@ Our Community - What can we do to clean up our act?

Now every now and then I get a little fed up with dealing with the amount of trolls we have surrounding our community and just people who go out their way to make your gaming experience a bad one. For instance. If you've ever used the Twitch.tv chat you'll see the countless people bashing, hating, attacking, every little mistake made by any team. It's literally mind blowing to just watch that chat and see the things that are said to players and teams. Team 1 beats Team 2 and now Team 1 is the BEST TEAM IN THE WORLD! And Team 2 is THE WORST TEAM IN THE WORLD and Team 2 should hate themselves /insert 20x's more hateful things. And it's just like.. /facepalm.. That's really it. It makes me facepalm watching the ultimatums thrown out by our community when someone loses a single match in a best of 3. It's like we can't just sit, enjoy the two teams playing each other and whoever was better that day won. Now I know no ones going to be perfect, no ones going to like every team, everyone will always have favorites, and teams they don't like at all. With that being said though I feel like we as a community could do a better job to act a little more professional towards our professional teams and just our community as a whole.

We as a community have been deemed by a lot of people in the gaming world as the "Worst gaming community of all time" and I played XBOX360 Live from Halo2 up till CoD5 and I would honestly have to say I agree. There are more trash talkers, more trolls, and more people strictly out to be assholes in our community then I've ever experienced in any community ever and this bothers me a lot. Even when I smurf the amount of people who instantly play the blame game when something goes wrong, and attack others to validate themselves makes me not want to play this game.

A lot of my real life friends get annoyed when playing LoL as well for this same reason. Granted they can be trash talkers too but for the most part they just want 10/10 people in the game trying hard to win and when someone trolls they get upset which I feel is how a lot of the community feel because I am that way as well. I join up ranked because I want to try hard and win without messing around. I know it's a "game" and games are supposed to be about fun but when playing ranked it's supposed to be "competitive fun" where it's fun to try your hardest and see how well you can do. It can be a real drag to join a game expecting to have people who want to win on your team and it turns out they've just joined up to "Troll" because for some reason as a community we've adopted it as something that's socially acceptable.

Now you'd think that at higher Elo's people wouldn't be trolling as much or the try hard would be separated from the trolls and that's 100% not the case. People troll just as hard at all Elo's. There is no such thing as being stuck in "Elo Hell" because it's just our community. Our community is Elo Hell because even on your best days of playing you can be put in a bad mood from other team mates being jerks and ruining your gaming experience which in turn makes you play worse and more prone to being a troll yourself which just starts a downward spiral of hate in our community.

So what can we do as a community to stop some of this? Stand up to them. Trolling people in this game is essentially Internet bullying and the only way to stop it is to stand up for others who are getting bullied. Use your best judgement when you see someone being trash talked by others and defend those who need defending. Don't sit idly while someone takes a verbal beating from someone else. Stand up for your fellow human being when they're being attacked as if you were in their position you'd want someone to stand up for you. Let's stop the blame game, and start the encouragement game. People will play better if you don't put them down and instead tell them it's okay mistakes happen.

I know even I am guilty of not being the best team player sometimes and it's often because I've lost too many games in a row, gotten trolled myself which put me in a bad mood and I shouldn't of queued up again anyways. I also think that's part of solving the problem. People forcing too many games on themselves in a row without taking a breather to take a step back, relax, watch a tv show, browse reddit, whatever you need to do calm down before jumping into a new game where you're heated and ready to explode on the first person who says anything to you. If we can take care of ourselves when we're having a bad day instead of taking it out on a possible 9 other players we can improve the community. If we stand up for those who are getting bullied and letting the community know that you aren't cool for trolling players, and it's not okay to put people down. Then maybe we can have a better community even if it only gets slightly better it's an improvement I feel League of Legends definitely needs.

The saying "Don't hate the player, hate the game" doesn't apply. Everyone I know loves League as much as I do and it's really the players who make this game not enjoyable most of the time. Riot's done a great job making a great game for us, but we as the community need to clean up our act to enjoy League Of Legends to it's full potential.

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  • #23 ModestChandelure

    Glad to see a post like this after Riot pat themselves on the back for the "success" of the tribunal over the past year. Still feels like every game I play has at least one troll in it, making the game either an agonizing loss or empty win. Obviously and as many have stated, the severity of these punishments are not enough to deter many trolls out there. And what bothers me the most is the fact that Riot seems to not want to increase punishments, yet they brag about how few innocent people get convicted through the tribunal. Imho, the best way to do this is increase the amount of commitment people will have to invest in the game.

    Personally, I wish Riot would adopt a freemium subscription model in LoL. They should make every mode available to play for free except for ranked, and then let ranked mode cost say $15 a month to play. However, don't make it simply a fee. If a player is good, all $15 dollars gets transferred into RP (which would be about 1950 RP or 2 champs/skins) for them at the end of every month. If the player gets reported and convicted, they would receive not only a temp ban, but a partial to full loss in potential RP gained at the end of the payment month.

  • #22 KrimsonAer

    Me and a few friends of mine felt the same way. However, attempting to argue with trolls really does get you no where im afraid. Instead we took action and formed a community designed around the removal of trolls and the improvement of the League of Legends community experience. 

    You can check out the forum posts on our EU and NA communities here (NA) and here (EU) or check out our website www.thegentsclub.org (Sorry for the shameless plug but it is 100% relevant to this post).

    It's been a really successful project (If i say so myself) and sees people playing in 5 man premades with other "Gents" (as community members have taken to call themselves) regularly, eliminating the negative and toxic component of the League of Legends experience. We've had a lot of support from Riot and currently our only limitation is that the in-client chatroom is limited to a max of 200 players, which means we're usually at capacity on the EU servers during peak time. 

    I know however that this doesn't solve the issue of ranked solo Q but it does solve most other game types and i can honestly say that since we started this community I've been able to play games free from trolls, ragers and other toxic elements 90% of the time. If you guys commenting really do want to play in a troll-free enviroment take a second to read our forum post and you might find what you're looking for. And to Elementz, we'd love to have support from pro players who want to help the community so i'd love for you to get in touch if you're interested.

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  • #21 KonstantinosPrime

    I've seen WAY too many players say that low elo is full of trolls and flamers. This isn't the case. I am a player who started with 600 elo in february and I am ~1100 atm but still climbing each day. I have encountered trolls and flamers. And flamed myself some times becuase I was so fed up from getting trolled. But 85% of the games I got people who just want someone to call the shots to win the game. That's it. 

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  • #20 ForcedRegistrationIsGarbage

    If Riot wanted to get serious about bans, they could start using Windows' GetVolumeSerialNumber API.  It's a good deal more irritating to change that than an IP.

  • #19 rainingpaint

    This is a great post. Good work, Elementz.

    I dealt with this 3 times in a row today, I won't bother to tell the story, because we all have seemingly infinite amounts of them.

  • #18 Malurth

    Agreed. I really don't know.

    In low elo rage and trash talking and blame is basically what the game is. At higher elo people are more easily able to identify mistakes...so if you make one people will give you endless shit about it. Especially if it's a high-impact one, like getting caught late-game. I know I fucked up, it's not like I feel good about it already...you don't have to spam the chat about how bad I am.

    Really don't get it. It's not hard to not be a dick and be friendly. I try to envision this game as a fun game that I play with friends, only these friends are random internet strangers...but it doesn't work out because a large portion are just huge assholes.

  • #17 pagan4life

    I just put ppl on ignore the second they play retarded or trash talk at all

  • #12 Smayo



    Think a system like this would help a lot, though im not sure whether soloQ itself could be eliminated. Also, Riot themselves should try to encourage "clans"  i.e small groups of people ( 50 or so) with a clan leader, who could do whatever they wanted. Arrranging matches might be a bit of a nightmare but on a system of the clan banning members from within, if they dont conform to their rules, and other clans reporting clans that act normal before the game and then troll i.e don't obey the rules agreed on before the match. If a clan is banned, the members would not be able to join any other clan or play a match in the clan for say, a day for the first offense, then a week for the second and so on. 

    This would cause peer pressure within the clan to obey the rules, and would cause trollers to be banned from playing with people they can trust, a hefty deterrant. Anyone banned from a clan would have a mark placed on their account, and a note written by the clan leader, explaining why they were banned, similar to the banning system we have atm. This would show up when trying to enter a different clan, meaning that trollers wouldn't be able to flit between them.

    Soloqueue would still exist but would be an inferior option for many people. 

    Sorry for the really indepth post, but i've been thinking about such a system for a while now, and was planning to post this on the NA forums, but unfortunately i dont have an account there.

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  • #11 DaMadTroller

    (please excuse my name, i only chose it for the irony) Here's my 2 cents. I think there should be a karma system implemented. The more you flame, the more likely it is that you get matched up with flamers in solo que. This way, the trolls and other assholes are just stuck together, and the chill people who just want to play well are matched together. Win win? Idk how this would work though, it would probably be based on the reporting system. Or maybe just make a simple thumbs up/down vote for each person on the team so you can give/take away their karma points like on Reddit hahah.

    Idk, i just feel some people are dicks and dicks should just be grouped together so they can flame/troll/trash talk all they want and they wont play with anyone they like cause they will always downvote each other and that should keep the trash out.

  • #13 Smayo

    Dota2 currently has a version of this, where if you are reported, u get put in a low matchmaking priority pool, with all the other people who've been reported. It's just for a day or two though, just so you can have a taste of your own medicine.

  • #7 EsperMagic

    Half the problem is the fact that their punishment system is a joke.  Ban IP's not just summoner names.

  • #9 Semaphor_

    Banning IPs pretty much only works for the US. In EU it's normal to have dynamic IPs. Besides that, even some people in the US have them so you'd have to always check first if the IP is from a dynamic or a static range which makes it complicated.

  • #10 Samaeel666

    Whether you have static or dynamic IP there is a base that can be banned. Meaning if your IP is xx.xxx.x.xxx then having dynamic IP means some rotation in the last two or maybe three digits. So banning xx.xxx.x works wonders even in dynamic IPs.


  • #15 Semaphor_

    Oh yeah, great idea, let's ban all the people in the same IP range as the one guy reported. Why not just ban the \0 range? At least in that way every troll will be banned.


    edit: This is an answer to Samaeel666, just shows up at the wrong place.

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  • #16 Samaeel666

    Well technically if you think of this more thoroughly 1/3 people that play LOL troll ! So by mass banning will result to many trolls being banned :)


  • #6 Semaphor_

    The only soloution I can see: More bans. Starting with twitch chat. There already are a lot of bans but considering the amount of people the mods seem to be reluctant to ban too many. IMO that just doesn't work as just a few people talking stupid shit whip the crowd into a frenzy.

    Chat needs to have a zero tolerance policy.

    Now In LoL itself, the only thing to do is reporting everything and doing your tribunal chores. And here honestly we need a lower wait count. 90% of the cases I see are instantly decideable as one guy is flaming.

    And of course you don't want someone like me do be an Administrator as I'd have already banned most of the pros for flaming. I really really hate trolls and flamers and when someone can't control himself he shouldn't be allowed to play.

  • #8 EsperMagic

    they have reduced the time on tribunals from a 60 second wait to a 20 second wait.


  • #5 EsperMagic

    Finally, if only everyone would read it maybe the LoL community would be more than just a joke to other gamers.

  • #4 knucklekiss

    Hello there Elementz.

    I enjoyed reading your post and I have to agree with you on most of it.

    Our comunity as a whole is corrupted by a large amount of players, people that  act completely indecent behind their sheild of the internet. I loath these people. But I must tollerate, ignore and report these people if I have to get anywhere when playing a game. 

    For example, I often start discussions on Reddit. Ask people questions like; What champion do you think needs/deserves a new skin? What tips and tricks help you to play better? and so on...
    These posts are usually talked about a bit. I enjoy this, but then I look to see some perfectly valid point to see that it has been downvoted. This would often come with a snarky reply. These things just wear me down.

    In game is the bigger issue here.

    You join normal draft pickand the something along these lines would happen:

    Me: Hey guys, who wants to play where?
    xXplayrr1Xx: I can only play garen
    Me: So you solo top then?
    xXplayrr1Xx: no solo top or i feed
    Me: Can you jungle garen then, I havnt played him b4?
    xXplayrr1Xx: no i mid
    Me: WHAT? garen cant mid!
    Me: you did not! + he is not going mid?
    Me: oh, they banned lux anyway

    *summoner 3 has left during champion selection*

    That can happen 3-4 times before I get a game.

    BUT this must be said, we do have a lot of great playes and people in this community and this must not be over looked.

  • #3 Duwallovich

    Implement "no tolerance policy" towards people whose sole purpose is to ruin the experience for other players.
    I've personally stopped playing soloQ, not because I'm a QQ'er, but because I do no longer feel that it is worth it anymore, so many people just join ranked games because their passion is making people angry/frustrated.
    Also, Riot should threat newcomers and sponsored players equally, I myself experienced that Riot seem to neglect rules when it comes to sponsored players breaking them(none mentioned none forgotten)

    Last but not least, our so called "Role Models" should stop being such hypocrites, specially Dyrus.
    I'm not hating on Dyrus, I used to like his stream and such, but he is one of the worst role models LoL could ever want.
    Crying about trolls, then ruin games himself intentionally because "I don't care I'm going to Dreamhack/IPL/And such"

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