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    Still coming to terms with today's episode finally being over.


    Was really incredible to see as always. Slowly starting to throw us into the right direction, I'm confident it won't take an entire season just to "flesh out" the latest backdrop.


    Looked like loads of flashy plays from Lady Governor, she's an opportunist, obviously. She is a survivor. Rick is a great opportunity, there's no way he can be corrupt within her organisation. She needs Glen and friends to remove the nasty problem children, last run six people went out and only the two problem children returned. Absolute liabilities, I look forward to them going.


    I'm hoping that the main reason that people are needed for this community, is an inside issue where veterans are needed to make it right. Daryl should get executioner duty, indirectly of course. He needs to be close to problem residents which he'll instinctively react to, and slay accordingly. Rick and Michonne appear to be the most "stable", Abraham however, is no fool, so hopefully the reason he wasn't shown much is because of Lady Governor being the good judge of character she is, working on the two most "stable" new residents, which make good calls and have those respected, they're not liabilities. Others will eventually fall in then.


    That dude though! "You're Rick. My wife cut your hair. Welcome to Alexandria." lol. What a tool. Dude didn't even move from his seat, no manners at all. 100% Walker Bait. The gun disappearance though? The chick took it and put it in her back, she was on spy duty for herself and saw Rick hide it. Or something.


    Can't wait for more. There has to be huge skeletons in this place, I'm just curious who'll find them first.




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    Quote from Riyge jump



    I'm so hyped, last weeks episode was awesome. Can't wait.

    I don't read the comics, but I've heard that a lot of cool stuff is gonna happen in and around Alexandria. Something like a new villain but more cruel than ever. Also the season finale is confirmed to be 90 minutes. HYYYYPE!


     <345, let's watch it together, bruh. Only four more hours!

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    Quote from Maple jump
    Quote from Teiji_x_Teiji jump

    Only eight more hours B O Y Z & G A L Z!


    Well, seven hours and 40 minutes, but who's countin'!?


    Excited. Hopefully we see more zombeez.

     Guess I have to go to the store to pick up some snacks now~

    You should!


    I've still got some pizza from yesterday I can heat up but yeah, we need digital printers so we can print out Cognac and have a RoG weekly Cognac + Walking Dead session. Or something. But like, hyper-digital printers, that can print anything of course, within reason.


    I'm UK, so when I watch it I get to watch all them groovy US adverts, fun times.

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    Only eight more hours B O Y Z & G A L Z!


    Well, seven hours and 40 minutes, but who's countin'!?


    Excited. Hopefully we see more zombeez.

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    Okay so, latest Aldnoah was good, that's it. Good.


    Durarara!! however, continues to entertain and amuse. Episode 8 was today, I just hope this season has at least 42 episodes as it continues to build up to an intense climax. Really excited to see it develop, watch it, then re-watch Durarara!! [first season] and the second season simultaneously. 


    Episode 21 of Log Horizon was cool too. Nothing as sensational as Durarara!! recently however, which is hard. This of course, is excluding Parasyte / Kiseijuu. Tokyo Ghoul is great none-the-less.


    I am the lord of the vanilla-verse.

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    I AM E X C I T E D.


    Truly exciting potential changes. I feel less of a troll now picking Skarner top when Irelia isn't open. Nautilus is fast looking to become a regular played champino for me, was one of the first champino I played, will be great to not be a troll pick much longer.


    Loving the indirect Sejuani buffs though. 

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    For broship!


    Well bro'd, my bros!


    Let's do it for our bros, bros!


    Get bro'd, bro.


    Bro, do you even bro?

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    Quote from Scal3rjump


    I thoroughly enjoyed Black Bullet. I liked how it didn't go on for too long but it was still really satisfying.


    More instalments will be great. Cross Ange, a recent currently-airing show is entertaining, if it was 10 episodes shorter I'd probably put it close to Black Bullet in terms of enjoyment, it's not. So it's just good and watch-worthy, I'll likely not re-watch it, unlike Muv Luv Alternative and Darker than Black



    Cryska <3

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    Quote from TheDevicerjump
    Glorious text.

    As always, a glorious and magical display of majestic keystroke prowess.




    It's no .gif, but I trust it will satisfy.


    I'm jumping into season 2 now, should be interesting. I'm expecting to be entertained, that's about it. Well, maybe learn more about this Academy City jazz, not all that interested to be honest but meh.


    Misaka, Misaka <3.

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    Quote from Maple jump

    This makes about as much sense as myself randomly deciding to become a mid main when the past three seasons I've only played Jungle...





    I got placed into Platinum IV after my provisionals and I'm bad at videogaems. So I was placed in Gold last season? Okay, cool. So this is progress, yes?


    No. Platinum is the man-bear-pig of ranked play in League of Legends. In Bronze, no one expects you to stay there forever, ever. You're there in a naughty place, when you decide you want to leave, then you leave. Simple as that. Platinum? You get to Platinum and just wait, you'll be afraid to look outside your window, everyone will look at you in the street with the most be-judging eyes and the heaviest expressions ever to be thrown at you. They'll look at you and think "Oh, I bet that person is ranked Platinum on their respective server on that videogame League of Legends, what a scrub. Good thing I don't play videogames so I'm so much better than them at everything, the scrub."


    I'd rather be Gold than Platinum.




    No one will expect anything from you, at all. Besides having a working keyboard, mouse and one, maybe two bar ping. Platinum you have to sneak around everywhere you go, living in constant fear of having the heroes you idolise notice you as you sneak on by. Stopping to look at you, with a saddened look that says: "I'm sorry I noticed you, I'm sorry I noticed you and you're Platinum".  


    No one wants to deal with that terrible situation. I'm taking a risk simply by posting here and being noticed by some of my heroes and inducing said situation.


    Fortunately, I have countermeasures that may distract my heroes and make my post appear to be satire and not the sad truth of videogaem Legend of Leaguer.


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