Game of Throwns: Episode 5 - Statistics of Success, MLG Swag Winners, CLG.EU vs M5 Analysis, and Pulsefire Ezreal Giveaway!

The long anticipated Game of Throwns: Episode 5 is finally here! I will declare the winners of the MLG Mousepads and Hat, providing analysis on all 3 games of CLG.EU vs M5 from Dreamhack, and announce the next giveaway to all our adoring and deserving RoG fans!

I wanted to thank the community for being so positive and accepting towards my branching out into providing high-depth and analytical League of Legends content! Over the past ~2 weeks the 4 Game of Thrones episodes I have made have accumulated 12,042 views, 203/224 Likes (90.6%), and 294 comments (and counting)! That is pretty impressive and is the reason I feel that our fans deserve awesome content and prizes, like the MLG swag! If support and interest continues to grow you can be sure that there will be lots of fun and exciting things to look forward to in the future from both Game of Throwns and!



Original Game VoDs located here:

Group stage game 1: (2:26:00)

Finals Game 1 Part 1: (1:19:09)

Finals Game 1 Part 2:

Finals Game 2: (1:53:20)

Winners: (Please check your YouTube inboxes, you have limited time to respond before I randomly select new winners)

1st - bdmoore2816 (Mousepad of choice + MLG Hat + Pax Sivir Code)

2nd - Rikotsuz (Choice of remaining 3 mousepads + Riot Nasus Code)

3rd - xKatyMarilynx (Choice of remaining 2 mousepads + Riot Nasus Code)

4th - dudethehope (Remaining mousepad + Riot Nasus Code)

Randomization Video:

If you didn't win please know that your comments were read and all appreciated and to keep tuning back to Game Of Throwns and for other prize opportunities! The week of Pulsefire Ezreal's release I will be giving away 4 $25 RP cards so make sure you comment on all videos between now and then for your chance to win!




Summoner Name: RoG Dcgreen



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