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  • posted a message on Are ranks on other servers 'Easy'

    i guess its to be related to the server capacity meaning that the amount of players is just less than the older server and due to lower competition the higher is the reward take the 3 main servers out there NA EUW and EUNE so you think about it and you find out that it could be true the lower amount of  players the lower is the competition and the higher is your placement ranks and you get higher in a shorter period of time due to the fact that these supposed to be called feeders afkers trollers are still ranking up so they haven accumulated so if you think ranking up on the new server easy well yes it is easier 

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  • posted a message on And once more: Nasus Building.

    nasus has soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo many build paths from runes you can go move speed (still benifitial) you can go lifesteal (lets say vs riven for sustain) you can go armor/mr vs burst you can go hp regen lets say vs a singed (maybe) atk dmg or armor pen still works cdr still works probably even ap (to me i go the armor things) i go for spirit visage rush vs ap into sheen or glacial shroud into giants belt then frozen heart vs ad (cause you know the rivens) then tri rand banshee if theres so much bullshit and end to GA you can even switch your merc treds with ninja tabi late game if you want to provided that you go the elixer of iron cause tenacity is just provided anyway so yeah and for elixers any of them is amazing on nasus so far i say the socery one is the best for him if you plan on teamfighting cause your ult and E and Q true dmg so you wont be even mad iron for front line but come on you have that ult ruin for split push with the second dragon buff they get screwed if they dont send someone for you wrait welllllll its a meh your only physical dmg is your Q nothing else so i dont go with it even if the lifesteal i prefer soucery its just amazing in its true dmg for nasus 

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  • posted a message on What's wrong with Kalista?

    her percentage dmg is magical which is a bit good but not that interesting  W is useless ability i RARELY RARELY  remember to use the W cause its like giving the enemy free 10 gold in 2 hits pfft talk about feeds in addition no atk speed steroid (although  i expected her ult to have a passisve to do so but nope ) her Q is literally shit as it wastes an auto attack animation just to dmg less than your crit dmg with infinity edge her E is a 2 edged sword you either use it to slow the enemy or to finish them off if they flash (doesnt matter ) but the dmg of her E is just another level of stupid as in a teamfight you dont expect to hit like 37 stacks on the target youre attacking at all hindering it useless she is super easy to assasinate although she kites really well but nah not really you ruin her early and kiss the game goodbye (no come back mechanics like draven passive ashe gold per farm vayne true dmg  graves ult 4 steal or so) her ult has an amazing animation but HEEEEEYYYYYYY no DGM AHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAH RITO HAVE MADE AN ADC WITH NO D IN HIS KIT AHAHAHH

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  • posted a message on Youtube Video we recently found made us think about some stuff happening around us Gamers and on.

    im just playing league cause i got nothing to do


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  • posted a message on Let's say Lucia and Trist are banned. How about Varus?

    the problem with vraus is if you get a support blitz or thresh youre basically screwed and if its a leona ggwp you need a braum to save you in case  you get caught somehow you rely on alot of vision control for your skillshots to optimize and be effective in addition you need the most time amongst all adcs to dish out the max dps from(literally land 3 hits on an enemy and then use a skill and repeat ) if fed well you will be strong but if you happen to fall back even the least youre nothing cause yourskillshots are a bit too predictable and easy to read and comeon that travel time on Q is shit (dont feel like its fast enough ) you have some cool ratios but the cost of mobility is a bit too much compared to the current meta so yeah i guess he falls back alot on dmg and not that relyable

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  • posted a message on If you could be any anime character...


     just cause thoes eyes and (eyes of fire) are a free chick magnet and looks really epic OR


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