@ Riot - The change to the WC3 FFA Community that made the game a better experience for everyone.

So for those of you who didn't know.. Yes I did play competitive WC3 for a while and actually played competitive FFA on USWEST then into USEAST but that's besides the point I am trying to make here. There was a big problem in the FFA community with players being "teamed against" and it was because some players were really good and would get 2v1ed or 3v1ed to get them out of the game quicker making it easier for others to climb the ranks. Also for petty community squals people would get harassed and trolled just like they do in league of legends simply because people can be jerks online, and they would just team up vs people to bully them when they managed to get in the same game. Blizzard being the once smart company they were realized this issue and solved it with a very, VERY, simple solution that I believe League should adopt for solo queue.

Peoples names were hidden. They were simply called "Player 1" "Player 2" "Player 3" "Player 4" and this solved all those issues of people being harassed from games before, and being teamed up on for being good. Now the being too good issue isn't really a big one for LoL as it's such a team based game and WC3 Ladder FFA is completely different than LoL. Anywho it did solve the other issue of people being harassed / trolled from previous games as well which can translate over into League. So now when people would trash talk each other they wouldn't know who they played vs so there would be no way to harass them in the next game, and the change overall made it a way better experience.

Players would simply be named "Player 1 - 10" based on where they landed in the picks and bans pregame lobby. You would be able to see who was in the game after the game was over so you can add friends, or know who you played with etc..

If this was to be applied to LoL I truly believe the amount of trolling would go down, and we would see a large decrease in reports for our tribunal system as players would be less inclined to be jerks to each other as they wouldn't be able to carry on the anger and frustration from previous games. This also helps out people who hold grudges vs players or are just being harassed in general. You can't harass an individual if you don't know if they're in your game or not. I believe this being a large step in the right direction to cleaning up our community and making it a better experience for the average summoner.

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