The Twelve Days Of Cursemas Giveaway!

To celebrate our sponsorship with Logitech, Curse is hosting a 12 days of Cursemas sweepstakes! Enter for a chance to win a Logitech G19 keyboard by simply posting in this thread! We'll be choosing a lucky winner every day for the next 12 days so make sure to come back and post your favorite Logitech product for a chance to win! *United States and Canada Only* Sorry EU </3 

The winners will be posted up right below in this post! So stay tuned to see if you won or not! Remember US and Canada ONLY! "For offical rules, visit this link"

1.) Congrats to Waldoze for their MX518 mouse comment! - Will be sending you a PM!

2.) Congrats to superflymd with his G11 comment!

3.) Congrats to Guoty for their G7 mouse comment!

4.) Congrats to djtoffel

5.) Congrats to Appedemic

6.) Congrats to Fyrefoxx

7.) Congrats to technowil

8.) Congrats to lyty.

9.) Congrats to Aftee.

10.) Congrats to wakecaster.

11.) Congrats to Fakecooler.

12.) Congrats to moogledyou.

Winners will be contacted by bokchoy11 through PM to receive their prizes.


  • #1013 Zaros

    I'd have to say my favorite Logitech product would be their Wireless Gaming Headset 6930. I don't have one of my own yet, but my buddy just bought one, and after getting to use it at his house, I was convinced on buying my own in less then a minute. Absolutely amazing piece of machinery.

  • #1012 outasite

    Logitech G35 Headset seems to be the one to watch. I would love to try it.

  • #1011 Danicide

    OMG NyJacky is amazing. thank you for the awesome giveaways, i have been watching the house stream since day 1 and when I wake up i cant wait to watch you guys interact with each other and play the game we all love to play. thank you for making my day.

    also my favourite Logitech product is the Logitech gaming headset G330



    Last edited by Danicide: 8/1/2012 4:15:07 AM
  • #1010 asldfm1

    Hey guys, thanks for hosting this amazing Twelve days of Cursemas giveaway :D I hope the best of luck to everybody winning that G19.

  • #1009 Kewadin

    I bought a Logitech Value Keyboard a few years ago when I built my computer. This thing has been a beast, and taken a pounding while I use it. The a,s,d keys, and n and m  and l keys are missing the paint that tells me what letter they are, but I almost enjoy knowing that the keyboard has held up so long while I use it.

  • #1008 DeadlyParadox

    I purchased a Logitech G400 mouse about a month ago to replace my old Razer Abyssus that only lasted one year and couldn't put up with all of the clicking League of Legends puts it through. The build quality is a lot better, and the clicks feel more responsive. Nid to replace dis Razer keyboard though.

  • #1007 S_Epix

    a G19 keyboard or a G35 headset would be amazing for my gaming setup :)

  • #1006 duckduckpwn

    No complaints with my logitech m510 mouse!

  • #1005 EbCYborg

    I tried to clean my laptop keyboard and now its broken :c I need a new keyboard logiclaus!

  • #1004 MadJamz

    Would really love a "kitten" as Elementz would say. My mouse is starting to die, and a G700 mouse would be incredible. Merry Cursemas!

  • #1003 Inuko

    I rocked the G6 mouse in Iraq on my gaming laptop. Never let me down. After a few years, I finally wore out the cable. 

  • #1002 BarkingCatIsDead

    I love the G19 keyboard!!!!!!! I HOPE I GET IT PLEASE!

  • #1001 Jenny

    Another logitech item id like to enjoy is some cute cute mouse! 

  • #1000 GoaLa

    I need a logitech mouse to replace my less than awesome razer one!!! G600!!

  • #999 CalbinRi

    Logitech G35 Headset!!!

  • #998 Elfmagi

    G930 Headset since my mic broke yesterday, for sure!

    Last edited by Elfmagi: 8/1/2012 2:36:10 AM
  • #997 Firewalkerz

    Gotta love Curse for that! 

    Wireless Gaming Headset G930 FTW!

    Last edited by Firewalkerz: 8/1/2012 2:37:03 AM
  • #996 shaman0908

    G19s for all. but me first!

  • #995 GotCurry

    G19 Keyboard. :))))!

  • #994 dodge1616

    WINNING with Logitech and the Law of Attraction!

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