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  • posted a message on Will LCS regions even matter soon?..

    I mean Korea and China have been the only relevant regions since the end of season 2 so the whole NA/EU debate has been a moot point since then, and honestly even if the best of NA/EU were to form a super team they probably still wouldn't be able to beat the Koreans unless they actually went to compete in OGN. Until a foreign team actually goes to Korea and plays a couple seasons in OGN they will never have a chance of beating them. The Koreans just have every conceivable advantage from their superior skill to having superior scrim and practice partners. The Chinese rival Korea in individual skill, but since they play in an even great vacuum than NA/EU their ability to grow as a region is stunted severely. We saw at worlds that the Chinese teams were able to take the Koreans by surprise at first, but once they got to see how they play there was no contest. I really don't think the regional composition of a team matters anymore, the only thing that will allow anyone to compete with Korea is to actually go to Korea. Granted I do like seeing NA/EU learning from each other and hopefully LMQ will actually be skilled enough to give the established teams competition as well.

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  • posted a message on Evolving Kha'Zix's R First Viable Now?

    Koreans have been evolving R first ever since the changes went through and it is far superior to any other evolve at the moment. You gain a lot of damage and durability, but on top of that you also get an extra second of stealth(and 50% dmg reduction) that let's you get in even without the longer jump range. You are dam near impossible to duel on even terms and you can chase incredibly well, not to mention those extra passive charges help ganks.

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  • posted a message on Let's talk about your favorite champs!

    Have to say Riven and Zac are my favorites. Riven was the first champion I ever bought, I thought she looked fun to play had a cool story, plus she was cute so that's a win on all fronts for me. I knew I wanted Zac as soon as I watched a preview of him on PBE I think his dialogue is hilarious and nothing is quite as fun as sling shotting into the enemy team. I do miss the days I could run around top lane spamming W to just win though.

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  • posted a message on It would seem the TSM of old is back...

    I find TSM's play to be incredibly lackluster actually. They rarely play a strategy besides picking the FOTM picks or falling back on a comfort comp. Their rotational play is nothing to write home about and most of all they are only doing well because they poached talent from another region. I can't see TSM being able to take a single game away from any top tier Chinese or Korean team and honestly they probably can't beat the likes of Gambit or Roccat. Even them beating Fnatic who are on terrible tilt is questionable in my mind. Oddone is in my opinion one of the worst professional junglers, he has very very bad mechanics especially compared to the likes of Meteos and the Koreans. Oddone rarely plays a champion who isn't just point and click like Vi and that just shows me that he lacks the skills of a world class jungler. Dyrus just does what most top laners do an just sits top, but I haven't seen him play 1 non-FOTM champion. I can't imagine him being able to do anything on a champion who isn't a hyper tank. Bjergsen mostly looks good because most NA mid lanes are terrible and even an average EU mid laner can walk all over them. The only lane that impresses me are their bot lane. Turtle has probably the greatest mechanical skill of any NA player and Xpecial is a consistent support with good game knowledge and the ability to play many types of champions. 

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  • posted a message on WTF is wrong with Riot lately?

    Not to mention the game gets less and less stable with every patch, each coast players are at such an astronomically huge disadvantage because of ping it's not even funny, and many people are getting horrible FPS even on good rigs. I'm honestly starting to think that Riot is incompetent on the technical side of their game.

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  • posted a message on Reign of manaless top --- Where are the manaregen options for top laners?

    Nasus is supposed to be at a disadvantage early in a lane, he has infinite scaling he needs to have a trade off for that. Renekton is designed to be a lane dominant champion, his job is to stomp the other top lane hard enough that it won't matter he doesn't scale as well because the other top will be too far behind. Many manaless champions have clear weaknesses that are pretty easy to exploit. Renekton has long CDs on his moves, Riven has the lowest HP5 of any melee in the game and her shield has a very long CD early and she is now forced to max Q for the scaling, Garen is reliant on landing the Q to trade. Shyvana is the only manaless champ who is a real problem right now, she wins trades with pretty much everyone and she scales ridiculously well with tons of free stats. Mundo is more like Nasus with weak early lane as a trade off for becoming unkillable late.

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  • posted a message on "height" in LoL

    Cuz balance

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  • posted a message on Vel'Koz teaser in Trick2g's most recent video

    If he launches with a battlecast or mecha skin like what was hinted in that Viktor splash I might need to buy him regardless of what he does. I would actually like the idea of Viktor being tied to him in some story way. Like mad scientist opens portal to crazy other dimension and then uses the creatures of said dimension as templates for an army of robot monsters.

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  • posted a message on Scorched Earth Renekton Is FINALLY Here.

    It's better than Dragonblade Riven, but I guess you could just put a Renekton mask on a dog turd and it would be better that that splash.

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  • posted a message on Gragas' place after PBE nerf.

    How about instead of completely killing Gragas' damage and changing his role and identity completely(something Riot talks about never doing when making changes to a champ) they just nerf his damage slightly and remove the slow from his E. Gragas does a lot of damage that is what he is supposed to do, but coupling high damage with incredibly safe farming and the basically guaranteed kill on your lane opponent when you land an E is a bit much. By removing the slow from his E you give him some extra counter play as well as removing a bit of his already high utility, plus cutting down on his ability to snowball a bit(Gragas snowballs very hard for a mage). The Gragas and Riven nerfs on PBE right now are pretty dangerous precedents for Riot to set because they basically lay the ground work for champions to have their identities destroyed by balance changes. I'm hoping they don't go through, but since PBE changes pretty much always make it through I'm worried.

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