Game of Throwns: Episode 6 - Soloqueue Episode + 4 More Chances at Pulsefire Ezreal!


The SoloQueue Episode

Welcome to Game of Throwns Episode 6! Due to lack of any major streamed events I am going to be using this episode to focus on some soloqueue tips that you can use to raise your elo and also try and have a better time in game. I am going to break it into 3 major parts:

  1. Soloqueue Mentality – How to prepare before games, and what it takes to not want to kill yourself once you get in them.
  2. The Do's and Don'ts of Soloqueue (Mainly for Champion Select)
  3. What is Strong/OP/Abuseable in Soloqueue – Trends you should live by to gain Rating.

By applying some of these simple, but mainly overlooked, aspects of the game I guarantee you will be able to raise your elo and have a more enjoyable experience playing ranked.

1. Soloqueue Mentality

The Solo

Physically Prepare

Ok so you want to play some soloqueue so lets first talk about the solo and then talk about the queue. It is very important to note that soloqueue is first and foremost about you and no one else. Which means to better your chances of winning you need to get into the right state of mind and be performing at maximum efficiency. What I recommend before you even get into the game is to prepare yourself physically. Make sure you are awake and not tired. Try to be in an active state, you are about to sit down and play video games for who knows how long and if you do that coming out of a lazy state you are going to get fatigued easy. I recommend doing some light stretching and some exercise for 3-5 minutes so you get some blood flowing and send your body into a state of activity and awareness. Make sure you have had something to eat, make sure you have used the bathroom, and make sure you have something near you to drink because that always helps, especially if you yell and rage a lot. I work out in the mornings and have a big smoothie right after, once I am done with those 2 things I will sit down and start playing League. My body is refreshed and active and I am replenished and fueled up and in a good mental state to play better than my opponent.

Mentally Prepare

Now that you are ready to go outside the game, inside the game I recommend you queue for 1 normal game just so you can get warmed up. Now personally I don’t always do this because I don’t like to play for no reward and sometimes games last 40 minutes. An alternative to this is to play Dominion and that is because Dominion is fast paced, it’s all action, and it’s fun. The key to enjoying dominion when you play it is DO NOT CARE about winning or losing. Just queue for blind pick, grab your favorite champion and just have fun killing people with full item builds. Again I do not always do this but I know that it is a proven thing to work and can only help you in your upcoming games.

To recap the “solo” portion of your Mentality you want to get your body active and fueled for gaming, and have something on standby to snack on or drink. When you log into the game you want to warm up ideally because it will help break you into playing league at your maximum capabilities.

The Queue


Ok so now for the “queue” part of soloqueue. You need to realize that before you press the "Play" button that the button you hit right after that says “Match me with Teammates.” Now this button is very vague and there are a lot of hidden variables within the word “teammates.” Things you should understand going into this is that you are going to be placed with people who are at your “Current-assumed” level, which means there are going to be people worse than you and better than you, so don’t get your hopes up. The button doesn't say “Match me with members from TSM,” in fact the button might as well say “match me with the dumbest, most unskilled people you can find, now times that by 10, give them a Bosnian internet connection, a keyboard with only Chinese characters on it, and the emotional threshold of a fetus,” because that is who you are going to get paired with. So now that it’s out in the open take a few breaths and let it sink in. You have to have a vigilante mentality going into this, but you also need to be willing to work with what you are given with. Think of it like being Batman. Ya you are a badass, but for some reason everyone hates you, and your only allies are the gotham police, who drive cars that might as well be pulled by horses while you have a tank, and have guns that only shoot 6 rounds while meanwhile back in your garage you have a gun that can shoot through brick walls, as well as a butler and a computer that can analyze their explosion trajectory and remap human fingerprints. The point is sometimes you save 2 boats full of people by yourself, and other times you work with Gordon and accidentally kill Harvey Dent causing you to have to flee for 2 years till the sequel comes out.

Do Not Press Enter

The second thing is you do not have the right to rage at random people after willingly pressing that button and knowing what you are getting yourself into. Which leads me to one of my golden rules which is never press Enter. Never communicate with your team unless you are telling them something useful. Telling someone that their item build is wrong or that they are a stupid player is not useful information and it provokes them to take time to type a response. You should only type to let your team know you are ganking, shoving a lane, where a ward is, what the timer on dragon is, or that they did a good job. Otherwise don’t press enter. Now sometimes your team sucks and it makes you mad and you want to do something about it, well here is an alternative Just yell at your screen and then record it and make a mash up and put it on youtube. Typing to some random idiot is not going to accomplish anything, but voicing that rage and putting on youtube will get you views and possibly some likes, maybe even some reddit karma. If you want to talk to your team about something other than what is happening in the game, only do it to give positive reinforcement. If someone gets a kill type “gj.” If you gank successfully and then get dragon tell your team “awesome guys.” Don’t rage on people because it will 1. Not help them improve, 2. Cause them to stop focusing on the game and type to you which diminishes their play even more, 3. Gives the rest of your team incentive to join a side further decreasing the overall efficiency of your team. This leads to something I call inner-team turmoil and its lucky if it starts in the actual game because a lot of time it starts at champion select so let’s get to that.

Inner-Team Turmoil

In champion select there are 3 things you need to do and that is it, once this list is finished you sit at your computer and wait for the game to load. 1. Say hello to your team, this gives the impression you are friendly and also hopefully incite friendly discussion about picks and bans. 2. Announce that you would like to play a role if its POSSIBLE, do not announce something and then expect to get it because you will only be disappointed. On the contrary if you do not know how to do a certain role, like jungle, or solo top let your team know so they can try and fill the gaps. 3. Shut the fuck up and let your team do their thing till it gets to your pick. The less you do to rock the boat the better. You need to take the high road to promote team happiness, because the happier your team is the better chances you have of winning.

The Mentality to Win/Self Acclaim

The last thing is go into every game trying to win, but if you win or lose be sure to analyze your actions first before you try and blame or slander your teammates. Mayb you played jungle and you didn't gank the lanes enough. Maybe you tried to invade and you gave their jungler first blood and the game snowballed from there. Maybe you were middle and you never warded enough, or had good enough map awareness to help your jungler protect against invasions. Maybe you didn't follow your lane opponent and they went bottom, got a doublekill, killed the tower, and got dragon. Maybe you were playing Soraka bottom and you tried to get close enough to throw a banana and silence Corki for damage but you just used your heal so it was on cooldown and he turns on gatling gun and kills you, and you flashed at the last second because you didn’t realize it does that much damage with a janna support, and now your flash is on cooldown. Then you get back to lane that is just pushing back from the tower cuz the ad farmed all of it and bluepilled out and you didn’t watch Corki and Janna go into the brush and wait patiently and then they kill you again cuz you have no flash causing the bottom lane to snowball. The game is so fragile in soloqueue because no one acts cohesively and as soon as people get a whiff of defeat they start blaming each other and morale goes down. Just try and stay positive and when bad things happen try and ask your team for help. Ask the jungler to gank your lane back into balance. And if some of your other lanes are doing bad too well then just try to play passive and wait for your opponent to make a mistake. Think of M5 vs CLG.EU if that had been a soloqueue game it would have been over in 30 minutes but because they team had resolve and loved each other they were able to pull a win after all the odds were against them.

2. The Do's and Don'ts of Soloqueue (Mainly During Champion Select)

The Don'ts

  1. Never press Enter.
  2. Never demand anything in champ select, always ask with the anticipation that you will be ignored.
  3. Never swap champions with another person.
  4. Never swap roles with another person.
  5. Never go against the meta.
  6. Do not pick a strong level 6 jungler like WW, Skarner, or Malphite and not gank till you are level 6. You need to apply pressure even if you cant secure a kill.
  7. Don’t play burst champions unless they are Veigar, especially gimmicky ones like AP Tristana.
  8. Never flash Ulti as Cassiopeia.
  9. Never contest Baron or Dragon without vision, it is never worth it.

The Do's

  1. Ward!!! Always buy wards regardless of your role!
  2. Always gank top lane as the jungler. Seriously do not neglect top lane.
  3. Always start red buff as purple side jungler and immediately gank top (even if you're Amumu). If you decide against this then try and do your blue without Smite and run across the river and steal their red, then gank top.

3. What is Strong/OP/Abuseable in Soloqueue


 Jungling is the best thing you can do right now to raise elo. The role is simplistic enough to learn after only a few games and there is also an abundance of jungle information on provided by Stonewall. If you camp top you can snowball games to victories off that alone most of the time. You're job is not to carry the game but to carry the other lanes so they can win for you.

The best heroes for each role are:

AP - Karthus, Ahri, Kennen, Morgana, Vlad, Anivia, Kogmaw

Top - Irelia, Malphite, Kennen, Vlad, Riven, Shen, Darius, Olaf

Support - Ali, Soraka, Janna (Maybe Blitzcrank but I am not a fan)

Jungle -  Naut, Maokai, Mundo, Nocturne, Alistar, Shaco

AD - Graves, Kog, Corki, Urgot


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