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    The only thing I have against this explanation is that... I know there's a lovely circlejerk bashing on Riot and shitty code, but that particular downfall of frame by frame overlap-checks for collision detection is such a well known problem when it comes to collision detection anywhere (though, as expected, more prevalent an issue in video games) that I doubt that they coded her E to behave that way. 


    Unless they did, in which case lol.

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    I have no idea if my account is still active since I haven't touched it since doom bots, but my SN is Vaenia (which was my main's SN at the time).


    heh mass effect heh

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    Quote from Pleinair jump

    xiblade said he'll buy it for ALL OF US, even dragonfells and me.

    But then he'll first-ban Sona in every game...

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    Quote from FoxC jump

    Something more realistically sized from Rito. The Chibis are nice and all, but anime is everywhere. Also, they need to take down their prices. 80$ for a hoodie.....yeah, no. We aren't all made out of gold (though I hear Tywin Lannister shits it)

     Yeah... when I was at S3 worlds I ended up not getting any merch (besides the fact that the lines were very, very long) because... the little poro doll is cute but 35 bucks!? Or maybe it was 25? Like Devicer I'm all for supporting Riot, but I rather support them through my skin purchases than merch because clothes and dolls don't quite mean very much to me by themselves.


    I recall good things being said towards the newer hoodies in terms of quality, but I already wear shitty cheap clothes so even if the price were justified, I'd stick to said cheap clothes.


    I could dig something like a lore/artbook kind of thing though.

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    >implying that old splash's pose wasn't just as abnormal


    I think the only thing I don't like is that a more angular face is kind of strange to look at after years of round-faced Kat, but that just takes getting used to.

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    Quote from jim1608 jump


    The points being made here to the OP is that as a support or Jungle main, Bronze will always be Elo hell if you're really good.


    I agreed with a lot of CoolRoot's post because his point was that if OP were actually good, he wouldn't be struggling in bronze - even as a jungler or support. If we're going to talk about how obviously shitty OP's team is going to be, then we might as well bring up that the enemy team is just as garbage. I don't disagree that certain picks might be better suited for OP (if I woke up and found myself in a B3 game I would probably pick Zyra over Janna) but I feel many of the posts suggesting said picks are suggesting them for all the wrong reasons.


    The problem I have with the wording of some of these opening posts is that I realized that there can be a huge disparity between talking about the game and actually playing the game. People talk to me about how they value vision and yet when I spectate/play a game with them they don't purchase a single ward if they're not support, nor do they consider the merits of switching out the starting yellow trinket. It's come to the point where I think that if someone is actually struggling in a certain elo bracket and wants advice on self-improvement or climbing, we need to actually watch them play.


    If it means anything, when I got out of bronze with maybe 80% of my games as support, my pool consisted of Zyra, Sona, and the occasional Thresh. Like... Zyra and Sona were the only supports that I had more than 10 games with in that season.

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    I keep thinking champions like Zac, Lissandra, and Jayce are new - champions with relatively low pickrates in the last few months (minus Lissandra's more recent popularity). They're also champions that came out around the time I first started playing League and my brain can't still quite believe that I've technically been playing for over two years.


    edit: ok i mean i guess even then these guys aren't exactly 'old' but iderno, jayce came out mid-2012 and i'm still like "lol what is this guy"

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    Not all video gamers fit into the stereotype of antisocial specimens living in some dank basement without the ability or even desire to meet new people - but I have to count myself as part of that group. I'm still really shy and I'm not likely to engage in some small conversation about my life or yours - but that's where League comes in.


    League is one of the biggest and most well-known video games in this day and age. My father and grandmother know nothing about League and have no interest in contemporary video games, but they could still tell you which teams won the latest rounds in OGN/LCK simply by surfing popular Korean news sites with no particular emphasis on e-Sports or video games in general. Every one of my old high school classmates now plays League, or one of its competitors in the MOBA market, or has at least heard of the game. Then you have online communities such as the r/LeagueofLegends or RoG, comprised of people who share at least one thing with you: playing the game. Point: League is big and it helps even antisocial people like myself connect to others.


    So for some, League isn't limited to a simple pastime. I met my first friends in college through League, I've reconnected with old classmates through League, and I've met some great people here on RoG that I play with on a semi-regular basis and consider them amazing friends. League is something I have in common with so many strangers that I normally would share nothing with, and that simple fact helps me break out of my shell when it comes to socializing with them.


    Stacy J.


    (I wanted to go for a potentially more controversial route - I mean, an SR game is comprised of you + 9 other individual human beings and for better or for worse, it requires some degree of communication, negative or positive, within teams - but given that League's community still has that negative stigma of "toxic teenagers wishing cancer on everyone's mothers" I don't even know if you want to go there. And then you may have to answer the question of whether socializing online is anything comparable to socializing in real life. Good luck if you do, though!)

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    Quote from AzaelBro jump

    Limited edition implies that it is limited. I can see people getting peeved if something they bought partly because of the exclusivity is no longer exclusive


    Pretty much this. I have friends who used to buy every 'exclusive' skin for the sake of exclusivity, until Riot made it clear that these skins would be made available again in the future. Now some still collect skins, others don't.


    I personally wouldn't begrudge anyone PAX Sivir even though I paid like 40 bucks for it on eBay (let the judging begin!) but I know there are others who don't feel the same way and that's not a bad thing. If PAX Sivir were made available as a 975 skin, I would only have lost like $33. Compare that to, say, Championship Riven which sported a price tag in the hundreds before skin codes were removed. Do I particularly agree with someone spending $300-500 on that skin? Not really, other than the fact that it's their money. Note that these skin codes wouldn't have gotten such ridiculous price tags if Riot had promised from the get-go that these skins would be available again in the future.

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    I don't really know what to feel about the general apathy in this thread. I probably like it, because I occasionally find myself reading about the latest argument on sexualization in video games and getting my jimmies all rustled.


    I scrolled down a bit to that tumblr and left because it's already throwing out arguments that I've grown tired of. Impractical armor on Tristana? How many male champions have 'practical armor'? How many are standing in unnatural poses that show off masculine traits, like classic Brand or Pool Party Graves? "Impractical armor" rustles my jimmies so much because if you actually play the goddamned game without these outrage-tinted glasses you would see that 'impractical armor' is not limited to female champions. It reeks of the "it's not sexism if it's a guy" mentality that seems to be fostered by the more radical 'feminist's. And what about the sheer impracticality of some of the weapons you wield? Armor is hardly the only aspect that can be impractical. I can go in a typical MMORPG and wield a hugeass sword that's probably impractical for both males and females. Against those wielding plate-piercing weaponry from hundreds of feet away. Yeah.


    I think Riot has more than proven that their more 'sexual' designs aren't simply blind pandering to a primarily male audience. Evelynn exists, but so does Leona. Bloodmoon Elise may be sporting some sideboob, but Warden Sivir barely has any skin showing (does she even have any skin showing?). I appreciate that there is variety in design direction. My own tastes aren't very feminine; I prefer the designs of Leona and Sejuani over those of Sivir or Sona. Not because I think Sivir is too scantily clad (though she is) or because Sona's D-cups offend me, but because if I could become a League champion I would probably cover myself up the way I do irl out of personal preference. Hate dresses and flowy things. In contrast, my sister is into tight fitting clothes and dresses; is she conforming to the wishes of ze patriarchy or something?


    I remember Ironstylus posting on the GirlGamers subreddit and the most popular posts consisted of BS. Supposed female gamers who stopped playing League because the designs of the champions offended them. If you're getting offended over a splash art which affects absolutely nothing (outside the little portrait) in the game then you probably shouldn't be playing a game that is at its heart a game of strategy/mechanics.

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