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    I wouldn't go out of my way to marry any of the female champions. Most are caricatures with over-the-top personalities and ridiculous back stories. I would prefer a women who isn't in to totally killing shit and who would just chill, be happy and would do normal stuff with me like talking, coexisting, increasing funds and eventually creating an average family.


    I was about to say Sona before I thought of this but she doesn't say anything. How would I know what she was thinking? The sex would be great but that obviously wouldn't last because eventually we all become prunes that are indistinguishable. I'd prefer to be with a prune that I like to be around than be with an actual prune.

     We are just talking about marrying. You can just tie her to be a sexlave and unofficially bewaifen any other bro or broad.

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    >Not enjoying Nexus mods


    Im against this because it makes mods a market instead of being fueled by the gamers' passion who have kept the game alive since 2012.


    >Paying for games other than online games you can't pirate in any way

    Wtf rich ppls in here

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     Which I'm totally fine with.

    She's a bit of a blank slate. What little personality you can scrape from her just translates to anthropomorphic succubus. That's not really something you'd put a ring on. Sorry baby.


     She can't speak. She's clearly the best waifu.

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    Remove tru dmg on Elixir, add % CDR?

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    Got to be a Zac skin. I cannot wait to see what they come up with since it has been over 2 years since his release. It had better be a legendary skin or the next ultimate!

     inb4 Legendary Gentleman Zac, max in a couple of patches.



    You'll come back to this comment.

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    Hello Riven, it's me, your jungler! Turns out, I don't have as many cancers as you wished upon me the other day!  


    Srsly respect your people. Why do all Rivens have to talk shit about their mates?

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    I feel like you go the LS item before the Hurricane. Personal preference i guess. You can Ward dragon with a ghosty. The dragon hitbox breaks the ghost and it sits on dragon permanently.

     que what comment

    Translates as: What?


    Comment=French (I think)


    Sorry for the misunderstanding, wtf

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    Is it bad I've never heard of incarnati0n?  All I know is he was banned for about 2 years for "ddosing" apparently

     He's a really really good midlaner really


    Hai will be missed. He's pretty qt.

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    For example: Would you have guessed that >> this << is a mimic? If you're a casul, probably not.




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