Game of Throwns - Last Chance to Win $25RP Card! (5 left!)

Reign of Gamers!

The second round of winners for the Game of Throwns: Episode 6 giveaway have been selected!

Winners (Prizes MUST be claimed by 12am(midnight) PST, Sunday 7/1/12, or you will become inelligable)

  1. Dougw00
  2. DotYaurDot (claimed)
  3. henlin13
  4. ziek115

Still unclaimed from Episode 5

  1. ChaSuiBow
  2. RandomVidsism
Any prizes not claimed will be randomly redistributed amongst my Twitter followers only tonight at midnight! Currently 5 are unclaimed!
For your last chance to win follow me at:!/RoGDcgreen
And be sure you are subscribed to the ReignOfGaming YouTube Channel (this is also required)
Newly randomized winners will have till 6pm PST, 7/2/12, to claim their prize before I randomly distribute them Live on my stream at!
Good Luck!


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