Game of Throwns: Episode 7 - TSM vs TD Analysis

This episode of Game of Throwns I return to high-level strategic analysis between Team Solomid and Team Dynamic during the semi-finals of the TSM Invitationals. I experienced some software malfunctions with the webcam which is why some of the footage is choppy. I will have a new webcam and microphone by the time I film the next episode though, so look forward to improved video and audio quality. If you enjoy my work and want to follow me and Game of Throwns more closely please be sure to check out my social media outlets down below. Also I wrote an article regarding my current opinion on the state of soloqueue which can be read here. Enjoy the video and thanks for watching!



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  • #3 pnsteva

    Hello. First time i am looking ur 'game of throwns' and i pretty much like it. But  i have to comment two thinks which i dont agree with u. First one is in the first game when team TD  took Olaf as a jungler trying to counter Nocturne. That was a very bad move because olaf will hardly kill Nocturne even in 1v1 equal fight and second reason is that Nocturne ult is way too better then Olaf's ult for ganking and overall helping team in the early game. Second situation in which i am not agree with was at the end of the second game when u told: they are not returning to finish Baron. That situation was clear, TSM had 3 man down with a huge time to respawn so TD finished that game easy like they should do. 

    PS Majority of lol players doesn't know when they should go Baron or when they can finish the game.

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  • #5 dcgreen

    Quote from pnsteva »

    PS Majority of lol players doesn't know when they should go Baron or when they can finish the game.

    That is why I took the time to reemphasize it. A lot of inexperienced players do not understand the amount of damage you can do to an opponents base in 30 seconds. Also Baron has such a "unobtainable" allure to it that when players see an opportunity to kill it they will choose to instead of just out right winning the game. I was just highlighting TD's correct decision for people that may have been confused as to why they didn't return to the Baron they were previously killing.

    Also I never said that Olaf was picked to counter Nocturne just that it's Nintendude's favorite jungler making it a strong pick. Olaf does in fact beat Nocturne 1v1 in the jungle, in fact he beats most junglers 1v1. You are correct about Nocturne being better early game which is something I emphasized about TSM having a better early game, and TD having a better late game, Olaf was one of the reasons I said that since he is probably one of the best late-game hyper carries.

    Thank you for watching though, I hope you enjoyed it :)

    - Dcgreen

  • #2 Nash19

    I wish I could catch your stream sometimes, pretty hard though since I'm from EU and tend to forget to check out what stream is on.

    I'm watching your videos every time I'm bored and I'd like to thank you for uploading that. It is both interesting and funny.

  • #1 o0redbull0o

    You look like this dude 

  • #4 PartyMagier

    Just wanted to let you know that I really think these screenshots with a couple of sentences are realy making the key plays visable to me


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