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    brave urself, tons of high money low skill lux'es(luxs? luxues, light gurls) coming

    i will buy it only if rito put sailor moon transformation into her kit (y u know, naked boobs) dats mean i will never buy it ._.

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  • posted a message on Share random music
     before the game start

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  • posted a message on League games feel more like a marathon than a sprint.

    tanks was useless for whole year, meanwhile champs like zed 100-0 ur 500armor malp with one combo,

    if rito will nerf tanks now then again here will be tons of threads dat XXX champion 1 hit KO my whole team


    im like tanks ._. im defender of the hope ._. 

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  • posted a message on Riven main here, looking for advanced tips

    tip for riven mains - uninstall

    tip for riven players - dont destroy other duds rankeds playn riven

     good old (rly old) times where riven players was tanky and add something to late game ._. and no, jumping into 5 deal some damage and die in 0.6second isnt good

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  • posted a message on Would you like Crit being flattened?

    flat damage ._.?

    Rise ur brusiers, asasins, and overall mele champions bot lane o.o

    couse ranged paper champion without those spikes in damage will be worthless >_>

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  • posted a message on New CHampion Pool?
    Quote from Talzz jump
    Quote from xiblade jump

    Okay ironically all the champions I have done really well with are now all poopy



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  • posted a message on What do you find reportworthy?

    for most of community u get report for losing lane in ranked x)

    ima report only for verbal abuse ._.

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  • posted a message on Any good MMO's out there?

    its still closed beta but SOON TM (2-3months) open beta in korea than maybe half year to hit NA/EU

    probly only for fans, but after this hit english servers ima sell my LoL account and run here xD


    just check this character/location customization dat players can do and evry1 see: 

     but im just said, its probly only for fans


    oorrrrrrrrrrrrrr like guy above said, Vindictus is cool (im quit only couse got baned for boting with over 9000BILIONS of gold on few accounts xD) 

    Vindictus is.... what Elder Scroll Online should be...

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  • posted a message on Regarding spambots

    its not posible to filter/autodelete threads with this korean signs?

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  • posted a message on URF megathread - Your strategies, favourite champions and bans

    5 banners of command vs full ap team :D evry wave is wave of 2k hp minions immune to magic damage/cc with 150armor xD xD

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