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  • posted a message on I can't seem to stay alive, so they kill me twice.

    Top. mid and jungle Aatrox all fall off as the game goes on, because you don't do much in fights. This is why you either get really far ahead, or you can avoid team fighting in lieu of spilt pushing. Think Tryndamere with a few different mechanics and easier to kite. It works well against some, works not so well against others. 

    Also, make sure your team understands the concept of DON"T FIGHT 4v5 while Aatrox is split pushing.

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  • posted a message on Cost Efficient Damage Items?

    Wriggles/Elder Lizard + last whisper is all you'd need I imagine. You could get hexdrinker or wits end too though, depending on the game. Other than that you want full tank :P
    I do agree with MeNoobQQ; Sunfire is superior to Atma's unless you're stacking 4k+ hp or you have some gimmicky build that needs crit.

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  • posted a message on Prison Break in LoL (a mental guide with tips for ELO Hell)

    Quote from Ak3mi91 »

    Quote from toughpotato »

    Quote from acerunner »

    Quote from assault_sloth »

    Imo the thing that helps the most in solo queue is luck. Ive seen platinum players who got there on their own and their gameplay is extremely mediocre (equal to like silver 2) while I saw people with breath taking plays stuck in silver forever.

    For me pretty much anything between platinum 5 and silver 2 is about the same skill level and who is in what league depends mostly on luck. Silver 3 are average players, not good not bad and silver 4 and lower are just bads.

    this is complete nonsense.

    ^ this

    Sorry for being harsh in advance, but...


    Average players are in gold, players from bronze-silver are simply bad. Also, this world is terrible, always people who are worse than we are have more luck. Man, so unfair.


    So many generalisations.. 
    Unless that's sarcasm? I hope its sarcasm lol. 

    I've seen some ridiculously good silver 1 players who just can't get out of silver. They end games with 2 or 3 to 1 ratios every match and never lose lane or make bad plays. They win every game until promotion games - where nerves, bad team mates and difficult opponents are all poised to make sure only the very best get through. Of course this is needed. Only the better players advance.


    On the other flip of the coin, I've seen scrubs in gold who can't even last hit in the middle of the lane with Draven, who manage to lose 2v4 team fights when no one is fed, who have the ONLY EVER FOCUS THE ADC ALWAYS, even when he's 0/5, mentality, who go 0/7 and blame riot for nerfing Olaf (no shit don't play him till rework?)

    Explain how these people, these get ahead of the first category of player, trapped in high silver, winning every game worth LP, and yet doomed to have mongs for a team whenever they attempt a promotion game.

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  • posted a message on Malzahar?

    Malzahar Low ELO is a real beast simply by his ability to decimate face, while later in higher ELO, his potential roaming and pressure on mid lane is massive. Nether Grasp is so sexy for peeling and melting tanks, but good opponents are able to focus you with cc out of your channel, so you have to time it well.

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  • posted a message on Oceanic Server

    New server seems fun. Can't wait to actually play Cassio like the pros. I might even just main her again.

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  • posted a message on Duo Q players should have first pick in champion select.

    Quote from Arakaim »

    Quote from Elmanbeastio »

    Honestly, the order doesnt matter when you duo Queue. If you are a smart player, you can trade champs, or counterpick if you are not in the first few picks.

    You are saying "we are the hawtsauce so we should first pick", but really you dont even gain an advantage with that if you dont draft properly. You can be 4th and 5th pick and that would let you get most of the info needed before you counterpick.

    I duo and solo Q quite a bit as a support main, but I always call fill no matter what so people can get the roles they're more comfortable with. When i duo, i'm often first or 2nd pick, and my buddy is last pick, so I can pick for him if it REALLY matters that much (which is usually when everyone else calls fill or something, i can grab him a strong, safe mid,jungle, or top.) However I would RATHER have duoQ's always be last pick, so they can work with counter bans, but that's just the thoughts of a silver league noob lol

    Silver league or no, this is sound reasoning and I heartily agree. I generally just write prefer mid or support at the start and see what I get. I feel like writing 'prefer' at the front can get tedious, as can reading 'prefer' all the time... BUT it lets the people know I'm willing to negotiate, can play other lanes and that I'm merely stating my strong points. If I'm first pick, I offer to fp someone a champ and ask what bans the other 4 would like. If I'm last then I just play the most solid champion for the role left.

    In terms of duo, if I am duoQing with my really good vayne buddy, then I'll let everyone know I'd prefer support and that he's going to try adc. I don't demand first choice. If someone else picks adc, we let them know we're more comfortable if we can get it but that we do understand and accept that he's within his rights to adc too. 

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  • posted a message on Would like more buff supports

    Having mejais as a passive on a support just reeks of wrong.

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  • posted a message on Would like more buff supports

    - Q spell seems like Galios shield all over again, though at least it heals the target you buff. How about slipping in some damage by making the Q spell similiar to Lulu's multi functional spells.

    A lightly slowing nuke which decreases the targets damage output (thinking like 5/6/7/8/9%) for 2 seconds.


    Buffing an ally with a small shield that provides extra health regen and tenacity for 3 seconds or until it is destroyed.

    - W seems too good. You could abuse cool down reduction to almost permanently give a BF sword's worth of AD to your carry without any way to preventing it. 

    - E is a really nice concept. I've been tinkering around with spells like this for a bit. I think its tough to work out if its selecting two targets though. Perhaps a leash between an ally and the nearest enemy to that ally is the way to go. 

    - R is an interesting take on an ultimate, but a team wide move speed buff and debuff with low cd is just too much. Plus it conflicts with Sivir's ultimate. Granted this is for a support but it still won't be satisfying to use and it will still be strong and frustrating to your opponents. Perhaps a better route would be to have a more active spell that grants a team wide buff but for a shorter duration - say 5 seconds.

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  • posted a message on How to sum up every lane and jungle.

    I loved that jungle video when I first saw it XD

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  • posted a message on Fizz, undervalued assassin by most of high elo players, why?

    Fizz has massive burst. However he is easier stop if you understand his match ups and have fast reactions. This is why the higher you get, the better people are at preventing him from stomping. His spells are really costly so you can out sustain him if you build correctly. Item choice enables you to out sustain him in most match ups, and map awareness and clever warding can destroy his roaming. These are both more likely in higher levels of play. And of course, as you practise mechanics and gain finesse you'll learn things like how his cool downs are quite large early on, or that you can cancel Urchin Strike with knock backs and that his passive lets him pass through units and win AA fights to the death.

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