PBE Patch - Zyra and Alistar Changes

A small patch just hit the test realms and has a few champions changes. As usual, keep in mind that these changes are from game files datamining and not officially announced yet.


  • Headbutt now deals 55/110/165/220/275 damage instead of 85/130/175/220/265 damage.


  • Base movement speed has been reduced to 300, down from 310.
  • Rampant Growth - Extra plants striking the same target now deal 50% less damage. (Up from 25% less damage.)


  • #25 vhu9644

    i think zyra needs to have range hit hard (that snare especially)

    mana sustain hit

    damage hit

    autoattack range hit


    she needs to have comparable risk-reward ratio to other utility mages like orianna, anivia, and lux if she wants to reach her full damage potential (aka, orianna and lux autos, anivia lower range)

  • #24 aTomic

    These nerfs won't be enough, so Riot will then nerf the rest of her skillset and not revert these nerfs. Enjoy Zyra being good while you can, guys!

    I remember seeing someone suggest tht Zyra's plants scale with her E not her level. I liked that. It's a 1-point wonder at the moment, it'd be cool to see Nuke Zyras or Plant Zyras early/midgame, rather than both.

  • #18 FleurDeLiz

    Zyra nerf is incredibly laughable. That's nowhere near enough. Her damage HAS to come down.

  • #17 Dub_Rio

    Zyra change seems like one of those "we don't want to nerf her damage so how can we nerf her but keep damage the same... hmmm... MS!!!!"

  • #16 Nizbel

    Really Riot stop nerfing Alistair, he's a shell of a champion now.  I understand that he's a strong support, but I really like playing AP Alistair (even before his remake). It's sad that the way I liked to build him for time to time is dying out fast.

    AKA, the whole support role is ruining some champions because they are pidgeon holed into not doing any damage. 

    Last edited by Nizbel: 8/4/2012 9:05:19 AM
  • #19 Niceguydan8

    He's not getting nerfed because of his support role.


    It's due to his jungling.  As much as I enjoy Alistar, the nerfs are warranted.

  • #23 Gameguy301

    AP alistar was viable for a time and riot realies OMG this is the most broken thing we have ever done.

    get this solid nukes, a spammable self heal, CC removing/damage reduction/bonus AD ultimate, 2 seconds AOE stun, and a knock back. with a spammable AOE that damages turrets and double damage to minions, AP alistar DOMINATED dreamhack, nerfing it was a neccessity. the common play for alistar in the fleeting month of his reign as king was to kill his lane opponent destroy the turret, steal camps from the enemy jungle, and roam top for frequent ganks. when team fights broke out he could intiate with headbutt pulverise, to stun/murder the enemy team, then blow almost invincibility and heal it back up with a roar, wait a few seconds and do it all over again. 

    now alistar is a robust champion so he still had his roles as support or jungler going for him, alistar is supposed to be balanced around his value as a support, but he is currently top ban in tournaments because of his jungle ganking, and transition into an intiator.


    your calling TOP BAN IN MONEY ON THE LINE TOURNAMENT LEVEL PLAY a shell of a champion?

    Last edited by Gameguy301: 8/5/2012 4:25:23 AM
  • #14 Gorodecki

    The nerf to Zyra is bad. Well, it's not bad that they nerf her, it's bad that they nerf her movement speed. She was not OP because of mobility. She was (and probably still will be) OP, because of her combination of utility, zoning capability and huuuge burst and sustained damage. She has all these features, while her damage is comparable to other champions even if they do not have as much utility. This is just stupid. Meanwhile Riot nerfs Janna to the ground just because 'she has too much damage for the utility she offers'. Wait... what?

    I don't know about Alistar. I would imagine Riot is really annoyed about his current state in jungle. Alistar is like Shaco in a way that he forces people to play completely passively, except Alistar does not become useless after first 20 minutes of the game. I think that nerf could be aimed to lower his early clearing speed thus making the ganking rate drop. Makes sense, but I don't know if this was enough or too much, because I myself prefer maokai for that job.

  • #11 porkcchop

    Poor Zyra

  • #20 Inaikaz

    Yes, poor super overpowered Zyra.  How will all the bad players get their free wins now?

  • #8 Skip3rd

    Alistar nerf is intended to reduce poke in lane. It forces alistar players to prioritize damage or healing. It isn't enough, but it is a step in the right direction.

  • #13 c4tuna

    No, Alistar is permabanned at high lvl play because his jungle ganks, particularly at lvl 2, are way too strong. Cutting the damage back hard at early levels reduces the burst and makes him slightly more manageable.

  • #7 commandchild

    Not sure what Alistar nerf is supposed to accomplish

  • #15 Olymp1c

    Quote from commandchild »

    Not sure what Alistar nerf is supposed to accomplish

    It's just supposed to give him a little less damage on his lower level ganks I guess. Nothing too big.

  • #6 Blinkingsky

    Why nerf the movement speed on Zyra? I don't think that was really the problem with her at all whatsoever. Nerfing the damage/utility would be a better option, but I guess Riot is just being hesitant on making sure they make things right.

  • #5 JihadistKogMaw

    Dear Poster #2, 

    You sir, are Fucktarded. 

    -your mother sends you good tidings from my bedside.

  • #4 naw

    I think these are the wrong nerfs to Zyra...

  • #3 CarrierhasLeft

    I think Zyra needed nerfs, but hitting her MS down that low will "feel" really bad.

    To clarify, why is she as slow as Nautilus

    Last edited by CarrierhasLeft: 8/4/2012 12:52:14 AM
  • #9 ZeMarmotte

    I guess they want to emphazise her squishyness while keeping her burst + utility. They tend to favour champions with clear strengthes and weaknesses now.

  • #10 EuWGasgano

    Quote from CarrierhasLeft »

    I think Zyra needed nerfs, but hitting her MS down that low will "feel" really bad.

    To clarify, why is she as slow as Nautilus

    Plants are not that fast in general xD

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