Curse Team Vlog + We need your help choosing our top lane!

Help us choose our new top lane for MLG! Please leave your comments below or on the youtube and we'll see what you guys are saying!



  • #65 KidMinerZack


  • #64 Drmt

    Go for TRM

  • #62 osnapitztom


  • #60 FlipHazards


  • #59 CrasKo

    Get Crumbzz!!!!!!!!!!!

  • #58 rackballz

    holyitsdon nuff said. 

  • #57 Sacredshadowz

    Xhazzard cuz last time he was a sub he carried Clg on his back the whole time . just saying.

  • #56 Touched

    I think bringing in Crumbz or Pobelter would be cool as they get along with everyone on the team :] Can't win with poor communication!

  • #55 junte112

     i can help you guys decide what kind of top laner you guys want.

    If you guys want to win MLG summer arena you guys need someone who can adept at many situations.

    Azubu Blaze is a strong team, and the reason behind their strength is that they have many strategy that can punish the flaws of the current meta. When they were against Team OP whose mid was cornsalad and was a strong mid and probably the best kass player in korea. They used a two mid strategy to completely shut him down. In short curse has to be prepared to fight with a strategies like that.

    TRM Zionspartan and Pobleter could be a good options here. because Zionspartan is a strong top player and i believe he is really consistent player which is always a good thing. Rainman is also good because i think he has a good experience against lane swap and he can think outside of the box and also knows about TSM.

    Pobelter was the top of curse and he will blend in to curse easier then other people as he already has some experience playing with curse.



  • #63 XGCmagus

    I agree with everything here Except the Rainman. He has the Hotshot syndrome, bad call maker and poor communicator, he's used to playing solo queue and only thinks about the game in a solo queue manor. but ZionSpartan and Pobelter Are Great top laners, as well as looking into XHazzard.  

  • #53 Hyura

    Zionspartan is a great option, xHazzard too. I'd rather not see Crumbzz or TRM on Curse.

    And I really believed Pobelter would be the natural option.

  • #52 Vigestad

    C'mon, it has to be Pobelter, SYDTKO, or fly in Angush!! Keep it in the Curse family.

  • #51 Laticus71

    you should get a lilac if you can, he's boss

  • #50 EuWGasgano

    did is missed something? why not westrice?

    if not him, my choice would be pobelter for sure. he knows his team so i think that would be the best. crumbz or sydtko would be solid choices too. trm is a risky thing, hes good for sure, but you need to have a synergy with him. if u look up to the s2 championship you need someone which fits the team, not one who fits toplane

  • #54 Blaeed

    They are just looking for the coming MLG thing, not a permanent replacement

  • #49 Zdouche

    Rainman, Sydtko or Wings

  • #48 Yaawei


  • #47 contagioned

    sydtko, for saintvicious' sake

  • #46 ragdoll7


  • #45 amnesia889

    TRM seems like the obvious choice he has xp being on one of the best lol teams plus hes showed in his last couple comp games hes gotten alot better. 

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