Curse & Team Up to Bring Quality Streams with No Interruptions!

Our massive variety of gaming streams are now officially located over at!  Indeed, you can enjoy all the content we have to offer now with's market-leading technology and superior scalability.

Quote from Own3d
: "Curse's devotion to our European fans is what really compelled us to make the swap." said Hubert Thieblot, Founder and CEO of Curse, Inc. This huge portion of our audience unfortunately hadn't been fairly considered for our previous content delivery methods, and this has driven us to come up with a solution which brings the best service possible to all of our viewers."


This swap is going to help us bring all of you, no matter where you're from, the best quality content with no interruptions.  So what can you watch?  We're glad you asked!  Here's a rundown of the kinds of streams you can catch at our new home:

League of Legends

  • House Stream - Check them out as they live it up in our CEO's apartment - soon they will move to an impressive and luxurious 8,000 square foot mansion located in Beverly Hills, CA where they will live together, practice for tournaments, and strategize – all while video streaming.
  • Various Play Streams - Watch as the team plays scrims and practices for their upcoming events.
  • Personal team streams - each team member has their own stream!  Get to know them and their playstyles.
Pico Mause - Check her out as she showcases community creations, plays Minecraft and other games, and other things that Picos enjoy.
World of Warcraft - We have streams from the MMO-Champion team, as well as other content streams showing off this industry giant.
Guild Wars 2 - Check out the Guild Wars 2 Guru team as they stream beta weekends and other events!
FPS General - These guys are always playing something - from DayZ slaughter to PlanetSide 2 previews.
These and dozens of other streams from our pro gamers and various communities can be found at  We're always adding more stream content , so be sure to follow us so you're notified when channels go live!



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