Game of Throwns: Episode 5.5 - Due to Popular Demand!

It took me a couple hours to read all of the 1500+ comments on the latest episode of GoT and if there was one thing people disliked it was the high speed gameplay with unsyncd commentary at the end of every pick/ban analysis. I agree with you guys. When my fans are not happy with my work, I am not happy with my work. I do not know yet how I will remedy this in future episodes while also keeping video length down but I took the time earlier today to stream myself doing Live commentary on the clips from each game I chose and also chatting with the fans at the end. It was a lot of fun :) Below is the link to the latest video complete with a link to my desktop wallpaper and timestamps for each section of the video including: the beginning of each game, afterthoughts, and rediscussion/clarification on some picks and bans. Enjoy!


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  • #4 KonstantinosPrime

    M5 was 1 hour off at least. I remember the MLG stream saying " Finals delayed for 15 minutes" then after 15 minutes it changed to "Finals delayed for 45 minutes" I'm pretty sure it was around 1 hour delay in whole.

  • #3 vietdutch

    Wow you got such a nice wallpaper, would you mind to share me the link of that background?



  • #1 ElectronicWar

    Because you were wondering: got First Pick in the Finals for every game because M5 showed up several hours too late.

  • #2 gekkos

    This is incorrect, while got firstpick in every game due to M5 not being on time it is not correct that they were several hours late. M5 was 20 minutes late if  recall correctly

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