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    If you say Azir, does that make you a zoophile?

    If you say Annie, does that make you a pedophile? 


    If that's the case I'm going to wait with giving you my answer.




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    Quote from ForceObscure jump
    Quote from TouchFluffyTails jump
    Quote from ForceObscure jump

    Duh, she looks so angry. How could I know that was Sona? xD

    You have the source? I have a shiton of LoL artworks but not this one.


     I can't post the full picture here. Artist is Ricegnat though~

    Thx, I like the arts. Leona <3


     I honestly thought your new profile pic involved Irelia happily holding up her panties. I am disappointed it's only a trinity...

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    They're revealing specializations right now, looks like they're polishing the game even more. Expansion looks great! Need more info on these specializations, new weapons and mechanics for classes though as I'm a little bored of my level 80 engineer and can't decide on the next profession I'll level :(


    I get a hard-on when I see greatswords in this game though. They look beautiful. So I'm really considering the necromancer but gotta wait and see what their kit and mechanics are.

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    Quote from Selutu jump

    Hmmm this is interesting. Completely no AAs? That's an very different idea to anything we have in League. I like the direction you are going with him being very good in coordinated comps, but far less so in an uncoordinated environment.


    Where do you imagine him playing played? Top, Jungle or Support?

     0, none at all. I made the decision the moment I thought of his W/Z. It'd feel lackluster if his Q had let's say a 2 second cooldown and the shield would only last for 6 seconds, that'd mean you'd be able to send 3 boulders flying. Doesn't sound like fun. But if you're a machine-debris-gun it's a lot cooler already. Originally I had his Q baked into an earlier champion design I made, but it sucked as it was too close to being a Lee Sin (imagine a jabbing monk with no AA). Glad I could finally fit it into another kit.


    Yes it is sorta a concern of mine that he doesn't seem like yoloq material, as I reckon it needs a lot of communication for the well/pool and the ult, but I believe he'd have a nice skill cap and be strong in the right hands anyways.


    I was thinking top and/or support. He doesn't seem like the best jungler because he has no hard cc and people have to be in front of him for his ult, his slow would not cut it to gank properly. I feel he'd do really well top though, maybe a little too strong if played support (unlimited harass, even though they're slightly empowered AA's)

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    first you right click on a champion, minion or monster, then you quickly move your mouse in a direction of your choice. You will now hop in that direction. Congratulations, you have mastered Kalista.

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    Quote from TouchFluffyTails jump

     This thread is our baby, our creation. Together we have built and shaped this thread, as a community, we have made it something.

    Will its reign end once and for all? Will there be new anime threads instead? You decide!


    Go vote, and change the future.

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    I voted yes because yes

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    I did something strange and decided to buy the game without knowing what I'm supposed to expect, perhaps I'll experience what an MMO should be this way - an adventure. I hope I'll be pleasantly surprised by this game as I've been a little bored lately and am in need of a new RPG/MMO.


    Got any suggestions/tips for when it's downloaded?

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    Sharb - The Gravitational Hazard

    DISCLAIMER: I have absolutely no idea if a gravitational hazard exists or not and I don't know what they are either. But hey, it sounds cool.

    Another disclaimer would be that this champion concept is unfinished, I have no further inspiration so it's a little unpolished and may be a little weird, but perhaps you may be able to help me out.

    Bandle City has many heroes. Tristana the legendary gunner, Teemo the legendary scout, Corki the legendary pilot, Heimerdonger the legendary scientist. All of them are good at what they do, yet there's another legend not many know about. A Yordle the others do not acknowledge. A legend... that isn't much of a legend. His name was Sharb, born in a prestigious Yordle family. His parents were happily expecting their firstborn, everything had been prepared, everything had been accounted for. Except one thing. 

    They did not know their son- who they'd name Sharb - would wield strange but powerful magic. The first thing their child did in this world... was float. Gravity had no effect on him whatsoever.


    This meant life wasn't easy for Sharb, while his powers were great, they were uncontrollable. He nearly always got into trouble, messing things up, getting into fights. But most of the times these fights were for the greater good and the stuff he messed up always turned out to be for the best. While some Yordles despised Sharb and his idiocy, other's appreciated it and respected it. Unfortunately Sharb, being raised in a loving environment, could not live with being looked down upon. So he swore to leave Bandle City and return when he was finally able to fully control his powers. And so he trained in lands far away, to search for the origin of his magic, and master it.

    By now you must have a general feel of this character's setting, his personality and his theme. Sharb is your typical cute and furry companion.

    He's a Yordle, but no ordinary Yordle. He's a strange one. Floating about the rift, accidentally taking critters with him in his gravitational aura, but what we can't deny is that he's a real fighter. Sharb is meant to be a supporty bruiser. Able to take a hit or deal a hit, but definitely able to support his team.

    I'll try to explain his kit in detail, as always, I will not include numbers- only the abilities.




    P: Gravitational Aura:

    Sharb floats around, he does not walk. Ignoring unit collision. He also has a very short ranged aura around him, roughly the range of a melee attack. Enemy champions feel gravity pressing down on them, all enemies  entering this Aura are slowed for x% of their movement speed as long as they stay close to Sharb.


    Q: Punch

    As you can see this ability has the most original name of all champion abilities, it's nearly as good as Teemo's "move quick".

    Sharb's Q is pretty straightforward, with some deeper mechanic tied to it. As mentioned earlier, Sharb has no auto attacks, instead he has his Q, which is a Spammable melee skillshot, like Yasuo's Q, with absolutely no cost and no cooldown. Similar to Azir, Sharb has to start by leveling his Q.

    His punches deal the same damage as an autoattack would, with a little AD extra.


    W: Gravity's Veil

    Sharb erects an arcing wall in front of him, also similar to Yasuo's wind wall, except this one arcs like Diana's Q. The wall is made out of Sharb's surroundings, it uses debris lying around him. (possible Junkyard Sharb skin?!) Enemies and friends can walk through the wall, but enemies take damage for x AD, aditionally, enemy skillshots passing through the wall will deal a little less damage. This wall is obviously a defensive spell, but the most interesting part comes up next.


    Using your Q through Gravity's Veil sends debris flying in the direction you used your Q. Sharb would be debris bending if he was part of Avatar. This combo deals the damage from his Q from a certain distance.


    E: (In)Stability

    Sharb creates a pool at the targeted location (similar to Malzahar's pool), this pool grants stability to allies and instability to enemies.

    Stability: Allies standing inside the well cannot be knocked up, knocked back or pulled.


    Instability: Applies your passive slow to enemies in the targeted area.



    This is what makes him the supporty tank bruiser Yordle many will love, others will hate. 

    Sharb grabs the ground below him, sending heavy pulses into the earth. AVALANCHE sends huge amounts of debris flying into a cone in front of him, while Sharb is trying his hardest not to fly with it. It sends trees, boulders and critters alike flying, but also enemy champions and allies. 

    The thing with avalanche is that people are allowed to move freely, but they are pushed back every time it pulses, they can try to regain their distance but will be pushed back by the next pulse anyways. 


    Not only that, but every pulse deals damage. Obviously Sharb can be interrupted while casting AVALANCHE. If the enemy is able to get to him.


    Ability Synergy:

    Before unleashing this thread, let me talk about this strange kit and its great ability synergy.

    try to imagine the next few scenarios:

    1. Your (fed) enemies engage on your team, but you're losing your fight, so your team is trying to disengage. This is where Sharb comes in.

    He first puts up a wall behind him, facing the enemy team. Skillshots now apply reduced damage to our little tank.

    Next up, he ults his allies in the opposite direction, sacrificing himself while pushing back his allies, opening a path for their escape.


    2. The same situation occurs but this time you just want to reset the fight, don't worry. Put down your Z and hope your teammates enter the pool.

    They now have stability and Sharb can ult the enemies away freely without sending his own teammates flying.


    Not only that but your Q and Z work together as well, to poke down your enemy before taking a fight, or farming safely from behind your veil.

    My only concern with the veil is that I should add in some buff that shows you how many ranged skillshots you can fire through it, or if you can fire through it until the veil wears out. Seeing as your Q has no cooldown you can send debris flying all the time, which may look a little retarded.


    Anyways, this champion concept isn't really a finished design, but more of an abandoned project. I really like the guy though, I just find it hard to make it work and this was his most fitting/realistic design. However, should you guys be interested and love his concept, I will try to make it as perfect as possible in the future. So I'm curious to see as to what you guys think.




    (Also I'm very sorry if this post is filled with typo's. I was tired when I wrote it and I still have to check it thoroughly.)



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    Greetings and salutations,


    I have been waiting a long time for this- well not really but I have been itching to post something related to this game but couldn't find the place to do so. Seems Panda somehow heard my distant prayers. I also felt the need to create a topic in this glorious new section, a historic event, I am honored to have witnessed it's first moments.


    Anyways, I play guild wars 2. A few years ago I quit playing WoW, sometimes I'd come back but in the end I'd be overtaken by nostalgia and leave the game crying about past guilds. Then I discovered some books; guild wars books; and decided to take them with me on a holiday to France. Read them all and got very interested in the Guild Wars universe, as I am a huge fan of (well thought out) epic tales. I had bought the game years before but never really played it because I was lazy, now I play it whenever I'm not playing league. I'm probably one of the only ones to do this but... after all this time I'm still a noob even though I have the game since launch. Still exploring everything.


    So I was wondering, do any of you lot play this amazing MMO actively or inactively?

    But more importantly, I'm actually searching for an in-game guild. I used to be part of one that looked fun before I started playing seriously. Looked like a fun bunch, then for some reason I decided to buy a new account and start over from scratch as I felt my last account was a terrible medium to learn the game again. Joined some Youtuber's guild, but I discovered they're nearly all Americans, I felt stupid for not knowing before. 

    They're also friendly, but EU kids and American kids can't play together. Arenanet's Apartheid. So I was wondering if anyone knows any really sociable EU guilds. 



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