A new Beta Patch dropped tonight with a few small tweaks to Ryze and Varus probably so Riot can get the numbers right before the Live Patch slated for next week. Chalice of Harmoney was also changed to be stackable with the new item Athene's Holy Grail.

Champion Changes


  • New Desperate Power Movement Speed Bonus decreased: 35/55/75 Movement Speed, to 35/45/55 Movement Speed.


  • Hail of Arrows Movement Speed Slow decreased: 30/35/40/45/50%, to 25/30/35/40/45%. 

Item Changes

Chalice of Harmony

  • Text Removed: "Does not stack with Athene's Unholy Grail."


  • #7 dcgreen

    The Mana regen component of Chalice and Grail are both "Unique Passive" anyways so I dont think they could stack, which may have been the reason for the removal. But in all actuality it is probably to not confuse people with an item that doesn't exist yet, which means that next time there are patch notes I am going to have to talk about this stupid chalice again >:(

  • #6 SchizeQ

    The Item didn't change to be stackable with Athene's holy grail, the reason they removed the text is because Athene's holy grail won't be released with the next patch.


  • #5 AranckTheDruid

    Still can't believe Athene got his own item, can't get away from that friggn' guy!!

  • #1 MerryLane

    Hm, sorry for posting here, but why didn't they talk about the new item in the patch preview? It should be their main priority since that's totally new :p

  • #2 stealthsnake

    the new item wont be in this patch, so that is why it was not mentioned.

  • #4 MerryLane

    Yeah, just read a red post on NA forums =/

  • #3 DrInvinicble

    they mentioned the game play changes not the new incoming items or champions.

    thats why it is called Gameplay Changes :o its for old things that gets changed

    Last edited by DrInvinicble: 4/28/2012 5:15:38 AM
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