Pulsefire Ezreal Released Today! - $25 RP Winners for Game of Throwns have been Announced +4 MORE chances to Win!

Summoners! If you missed the exciting news, Pulsefire Ezreal has been released today (Riot Announcement) and will be on sale at 50% off (1625 RP) till Tuesday July 3rd! If you have been keeping up with my series, Game of Throwns, you should be aware that I was giving away 4 $25RP cards to randomly selected winners! The winners for Episode 5 have been selected and are listed below!

Winners for Episode 5 (You have till 12am PST Sunday to collect your prize or you will become ineligible):

  1. grapelazer 

  2. iBennYx3 

  3. ChaSuiBow 

  4. RandomVidsism

Due to the massive amount of success the promotion brought to my show I have decided to give out another set of 4 $25RP cards! Details on how to enter and win can be read below!

The deadline to submit a comment to Game of Throwns: Episode 6 - The Soloqueue Episode is tonight (Firday) at Midnight (12am PST)! So if I were you I would hurry and go post a comment!

$25RP Contest Rules:

  1. Leave a comment on GoT Ep.6 before Friday 12am PST!
  2. Be subscribed to the ReignOfGaming YouTube Channel!
  3. Follow RoGDcgreen on Twitter to see the announcement if you won!
  4. Collect your $25RP and buy Pulsefire Ezreal!

Good Luck Summoners and may your power level exceed 9000!

Love, Dcgreen 



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