Reign of Gaming International Invitational Finals - Day 1 Recap!

Summoners, Rounding out Day 1 of the RoG International Invitational Finals, new teams were formed, old teams were defeated, interviews were taken, and fun was had by all! Incase you missed it, below is a comprehensive database of all the gameplay and interviews.

Join us tomorrow bright and early (9am PST) for the first match of the day between Absolute Legends.EU (now Curse.EU) and Teamless! Then at 12PM PST its an old fashioned clash of the titans, as TSM and TSM.Evo face off against each other. Then at 3PM PST Teamless and TSM close out Day 2 to decide who advances to the Winners and Losers Finals on Day 3! Don't miss it!

Day 1 Replays

TSM vs Absolute Legends.EU (Curse.EU)

Absolute Legends.EU (Curse.EU) vs TSM.Evo

TSM.Evo vs Teamless

Player Interviews (click to view)







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