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    Yes, there is always going to be a pool of 5-10 champions that are best in any given area and role. I don't really think I can deny this, however, in many other roles, especially mid, and top there are more people that can at least function well even if they're not the tip top best. You still have a large chunk of supports that can still work even if not in favor and all the adcs still do something and function.


    This is not how I feel the jungle currently is. So many former junglers are so hardcore trash right now simply because they struggle with the early clears that much. You don't get this in top where it's a champ vs champ and skill vs skill. No, right now, you're trash because you can't deal with npc monsters that basically just do nothing but auto attack. By the time your done with your clear your so messed up you have to return. Some it's so bad that a few clears can send them back for sometime till they get items becoming a complete nonpresence to the lanes even if that's one thing they could do with cc or damage.


    So for me it's not about some little pool that hosts the glorious four or five. It's about the secondary pool that should be a vast wealth that should still function for the players that love a myriad of jungle champs that now simply can't do it. The current jungle hasn't just changed who is favorite, it's completely deleted the sub optimal.

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    I'm pretty good at knowing where MF's q is going so it's not something I really consider random. You either know how to do it or you don't.


    That said, them fiddle bounces. Even when playing him I don't know if they're just going to sit in the minions or just bounce between the two lowest champions and get a double kill. Seemingly no logic to it, sometimes goes forward, back, side to side. Nonsense!


    And I agree with the Gangplank mention. In lane or ARAM you depend so heavily on crits to obliterate people ore you're not much use.

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    Somethings makes me think it could be the Targon champion, even if they haven't really come around and defined that area more which they keep saying they want to do when they ever get to remaking one of those champs but eh.


    So little information in the teaser, most of it just talks about other factions. So, I don't think it will be any of the ones mentioned before the last. So it wont be Shadow Isles, Freljord, or Shurima.

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    Got Braum twice, destroyed opponents bot lane with partner each time. Cause you know, Braum supposedly sucks.


    Janna... man, the sheer nonsense of folks that give Janna to enemy teams. So many times.. my last time the last pick had to be trolling his own team because we were all melee and he gives them Janna.

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    Have to agree with folks talking about the stun. It's massive, short the other player not paying attention or cc'ed by something else, or forced into that position it's not going to land that often.  Which means w will barely hit.


    So unless you're under a tower you have to kill them or you will die. Characters with more sustained damage or shorter cds are going to annihilate him in laning phase, or any jungler with a gap closer... which means most of them these days.... Veigar is over, he's jungler fodder. And without his e to really mess up teamfights for the other team I'd rather have Annie. Least she can still delete, hit far more people than Veigar will with two aoe spells, and provide superior team disruption with a mass aoe stun that's far more reliable.

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    Veigar: I really don't think he's good. He's got a niche and that's 100-0 and I personally do not like getting just deleted. So he was not my favorite champ to play against, or even to play with because the combo never changesssssssss.


    However, I think he just got destroyed. The e change, or Event Horizon. Early game Veigar can NOT delete people so any champion with better early game/damage will be able to get on him far easier with less escape. Especially jungler. It was your get away more often than your capture to kill.


    Which, bigger point, Event Horizon was a huge problem to deal with in team fights. It's large and can net a lot of people, and those caught inside still often had to burn mobility of some sort to get out for the incoming team nukes and engages that were incoming. Now, many have the potential just to walk out or always have the potential to use mobility even on the sides. This means it has vastly lost a lot of the team disruption that Veigar brought to the table. His overall usefulness has greatly diminished.


    Including even his kill potential, a great many times for whatever reasons q + r didn't kill a target. To tanky, shields, life steal, or Lulu. It's more than we'd like to admit dependent on also landing that w. Which now you've got a less reliable cage to stun them and very unreliable where they might be. Least before you could predict where and get that w locked and loaded so if they were to slow moving then bam.


    So yeah, going with Veigar is effectively reduced in overall usefulness. There are far better 100-0 mages with more stun utility in the game now. Like Annie. The true short killer now by comparision.


    Morde: Don't know yet.. have to see how beefy they actually make him. Since non mobile anything right now kinda.. eh.

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    People just don't know what is bad, or not quite as good period. Watching my wife's first game.... someone gave her Fiddlesticks... yeah... she promptly slaughtered with that guy.


    They'll hand you Ashe or Miss Fortune like they're bad.. and it's like.. okay.. you just hear they're not the top tier adc and think instantly both are trash when it's not true at all. Game before that they'd tried to foist Janna on my team... why... why would you give any team that... thing... of nightmares....

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    After watching a few videos on the q I stand by my statement. It's a skillshot yes but it's got a pretty decent projectile speed and not a half bad range. Tossing that shit into the middle of team fights is going to be annoying as sin to see.


    I agree with those who before said he needs a rework over an update.

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    Always felt his q was a pretty huge hit that he can do twice fairly easily. Any Zil worth his salt can double bomb with relative ease. If already marked or already double bombed by him this was the time to retaliate. Damage done and he doesn't have much to go at. Not like it wasn't a huge nuke. He could still speed away or slow you down and still get away. Now... he double bombs, stuns you and maybe jungler coming in, or whole team and yeah, stun plus speed away means no retaliation. For being obsessed with counterplay that seems quite counter intuitive to me.

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    At what point do we mention that Pool Party Graves is basically man meat on a silver platter?

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