Reign of Gaming Exclusive Interview: Saintvicious!

Reign of Gaming Founder and professional Support player for Team Curse, Elementz, sits down with newly acquired jungler for Curse, Saintvicious, and talks with him about the team swap, new team line ups, and upcoming Korean OGN season!



  • #3 Abidal89

    who else that was just an awkward convo?

    like they are really good friends and they are doing an interview!

  • #2 JacobinRobspierre

    sv was the best leader on CLG, but HS wants to be the one making calls. Chauster has always been a moron.

    SV is more the frat boy type who like to have laughs and a good time. In Korea he was stuck with 3 wierdo anti-social dudes and HS who who is preoccupied / wipped with the gf.

  • #1 FinalValkyrie

    Not surprised that this was caused by Hotshot being, well, Hotshot.

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