Reign of Gaming - User Interface Update: Personal Notifications!

Reign of Gamers!

We have some exciting news to bring to you today as the User Interface has received some very exciting updates! As you all may have noticed you now have a small star icon at the top of your screen where your new "Personal Notifications" will be sent and updated.

This new updates allows you to more closely follow your favorite threads, forums, and users on and be updated on any new activity. Read More to find out!

  • Follow Specific Forum Activity!
  • Follow Specific Threads and get notified when someone replies!
  • Follow Individual Bloggers and get Notifications anytime they are active on the site!
To manage your Notification Settings click your Profile Menu and go to "Preferences." Once inside go down to the "Notification Settings" tab and you can confiure the updates you get to your specifications! Please be aware that the settings are defaulted to send you a "Daily Digest" via email, of all your notifications of the day. This can be configured to be delivered everyday at a specific time, only on specific days of the week, or never at all.
We hope this new and fun feature enhances your experience and we look foward to brining you more new and exciting features in the future! If you have any ideas for new features the site could use or just feedback to provide about the new update please leave a comment!


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