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  • posted a message on Late game vision

    When I upgrade it as support, I usually upgrade it to the pink, so it's well worth it.
    As for every other time, theoretically, everyone should be placing 1 ward with the support placing 3 + 1 pink, that's 8 wards on the map. If one person upgrades their totem, that gives you 1 extra ward for 1 minute every 2 minutes (if that makes sense). If 2 people upgrade their totem, theoretically, you can either have 2 extra wards for 1 minute, or if they 'stagger' their ward placements, you'll have 1 extra ward up at all times. If all 4 non-supports upgrade their totem and place perfectly, you'll have 10 wards up on the map at any given time (including 1 pink). Fantastic.

    Realistically, that's not going to happen. You're gonna have players who forget that their trinket exists, and there's going to be times when you're sitting on a charged trinket but not placing it, even if it's only for 30 seconds or so. If we assume only the support + 2 other players are warding, and that the 2 other players aren't warding 'perfectly' as soon as the trinket refreshes, that's going to be about 5 wards up semi-permanently, and sometimes a 6th up on the map (including 1 pink). 4 of those are likely going to be from the support. If both 'warding' players upgrade their trinket, it doesn't matter if they don't ward perfectly, if they ward within a minute of their trinket refreshing, you'll have 6 wards up permanently, sometimes having 7 for a minute or so and if you're lucky having 8 for about 30 seconds. To me, that's worth it, but only if you're not holding off a major purchase.

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  • posted a message on Champ Pool
    Quote from elenilsonxx »

    I dont have much ideia of how play some of these champs (mostly veigar) or i play the like a wild card (vlad , trynd) either going like 12/2 or 2/12

    Guides and practice are your friends, sir.

    As explained, all of these can be played just farming passively, and even getting behind in cs is fine as long as it's not by a huge margin. I am not a midlane player, but when I play Veigar I literally play as passively as possible and make sure I last hit with my Q every time it's up. If you've Qed well, by the time you've got your DFG, you should be able to combo the enemy laner. If you're having trouble, by the time you've hit 11, the enemies AP will be working against them and you should still be able to get the kill unless they're building a lot of MR.

    Pretty much all of these champs can afford to forgo kills and just cs to victory.

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  • posted a message on Champs You Wish You Saw More of

    Am I the only one who is seeing a LOT of Quinn at the moment, then? She's probably in the top 4 ADCs I'm seeing recently. It's pretty nice seeing as I'm generally supporting them, which makes for an exciting botlane.

    I also see Skarner quite a lot, but that's cos my duo partner likes him. I wish he'd play him more often, though.

    I want to see more Irelia, Cassiopeia, Anivia, Darius, Xerath, (AD) Tristana (as in someone else who isn't me playing her), and Maokai (again, someone not me). 

    I just like seeing those champions, and I like to compare how I and other people play Trist and Mao, which I don't get to do often.

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  • posted a message on Screw the Meta Team
    Quote from Proxyminers »
    Quote from Meeaat »


    It isn't criticism unless you can give pros and cons.  The reason why people defend their idea is all the negative posts.
    I still think LoL is league of melee champions.  Just need to find a way to deal with those type of champions.  So far this is my best idea in mind aka on paper.  If I could test it for you all, I would and I have a friend that does stream so we could easily do so.

    The pros and cons HAVE been mentioned. You can't say 'it's not criticism because you've mentioned more cons than pros', because there ARE more cons than pros.

    Strong teamfight - potential for instant aces with perfect combo
    Strong early game
    Strong late game
    Good catch out potential

    All melee
    Weak against disengage
    Weak against heavy poke
    Weak against stong waveclear + sieging power
    No real sieging power - Even after aces will be difficult to take towers
    No sustained damage - Means teamfights are risky, as failing your combo (or only hitting 1-2 people) leaves you with little damage
    Galio and Shen have long cooldowns on ultimates - Long period with no teamfight pressure
    Odd lull in midgame where you either have no damage or aren't very tanky

    In the pro section, I've bolded and underlined the only real reason you would really take a comp like this, with the others being bonuses. I've also bolded and underlined the main reasons why it WOULD NOT WORK. The other weaknesses are all fine to have as they all have workarounds, but these two are HUGE problems as there is no real way to relieve these when you're already in game. Bringing a melee ADC, an AOE mage (with lichbane) or a standard marksman who brings AOE damage would still synergise with your main strength of powerful teamfights that you should be working on (I forgot about graves, who remains tanky too) but almost COMPLETELY relieve your two GLARING weaknesses.

    If that doesn't count as criticism in your eyes, then I obviously can't help.

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  • posted a message on Education

    I realised the flaws of the education system here in Britain when I was told I couldn't be a maths teacher because I wasn't good enough at biology, psychology and french. It doesn't matter that I've always been fantastic at maths, or that I actually took over for the teacher several times in accountancy because the teacher couldn't explain it well enough, and I actually explained everything way better than she could have done, because I wasn't good enough at something completely irrelevant, I couldn't go to uni to get a teaching degree.

    I was also called a problem child in year 9 because I consistently questioned how relevant the stuff we were learning was going to be in later life. I'm good at what I'm good at, but unfortunately school measures you on how good you are at the stuff that they want you to be good at.

    “Everybody is a genius. But, if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it’ll spend its whole life believing that it is stupid.” – Albert Einstein

    Education everywhere is a mess, but it is what it is. Luckily about 5 years after leaving school, your grades hardly matter anymore.

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  • posted a message on Ultimate Skins Icons

    For regular skins it's for easier readability. If they did that on every skin it'd be hard to recognise certain champs on the minimap, especially if they're using rarer skins. I'm guessing they decided not to do it on the ultimate skins for the sake of consistency, though it would be more acceptable, seeing as there's only 2 of those in the game and they ARE meant to be bigger and better than regular ones.

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  • posted a message on General Champion Tips! (Playing as or against)

    Although the matchups are a LOT less common then they used to be, Leona and Volibear can find out the difference between Shaco + Leblanc clones.
    Volibear's roar will fear the clone, but slow the real champion, wheras Leona's zenith blade will move her to the real champion but ignore the clone.

    As a support who has an auto attack buff (like Nami or Janna), it applies on hit, not when the attack launches, so you can auto, and use your buff with the projectile in midair. (I don't know if that works with Ashe, but I don't think it does).

    As Nautilus, Thresh, or Blitz, don't initiate with your hook (during laning phase) if you can help it. All three have other forms of cc at their disposal, and you can use your hook as the enemy is fleeing. (Edit: same goes for gap closers, as Elvas said)

    Paying close attention to your passive as Wukong or (never mind, his says VISABLE. I don't play Wukong) Irelia, or your close distance attacks as Soraka, Morgana and Katarina can save you from facechecking a bush with enemies inside (though as Soraka you'll have to be pretty close anyway)
    Additionally, if you're against Fiddlesticks, or the enemy builds and abyssal sceptre or frozen heart, their passives can warn you of the enemy being nearby.
    Sometimes if the jungler is camping botlane, and the enemy support is careless, you can see either their runic shield proc or Sona's heal go into the bush instead of to the ADC. (I've done that a few times too...)

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  • posted a message on I can't do it...
    Quote from Nagasis »
    Quote from Xavious1992 »

    Yeah that would be helpful but I'm on EUW and I see most on here are NA

    And you're pretty confused about this. We have a fair amount of europeans here.

    EUW represent

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  • posted a message on Need advice about teammates and luck
    Quote from KajzzeR »

    I propose an invade. We go, our adc or mid dies.

    This game, while I`m writing, I'm jungler.  

    Out of spite I refused to gank and just farmed

    Wow, 2 games mentioned, 3 problems with YOU when you're meant to be complainingabout teammates.

    1) You invade and it failed. Shit happens. Either your team got outplayed, or they were stronger level 1. If it's the latter, it was your fault for proposing it. In fact, even if you got outplayed, its your fault for invading whilst knowing the risks anyway. Both mid and bot would have to have played at a gold disadvantage, maybe an item behind. It's hard to get back from that, especially if the enemy jungler is helping out and you aren't.

    2) 'I'm in a game currently and instead of trying my hardest, I am going to tab out and bitch about my team on the internet'. Maybe you should... you know... try to play?

    3) First, it is literally impossible for Vayne to have got 3 kills between minute 3 and 4 unless you failed a gank (oh hey look it's your fault) or Ziggs roamed bot as soon as minions spawned, which I seriously doubt, so enough with the hyperbole please. Even if that DOES happen, the junglers job early/mid is to provide map pressure, either through ganking, taking objectives, or couterjungling unless you're playing as a lategame jungler who needs a load of cs (which is a pretty bad pick in most cases unless your team is prepared). Refusing to do any of that out of spite means that you're ACTIVELY CHOOSING not to do your job as a jungler. No it isn't your job to win someone's lane for them, but providing map pressure (or relieving it) IS. You are literally contributing 0 to the game, making it a 4v5, and complaining that you lost.

    You also seem a bit toxic, so that is going to effect how well your team plays. 'OMG NOOB BOT FED VAYNE I'M NOT GANKING YOUR LANE' isn't going to help anyone.

    Stop being such a little bitch, and pick out your own mistakes, thanks.

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  • posted a message on Make forum posts saying you don't care about PBE notes and want more writers, or at least more consistent articles!

    The only thing I really care about in the PBE patch notes are when there's new champions, reworks, new skins... you know, bigger things. I really don't care if soraka's armor has decreased by 0.2 or if garen's judgement tooltip has changed. I don't even care about the huge cc nerfs to rammus and fiddle until they actually hit live. Live patch notes I read extensively, but PBE patch notes I really don't care about.

    I'm pretty pissed that there's rarely any new articles that aren't PBE patch notes or red tracker things (which I still like, don't get me wrong) but come on, more original content and thoughts articles please!

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