The Twelve Days Of Cursemas Giveaway!

To celebrate our sponsorship with Logitech, Curse is hosting a 12 days of Cursemas sweepstakes! Enter for a chance to win a Logitech G19 keyboard by simply posting in this thread! We'll be choosing a lucky winner every day for the next 12 days so make sure to come back and post your favorite Logitech product for a chance to win! *United States and Canada Only* Sorry EU </3 

The winners will be posted up right below in this post! So stay tuned to see if you won or not! Remember US and Canada ONLY! "For offical rules, visit this link"

1.) Congrats to Waldoze for their MX518 mouse comment! - Will be sending you a PM!

2.) Congrats to superflymd with his G11 comment!

3.) Congrats to Guoty for their G7 mouse comment!

4.) Congrats to djtoffel

5.) Congrats to Appedemic

6.) Congrats to Fyrefoxx

7.) Congrats to technowil

8.) Congrats to lyty.

9.) Congrats to Aftee.

10.) Congrats to wakecaster.

11.) Congrats to Fakecooler.

12.) Congrats to moogledyou.

Winners will be contacted by bokchoy11 through PM to receive their prizes.


  • #1422 collifornia

    Logitech Speaker Lapdesk N700

  • #1421 chancewar

    I love my Logitech G9x, by far the best mouse on the planet.


  • #1420 WhopperKing

    Happy Cursemas! I saw some good reviews for that G35 headset so i guess that's what i'm hoping for :P

  • #1419 Avatar99

    Love my Logitech Attack 3 Joystick. Works great with all flight simulators and helps me feel like I'm actually flying.

  • #1418 bizzarosmashfury

    so all i have to do is post here?

  • #1417 MadJamz

    I've had a Logitech G11 for awhile now, (roughly 4+ years) and it still runs flawlessly. Honestly the best keyboard I've ever had. And I'm not saying that because I want to win, but because it's the truth. :D But if I  were to get picked, a G700 mouse would look perfect next to it. :)

  • #1416 wickedmunchkin

    I love my H600 headset. Its so nice not to have the cords there for my cat and Dog to get tangled up in! Great sound quality too, perfect for raiding!

  • #1415 Chronoshrike


  • #1414 Tanquin

    Mine would actually have to be the Logitech C260 HD Webcam because I'm able to keep in as close of touch as I can with the people I love that are far away from me. And I always get Logitech webcams because of the low light tech they have. It helps a lot when I'm gaming at night. Plus I get to watch my bf's weird faces when he's pvping this way. :P



  • #1413 cat32542

    Ahhh, man this reminds me of all the wonderful giveaways that curse has had over the many of many years. They've had everything from xbox to ps3 to pc to blizzard to any other company they've had logitec Zotac graphics card to keyboard. I guess it's time. I just guess it's time for the many many giveaways to go unended with the fantastic logitech twelve days of cursemas!!!! HAPPY CURSEMAS EVERYONE! Though either way I still buy my stuff from logitech, hence the keyboard the mouse the headset... gosh. logitech ftw! (for non-gamers and I highly doubt there isn't any here. ftw= for the win!)

  • #1412 priestley

    Love my G15 keyboard used it for the passed 5 years! pretty worn out though!

  • #1410 rogerh1

    Congrats on the sponsorship, happy to see logitech getting into the gaming scene for LoL.  I personally own a G35 headset, and love the customization I can do with the 3 hotkeys on it to control programs like Pandora, Spotify, even sound control to my HDTV. Would love to have a new keyboard though as I think this Dell one (default) is out-of-date and seriously in need of a change, lol, and I'm sure a G19 Logitech keyboard will be my new favorite keyboard.

    *edit* BTW that video made me lol irl, xmas celebration in the middle of summer, hah!

    TL;DR- G19 Keyboard, or any of the other fine keyboards they have.

  • #1409 C8die

    Logitech woot!

  • #1407 Nymaryt

    I used to have a Logitech Performance Mouse MX, but it got lost when I was visiting Australia. It was the best mouse I ever owned, and I wish I had never lost it.

  • #1406 Rockdwg

    love my first gen G15, and my g5  both are like 6 or 7 years old, these are both starting to show there age and my xmas gift from wife last year a g13

  • #1405 Didag

    Love my G600 gaming mouse ^.^

    Last edited by Didag: 8/3/2012 8:42:36 AM
  • #1404 moemoe760

    moemoe760 for his comment about winning!

  • #1403 kamikazepro

    Love my mk550 mouse and keyboard combo!

  • #1402 jburley2005

    Love my M705 and M525.

  • #1401 Uncla55ified

    WATERMELON BACON SHAKES G35 Headset looks nice<3

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