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    I like the concept of nocturne and the most rewarding thing in my opinion is indeed countergank with your ultimate. But what happens to me way to often, is that I end up oom. With Vi i can dash around clear fast and even gank before lvl 6 and are not punished by my manacosts (well it feels like that). I don't see the reason for nocturne to be gated this way by his mana. His kit has in built weakness (delayed CC, no low cd gapcloser as melee bruiser) and i think his manaproblems are an relict from the past, where he was the jungle monster because of his outstanding ultimate. His ultimate is still outstanding, but there a things, that work as good for single target engage (Vi Q->R and Rengars ultimate 2). Vi has the plus side of good synergy with shen, so with shen and it upgrades, you don't have mana-problems anymore. With noc, you often build 2 dmg items, and after that tanky. Theres no time(and gold) to build something, to help out your mana. The main point is, i don't see the reason why he needs to suffer from his mana at all?


    I often gank a lane without mobile champion (or waiting before he uses his gapcloser) before lvl 6. Your E forces Flash (well sometimes it just baits the flash out ;) and when you hit lvl 6, this lane is your first victim.


    When i build Devourer in a game were i'm even slightly behind, i just feel so weak. This isn't only with nocturne, but most time i build it on him, the game doesn't go that well. I don't feel like i'm falling in this deep whole when building warrior. I will try the warrior->bortk path and see how it works.

     shen op

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    How about amumu. I mean there has been merchandise for him. That and his music video was pretty good to. Just haven't seen him alot apart from that.

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    The only laners I could imagine being halfway decent in lane are Denial Blitzcrank and Denial Syndra and even these strategies need a series of successful steals to pay off. If even the best cheese strategies are so unsafe, you can imagine how bad mediocre cheese will be on average.


    If you want to evaluate an unusual strategy, don't think what you could do theoretically, but what realistic advantage you will have over standard play. Aside from securing objectives, Smite won't be more than half a Summoner Spell however you upgrade it (Exhaust is basically Skirmisher and Stalker at once). You need a noticable payoff to make up for that.


    Edit: Oh yeah, what should be said is that Ignite is worse than any other Summoner Spell in terms of overall versatility and utility, so that's not a good point for Smite. Ignite gives you strong early kill pressure and that's about all it is picked for.

     Why is every1 forgeting the small heal it gives inlane. thx too your spellvamp pass.

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    No smite on laners, ever.

     smitewick before it got nerfed...

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    In manga, the most broken thing I've seen is having the Deathnote. This, or being a Saiyajin.



     Since the initial question was about the strongest character in a straight-out fight, Yagami Raito isn't really the best example out there. Though I admit the Death Note is one OP item for sure, it doesn't really apply for a battle. (and the funny thing is, he won't be able to kill Goku with it since it isn't his real name~)

     What is a real name anyway. Because as far as I know the person kakarot died when he hit his head. So only Son Goku should exist now.

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    That's clearly Goku... Seriously Goku's strenght can tear Naruto's head from his twunk body.

     No.. I think it's onepunch man I mean look at that serious face. That and well We haven't even seen his real strength yet.

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    Even worse her charm somehow stops your e.... I mean how the fuck does charm stop gfapclosers....

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    1I'd say Seraph's and Grail if you don't think your jungler can control the blue buffs throughout the game. Otherwise just Seraph's is probably sufficient. The mana changes this season have been pretty hard on her class of farm mages though, and Anivia hasn't been a particularly strong example of these for a while. Morgana or Orianna would probably be better picks, as Morg isn't nearly as mana hungry and Orianna is a lot more flexible and can match the early aggression of a lot of common midlaners these days. Maybe if the new 120 AP item is a mana item as well we might see something change :D


    I'm not a fan of RoA on her because I feel the regen from catalyst is too weak to get her through laning and late game it doesn't offer enough. The health is really kind of irrelevant in my mind since positioning and using your Wall and numerous cc to keep people at bay should be enough (if something is hitting you in the face you're probably going to die anyway if zhonya doesn't give your team the time to reposition). Also if you just get RoA and Seraph's and you don't have access to a blue buff late game you have little siege/sustained skirmish power as you'll quickly drain your mana throwing out Q's.

    1 Even if you have all the blue buffs in the game you can't have it up for the full 100% or even 80%. That and it feels like that all the old champs really like cdr. (I even build morelnomicon on malz instead of roa for more spells and ults. really usefull for roming and in fights).

    2The reason I build grail on her,

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    If you do go for mana regen, you need a mana pool. The contest of it is usually between Grail and Tears more than RoA and Grail. RoA provides mana, but it's subjective to say that it's enough mana to sustain your damage output, particularly on Anivia who is usually pretty thirsty for the blue. 


    Generally if you go for RoA, you're going to go for an Archangel's staff as well since the mana from RoA does improve the shield that AA staff provides.

     But it gives no shield if you have no mana. so it's only good before you use your spels to waveclear. this is where grail comes in. 

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    RoA>Morellos, fuck grail you spending enough gold as it is on mana you need damage.


    Mana regen isn't the biggest deal on Anivia, flat mana is far superior because Anivia is one of those mages that can 100-0 a large mana pool in a single fight. Champions that invest in regen(athenes) are like Orianna, they can go oom in a fight but its unlikely to happen, they go oom by spamming over a longer period.

     well the thing is even with roa you will quickly run oom (whaveclear, trying to Qpoke, sieging) with anivia. so you need more.

    With the new grail you regen a portion of your missing mana so more mana means more regen. Thanx to this synergie I never really run out of mana because of the fact you have a lot of mana that regens pretty fast too.
    That and more cdr.means more Q and W so more safety.

    If anything I said is unclear plaese say so and I will try to explain it better.

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    Well it's manageble with tear+grail/roa but well. before that you really don't have a lot of mana. But on the pluss side you stil have a shitload of damage and cc.

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    Well the thing about that one is that you get 0 cdr. so you have to hit your skills on the first try else you're borderline useless. SO I build tear into grail and then the rest. gives me more cc and damage because of the lower cooldowns.
    but yes your far more squishi but that's where seraphs and zonyas come in.

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