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    Is Garen considered strong now? Due to his ult buff and now this item?

     He was strong before the buff but now he is on the upper side of things, ofc only against mele champions. He is a reliable tank with strong laning that can oneshot squishys and doesnt fall off to hard like for example Renekton.

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    Champions that can use it effectively? Darius, Garen, Gnar, Hecarim, Jarvan, Olaf, Pantheon, Rek'Sai, Renekton, Riven, Vi, Wukong, Urgot, Xin Zhao, maybe even Talon and Zed.


     It sure works on the champions you names but the old BC worked better on Pantheon and Xin Zhao imo. It stil is fine but i personally wouldnt build it since i think other items outshine it like for example LW for Panth or botrk for Xin. As for Talon, i didnt try it yet on him but it should still be ok even if worse than before. The only times you want it is if youre team is full AD and enemyteam can stack armor or if you do not want to get any defensive items. I would need to test it tho to be sure of it.

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    It's good on Hecarim but Triforce still noticeably stronger. Good for lower budget jungle Hecarim perhaps?

     Many hecarimplayers just take ignite/tp because they only know this. Actually Hecarim has the freedom to choose between smite and ignite depending on matchup. Smite obiviously gives better lategame and objectivecontrol while ignite gives stronger laningphase and killpresure. So if you go Smite you gonna rush cinderhulk and instead of buying trinity next you could instead buy BC now. You lose on the sheen dmg but gain armorshred. BC also costs less and gives more HP which scales well with cinderhulk. Didnt try it just theory

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     epic gif


    I bought it only on 2 champions until now.

    1/ Lee Sin: was my second game of the patch and i got my team fed early so i thought i'll try it out. Doesnt fit him at all. I dont see a single situation where you would want BC on Lee.


    2/ Garen: I rushed BC which i think wasnt very smart. You dont make great use of Phage compared to brut as Garen and you have less damage compared to old BC which makes snowballing much harder. I didnt feel the extra 200HP but 20cdr was nice since i always had ult up when needed. The best part was the movementspeed. If you spin and hit someone you get 100~ movementspeed which is great. Also theres some weird sound.

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    By AD nidalee do you mean full damage or bruiser?. You don't really have to kite with her just spam autos in lane and go ham whenever you hit spears  as your tanky enough to get in and out with the bruiser build.

     Bruiser, and unless you play against lower level players where you can walk around in cougar form all day, you actually need to be able to kite well to make her a decent pick.

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    Kayle is so great. Fucking farming machine man. And in your case Zed > Yasuo just for the sake of shadow return on his ultimate. You can dive to your heart's content. ^_^

     She is to similar to an adc thats why i suck with her i guess. I would need to be really good on yasuo and zed to play them since i considere them trash on average level.

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    Kayle: She looks like such a good champion to main. You can play her in any role and she looks cool. To bad i'm really bad with ranged autoatackers.


    AD Nidalee: She is one of the more fun to play champions as AD but same as Kayle you need to be able to kite well and all that fancy stuff which i am simply way to bad at.


    Riven: Her gameplay is simply the coolest in the game. You can do soo much with her if you are good enought. Someone, whose name i forgot also said that a good toplanemain needs to be at least decent at Riven. I gave her multiple shots, red guides, watches videos but in the end it was no good.


    Yasuo: Who would not want to be good with the famous 1v5 samurai. Also he kinda sucks now


    Zed: I think i could become decent at zed if i played him more but right now i'm simply not. He has a cool playstyle and i wish i could make him work but imo he simply to unrelieable.

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    Thornmail is beast and i started to build it alot more lately as well. Its not better or worse than the other go to armoritems tho. Frozen Hearth isnt a full defensiveitem either. I would always build FH over Thornmail on Irelia for example because how well cdr is on her. Some other champions like Maokai really make good use of the mana as well which makes  FH a better buy for them too. Randuins is mainly bought for the slow and for the fact that it doesnt only give armor but HP as well. If the enemy adc is fed but the enemy team has 3-4 AP champions, this is your go to item rather than thornmail or FH.

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    So... Tell me, guys, why do you not like Ninja Slayer? I just watched the first episode, and the show is absolutely brilliant.

     brb jumping from a bridge

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    New Grisaia ep is great guys.


    Go watch.


    Yuuji is the best character. He gets 'em all.

     This anime is insane :D

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    Quote from bladeofcrimson jump


     Theres no point in comparing piglet with incarnati0n. Piglet is know to be hard to work with even when he was in korea. He has a big ego and cant speak english in a role where he needs to comunicate with his support.

    Incarnati0n on the other hand is a european midlaner that never was part of a proteam before and he isnt more of a toxic player than bjergsen. Also being toxic in soloQ doesnt mean being toxic in a team.


    Rekkles recently said that Incarnati0n isnt as good as he was s3/4 but still is one of the best midlaners in the west.

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    For me it has to be Sona. I dont play her and i dont find her more appealing than other champions but her character seems to be the perfect fit for me.

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