty massive powercreep from what I've seen -- many of the old cards I have stashed in my closet are basically unplayable. In the current game, you don't put out anything powerful without spell or trap protection because it'll be destroyed instantly.

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    Good news! For those of you who haven't been able to get an Eon Ticket through streetpass yet, you can now use a serial code to redeem one. I think the Latios/Latias you catch comes with Soul Dew, i.e. a broken item that you can probably use in the Battle Maison.




    For those of you in North America or Europe who have yet to obtain an Eon Ticket, you are now able to get a Serial Code from the official site which is redeemable until March 2nd 2015. This code is 2015LATIOSLATIAS in North America or POKEMON380381 in Europe. This serial code will allow for you to download the Eon Ticket to the game. This allows you to get Latias in Pokémon Omega Ruby or Latios in Pokémon Alpha Sapphire. You can then share the Eon Ticket through StreetPass for those who don't get it through this manner. If you have already received the Eon Ticket, either through Mystery Gift or through StreetPass, you cannot use this code.

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    Realize that a good portion of the users here are not from the USA, so they don't exactly care because it doesn't affect them. As for the rest, the concept of net neutrality (as well as explaining it) is awfully boring and people who aren't tech savvy can't be bothered to follow. Compound that with the subject already being discussed to death with the obvious answer: uphold net neutrality.


    As for the topic itself, I wouldn't pull out my party poppers yet. The 332 page bill hasn't been released to public so it's possible something was sneaked in there. Also, I'm still not trusting the word of a former telecom CEO who did a complete 180 while in politics. While I can respect someone who has the cognitive capability to change their stance when new information is presented to them, let's be honest: people in politics almost never change their stance because of an epiphany.


    Even if the bill is as good as it sounds, there are probably going to be several lawsuits put against the FCC and the government. Cable companies are already complaining about how Obama's platform might have played an excessive part in influencing the FCC's decision in the matter. Additionally, they can also target the FCC's power to enforce the bill by weakening the agency's ability to pass and enact these kind of things. Finally, they can also have their lawyers "interpret" the bill which could take years. You can get excited after all the dust settles.

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    Context for people who aren't in the United States/aren't aware of what net neutrality is/why it's currently a big issue:


    A little while ago the FCC (Federal Communications Commission. In short they are the regulatory agency which defines how interstate communications happen) wanted to change the classification of broadband internet to title II common carrier telecommunications service. This would effectively lump internet access in with telephone access, meaning that companies which provide broadband can now offer access packages and change the way they treat data -- i.e. ignoring net neutrality.


    A company like Comcast could now slow down everyone's traffic unless they pay them more money to get a faster speed. For consumers, this effectively means you have to pay them twice -- once for internet access and once more to get the speeds you were used to before the change. For businesses like Amazon, Netflix, Hulu, etc., they now have to pay Comcast more money so the people who use their service get their products at a reasonable speed. This is also more problematic when you think about Comcast got in the digital video arena with their Xfinity service, directly competing with Netflix and Hulu.


    There is one way this could be beneficial, but it's not true. If consumers had the option of several providers and they had different web services which was included for free in their package, it could allow consumers to pick the one that gives them the best access. However, many places in the US have an effective cable company monopoly where you only have one or two choices for your cable company.


    All-in-all eliminating net neutrality would let the ISPs charge more money for poorer service and do it completely legally.

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    Hooray for web-based save injection! It fills the hole left in our hearts by pokegts for the cheap bastards who won't buy an AR.

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    Hey man. Since you're unsure of what to say for an introduction, here's a few non-personal questions so we can get to know you better:


    1. What are your preferred roles? Which role do you like the least?
    2. What your main is (if any)?
    3. What other champions do you enjoy playing?
    4. Favorite games aside from LoL?
    5. Which team are you rooting for in the LCS?
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    I feel that the contention with mobility is how bad it feels to champions who can't deal with it. There's an entire subset of champions in the game who were conceived before the massive mobility creep and their kits are really frustrating to use against opponents with mobility. I won't deny mobile champions like Lee Sin and Zed are fun and making plays as them are fun, but it's less fun to the champion who doesn't have anyway of dealing with it.


    A problem, as Morello has said, is that some mobile champions don't really pay for their mobility. The solution is probably nerfs, buffs, kit tweaks, and kit updates on any offending champion -- be they mobile or immobile. The game will probably balance itself out eventually. I do, however, completely understand where people are coming from when they complain about mobility.


    P.S. As a side note to the first paragraph, I am aware that certain champions are designed around their lack of mobility. Kog'Maw and Jinx deal tremendous damage, but are vulnerable to being dived and require team support to fully function. Other champions like Darius and Udyr are strong duelists, but are vulnerable to being kited around. Finally, there are immobile champions like (pre-nerf) Syndra who can negate decision making through well-placed powerful abilities.

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