MLG Summer Arena NYC Starts Today at 5PM EST!

The Livestream can be viewed here! Games start at 5pm EST starting with Curse vs Black and then TSM vs Azubu Blaze! The full schedule can be viewed below!


Please note this schedule is pre-event and has a chance to change or fall behind / be ahead. Please treat it as a guide more than rigid tv guide.

Friday Curse vs Black 5pm 10pm 11pm 2pm 5am
Friday TSM vs Azubu Blaze 8pm 1am 2am 5pm 8am
Saturday Black vs Azubu Blaze 2pm 7pm 8pm 11am 2am
Saturday TSM vs Curse 5pm 10pm 11pm 2pm 5am
Sunday Azubu Blaze vs Curse 10am 3pm 4pm 7am 10pm
Sunday Black vs TSM 1pm 6pm 7pm 11am 1am
Sunday Finals 4pm 9pm 10pm 1pm 4am
  • EDT = Eastern(New York), BST = UK, CEST = Mainland Europe, PDT = Pacific(LA), KST = Korea


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