April Team Battles

This week was a rather eventful one with several team battles uploaded ranging from the rarely seen jungler Volibear and from the ever popular Lee Sin. Watch Jarvan go man mode, Mundo going where he pleases vs great opponents and Volibear maul some poor saps.



  • #8 DaMadTroller

    Hahahah i like the wonky style of these videos. Moar Plz!

  • #7 GTF808

    Right on. Rock your ish then, mang. Like I said, you're a fantastic player with great promise as an analyst. And I absolutely love your old guides. Keep working on it, bud.

  • #6 StonewallRoG

    A good reason why I won't really follow those "suggestions" is because the team battles are made to be all "natural" and in one take as well as me playing the character of the fruitful dissenter. The opening intros are made to be awkward and quotish. A lot of lines are mistakes that I will not double back to check. Again team battles are just very casual in their creation. 

  • #5 GTF808

    I absolutely agree with what you're saying HyperOmega. And I think Stonewall is a fantastic player with the potential of being a great analyst. And I want to see him become a great analyst because he would be a great asset for the LoL community. But he's currently falling very short of both of our hopes. What I don't agree falls into your or my definition of constructive criticism is any of the following:

    "I pretty much tanked everything and did a poor job of it so I feel terrible." He's jungling... tanking camps is an essential part of the job description. how does that make any sense?

    "didn't have a bush in the triward" LOL what? <3

    "or I don't know fiddlesticks died prior I wasn't paying attention" why not? how about he records his speaking bit with more accurate and informative info after previewing the replay first?

    "I don't want no crap going on don't want a ward going against me" what crap? he doesn't want to be counter-jungled? stopping lanes from being ganked? that'd be more informative and accurate to say, no?

    "so crap happens" huh?!?

    "so you know it was kind of a wasted y'know waste, ahri made a fool out of us it was quite unbearable" could've been a funny pun as volibear, but it falls flat. how about a poignant observation about what happened and how you could have improved that failed gank instead of this mess of a sentence?

    "now we could have gotten dragon here and it was probably stupid of us that we didn't even try so it's gonna be bad" ok, thanks for the tip, i guess. but why not explain how and why the conditions were perfect for a dragon because of this or that instead of just saying 'stupid' and 'bad?'

    "I think I smite stole my own blue no I don't know what the hell I did right there too fast for me" it looks like he gave Karthus his blue and he executed that 'giving' perfectly fine. And if he was confused about what occured, why not preview the replay before recording this mess?

    "jax comes in too but he doesn't use his ultimate to give himself resistances until after he's already taken a shit load of damage. so he's kind of useless. one person died but now here comes karthus and time for karthus to miss all most of his Qs. like he probably could have killed them both but any karthus players i'm pretty sure you're agonizing watching this it's like ugh... and karthus is going to go in anyway and almost die. so you see karthus could've gotten a lot more kills but he kind of went tunnel vision. he tunneled there. y'know what you're doin." That was the commentary for a 2 for 3 trade where stonewall's team pulled off some very impressive moves. Stonewall's volibear goes 1v5 and dies unable to save ezreal, but successfully deals tons of damage and keeps the enemy team occupied long enough for his team to arrive. jax goes in next, still a 1v4, and kills sejuani then escapes with a sliver of hp. finally, karthus arrives at the now 1v3 with full hp, catches the entire opposing team in his wall, and lands 5 out of 9 Q's killing kog then escaping with a sliver of hp. So let's recap: 3 of Stonewall's teammates survive. they kill 3 of the opposing team in a series of 1v4s and 1v3s. they all, including Stonewall, pulled off impressive attacks and jukes. And Stonewall doesn't say anything positive, criticizing his whole team, and providing zero tactical observation. WTF?

    "i go in like an idiot and die. my death was well deserved. i'm an idiocy. it sucks that now everybody knows. and my teammate ezreal died for some damn reason i have no idea i think he was trying to 1v1 kogmaw again" huh? Stonewall is definitely not an idiot. he's a fantastic player. what is he talking about? and ezreal died because he didn't back off enough, it's quite obvious from the mini map, and could be confirmed if stonewall would just preview his replay. stonewall, you're capable of so much more! why beat yourself up like this?

    "but ezreal is missing his q's he barely kills ahri before getting cc-locked or something then kills sejuani too." ezreal lands all but 2 q's, was not hit with any cc at all, and gets the double kill. what video was stonewall watching when he made this commentary?

    "life is very hard. it's a lot harder if you're stupid." such an empty, negative statement.

    "i miss my q completely because i suck." why so down on yourself, stoney? relax!

    "i love jarvan he's my favorite character. you can pick up a lot of slack from your teammates if y'know you just say fuck you guys" huh?!

    "i get dragon with my team but i mostly just steal it from my teammates who do all the work." how does one steal dragon from his or her teammates? seems like a serious misunderstanding of dragon.

    "wasted brand ult but we kill lee sin anyways" and did tons of damage to the rest of the team enabling him to smash the inhibitor without being harassed by the low hp team. how was the ult wasted?

    "the best friends aren't the ones you would take a bullet for, it's the ones you want to put a bullet into" WTF?!

    "he did the bad part giving away that we took his red." pantheon successfully helped steal the opposing team's red with stonewall, without missing farm, without endangering stoney, and all he can say is this?

    "that was a retard moment by me!" he cleans up a wukong and pulls off a solid juke on olaf. retarded?

    "probably should have gotten ninja tabi but i got berserker greaves because i want to move fast." huh?

    "this isn't looking good for us especially since if you remember from a previous game graves is the same graves that fought that urgot." huh? he doesn't explain this and it makes no sense without context.

    "when you assume things you make an ass out of yourself and not me at all just you. just you." what?!

    "i miss my q for some reason" um.. he's lee sin, hits his q on double golems, and launches over to them. what replay was he watching?

    "now crap is happening" what?!

    "that was the most embarassing death this game even the ones i got. my death." why is he so down on himself and without explaining his bad move? peculiar. he kicked ass this game. no need to be embarassed.

    I'm just so confused by the rampant negativity and nonsensical statements throughout these videos. It's really disheartening. I think he could do better! Perhaps it will just take practice commentating and shifting his overall outlook on life, but it will be worth his time doing so.

    Stonewall, if you're reading this, know that the community regards you as a great player, providing quality jungling guides, and comprehensive champion-by-champion jungle walthroughs. We wouldn't be the same without you. But I don't understand the overbearing pessimism you express throughout Team Battle series, and it is dragging down the quality of the wonderful services you provide us. Keep it positive, buddy!

  • #4 HyperOmega

    Stonewall says "that was bad" "team screwed that one up" for the most part these statements are true and it's not like he's actually a rage kid, if you play LoL and think it's colorful and don't think something was bad, you're probably the one sucking hard.

    If your team does something, saying it's bad is fine, what isn't is bawwing at your team and saying all hope is lost etc, and being whiny, it's great to have hope, but if you're not saying your team did something wrong you're probably amongst the people who try the most awful random picks, to literally troll and generally don't give a damn about how the games going, knowing if your team did something a) let's you see why it went wrong, b) let's you understand the direction of the game and how it needs to be played out to win.

    If it's colorful and you don't care, you're not helping your team as a team, playing well is only one part of it, stonewall just says what actually happened, if someone on his team gets caught and they die for free and they get dragon, not saying it's bad isn't exactly discouraging you from doing the same, if you're watching his videos you're probably trying to gain something from them.

    Also I believe in a recent one stonewall's team lost a teamfight 4 for 2, but they get a tower
    "well we lost the fight but we're gonna get this tower so it's fine, and now we're going to do dragon", I don't recall him ever being like "I think this is gg after this ren gave first blood to irelia" or anything equivalent too that, (note just simply providing a positive matchup giving fb)

     Being realistic at what's going on is the best way to go, you've practically lost when you say "I don't see how we can win this" because it means you're not looking to catch people out, counter baron, take a free baron/dragon etc. 

  • #3 DonYagamoth

    I agree with GTF808 - try being a bit more positive ^^

  • #2 GTF808

    Why all the negativity, Stonewall? It doesn't add anything! You're a great player, but you toss around so much hateful rhetoric. IMO these vids are nearly unwatchable unless you shut the sound off.

    Also IMO, these vids are absolutely fantastic when muted! Keep up the good playing. Please stop fueling all the negativity in the LoL community.

    (Although I'll admit I lol'd at the "they didn't have bush in the triward!" wtf?!)

  • #1 BaldFat

    Thanks Team Battles are my favorite League of Legends video format. I know I have learned a ton from watching them. I really think if you did this for the tournament games leading to the finals they would rock. A 15 minute catch up on what has happened.


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