@ Riot - The change to the WC3 FFA Community that made the game a better experience for everyone.

So for those of you who didn't know.. Yes I did play competitive WC3 for a while and actually played competitive FFA on USWEST then into USEAST but that's besides the point I am trying to make here. There was a big problem in the FFA community with players being "teamed against" and it was because some players were really good and would get 2v1ed or 3v1ed to get them out of the game quicker making it easier for others to climb the ranks. Also for petty community squals people would get harassed and trolled just like they do in league of legends simply because people can be jerks online, and they would just team up vs people to bully them when they managed to get in the same game. Blizzard being the once smart company they were realized this issue and solved it with a very, VERY, simple solution that I believe League should adopt for solo queue.

Peoples names were hidden. They were simply called "Player 1" "Player 2" "Player 3" "Player 4" and this solved all those issues of people being harassed from games before, and being teamed up on for being good. Now the being too good issue isn't really a big one for LoL as it's such a team based game and WC3 Ladder FFA is completely different than LoL. Anywho it did solve the other issue of people being harassed / trolled from previous games as well which can translate over into League. So now when people would trash talk each other they wouldn't know who they played vs so there would be no way to harass them in the next game, and the change overall made it a way better experience.

Players would simply be named "Player 1 - 10" based on where they landed in the picks and bans pregame lobby. You would be able to see who was in the game after the game was over so you can add friends, or know who you played with etc..

If this was to be applied to LoL I truly believe the amount of trolling would go down, and we would see a large decrease in reports for our tribunal system as players would be less inclined to be jerks to each other as they wouldn't be able to carry on the anger and frustration from previous games. This also helps out people who hold grudges vs players or are just being harassed in general. You can't harass an individual if you don't know if they're in your game or not. I believe this being a large step in the right direction to cleaning up our community and making it a better experience for the average summoner.

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  • #17 angrymandinners

    Just have their name be the name of the champion, not player1.

  • #16 Pico_Johnson

    I love how it's always Riot that needs to solve the problem.   I know this was talked before, but I don't understand why it always them.  Why can't it be the leaders of the community aka the pros who start this?  Why can't they stop bad mouthing people on stream or making fun of others using differnt kinds of slurs and such?  Pros always suggest that to raise elo stop blaiming others and concentrate on your own mistakes.  Why can't they treat the trolling problem the same way?

  • #15 Starfols

    I wouldn't support this. Not only have I never had this problem (I think it's a platinum thing), but I can see several problems this system would generate.

    Firstly it would remove a lot of character from the game imo. One can tell a lot about a person from their name. One can judge character from a player's name. A person who picks the name XxEl1teSn1per638xX is going to treat the game differently than someone who picks the name TOADMASTERRRR, and in soloq that sort of differentiation needs to be taken into consideration when playing with them. Some names can make me laugh; I've even made friends by recognizing what a random's name is referencing. All of this would be lost with such a change.

    Second, pvp.net is still glitchy, and sometimes when 3-4 queuing normals, a friend can be dropped out of the match without knowing. With such a change it would be much harder to find out if they actually got in the room or not. 

  • #14 v1rtuz

    anonymity is not good imo, link facebook with our lol account and troll problem is solved, but i bet it will backfire and start new problems... Only way is to remove all trolls, and we all know that is not gonna happen in a million years :) So we are best of just ignoring trolls and let karma do the work :)

  • #13 Kizoja

    First off, people that are saying this will give trolls more anonymity are missing the real reason for this proposal, imo. I don't think Elementz went into which problem this solution is for. I've heard of high elo players trolling games when they have certain players on their team, and I think this is what this is really for. Another point that someone might bring up is that people that are high elo can just look at streams and see champion select to see whos in their games or who they're against, but all I have to say to that is stream delay. 

    I don't think this is intended to help with normals/low elo games as you rarely see the same people in normals and low elo even though it says it would. It could help with games other than high elo ranked games, but it isn't as likely. There have been those times when I have people on my team that know someone else on there and complain.

    I also disagree that giving the trolls more anonymity will make it any worse. You will still have the same report buttons to report Player 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, etc. Trolls will troll despite their name being seen or not. I think what stops people from trolling is either because they're better than that or they don't want to get reported. Do you really remember trolls' names for longer than like an hour?

    I think he added a part in about see names after the game is over because I don't remember reading that either and several others have had some concerns about it, so did I. I removed that part of my post because I think he addressed it properly.

    @KrimsonAer - Since when is getting mad at your team for doing bad considered trolling? Thats not what this is about. Also my part about the anonymity above. 

    @DoubleWinning - He said you could see who was who after the game ended. Also my part about anonymity.

    Overall I think this would fix the issues in high elo ranked game trolls trolling certain players. Other than that I don't see much help from this because I rarely see the same people twice in normals/low elo.

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  • #12 tgo007

    Just report all trolls.

  • #11 Armdevil

    sir i believe you underestimate the levels of douchbaggery that are so prevalent in League at the moment. Not that i dont think this is a good idea, i just think the "anonimity" wouldnt serve to reduce trolls.

  • #10 KrimsonAer

    No no no, no way, the reason that people are jerks is because of internet anonymity, and you're preposing you give them more anonymity to stop trolling? There's no way that would work...

    Unlike the top level of Ranked Solo Queue those lower down rarely meet the same player twice, so trolling very rarely if ever is because of their previous experience with those players. Plus, what about positive experiences, if you meet someone twice and last game they were good, you are just as likely to not rage at them for their bad play this game.

    The anonymity helped WC3 purely because it was a FFA, so the game mechanics allowed players to "gang up" on certain players because of their names, that kind of mechanic just doesn't exist in LoL. The only way to stop trolling is from the top, when players like TheOddone, Reginald, Saintvicious and HotshotGG regularly stream themselves raging at their own team to 10 thousand players how can you expect the rest of the community to behave?

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  • #9 Pistallion

    This is a good idea, but they should show the names at the end of the game so that you can see who you played with. this is mostly a problem at high elo, but at the other elo ranges its not that much of a problem. Remember Elementz, your easlily one of the most famous players in all of Leauge, and trolling of this sort barley happens at lower elo. If i was at your elo, id be happy to play with you, too bad im only 1600 T__T

  • #8 acerunner

    I think that this takes away some of the fun of getting higher up in the competative ladders. It is very satisfying to play, and see that you got queued into a match with TheOddOne or any other pro player. I don't want that aspect eliminated.

  • #6 dcgreen

    I like this idea. I have had people be mad at me before and carry it into other games and they say "omg not this guy again, everyone just afk its an auto loss" its espcially bad if you get randomed the team captain slot, its almost like inciting mutiny.

    Another good idea to get the community in the right direction. Thanks Elementz :)

  • #5 K0stra

    Yeah i still remember good old times when i got trolled by some jerk for playing champon X, because someone in his last game he got pisset at played him too, i definittely support this idea :D

    I´d probably do more good than bad, but jerks will still be jerks and trolls will be trolling, i seriously doubt it would lead in some noticeble improvement thou

  • #4 DoubleWinning

    A big problem I see with this is what about when people are trying to get recognition? To be honest, I think it could also backfire, making the trolling even higher. Anonymity encourages trolling, Players 1-10 makes people even more anonymous as they don't even have a name! 

  • #7 tgo007

    Could always report them and they'll still get ban. You have a good point about the recognition thing. But I guess people will still know who's good if they check out the ladder scoreboard. But it's not the same.

  • #3 GeeMista

    So a quick question then.  How do you go about adding a person you liked?  Is it just pregame lobby, or all game?  If it's just pregame then getting in to the game the harassment will happen as you see the name and a person goes "oh this malph played ahri last game and fed 0-10."  In that sense it only delays the harassment until game time.  If it is all game, then I suppose you could look at recently played and choose the Udyr or Ashe who did really well, but some people don't like to add others until they have played several games together.  All that said, I think this is a really good idea and support it, I just see it could also put a hamper on people adding players they think are good.  However, I think harassment is a far larger issue. 

  • #2 tgo007

    I remember this. I think it's a good idea.

  • #1 JustinFatalx

    I totally support this idea. It is just wrong to disrespect players either because they are really good player or because you lost badly to a player in a past game. Now my only suggestion is to let the players name still appear after the game on the stats board because you may wanna become friends with the player and add them to your friends list. But I 100% support hiding names in games.

    Maybe they could even get it setup to where if both players have each other on friends list then they can see each others name in a game.

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