First Impressions: Diana

Hi guys! DiffTheEnder here and I'm the new content manager for Reign of Gaming. We want to work to make it the best LoL site around and feel like the homeliest home in all the internet. To help this cause, the people behind RoG will be giving their first impressions on each new champ release! Diana is the first one up! Let's see what the bloggers make of it...


"After testing her out a tad and using her E on bots I can say it's definitely weaker than Darius's pull and his is already a make or break ganking tool. Her jungle clearing speed is admirable but her reliance on blue is absolutely crippling. She doesn't seem to require defensive items to jungle but is going to require an investment in mana regeneration of some sort likely doran's ring stacking. Her ganking is weak until level 6 and even then it's only decent. I'm still excited because this is a new option for jungling but she definitely looks like she might disappoint a few people."

Read on for more insight in to what our bloggers think of Diana!


"After testing her on the PBE, I can say I am very attracted to her quick clear speeds as a jungler and unique skillshot.  Her AOE pull on her E can setup some nasty AOE traps with her teammates.  Post 6 I feel her ganks become much more scary having a large gap closer and slow."


"Haven't gotten a chance to see her in action, but I believe she seems to play similar to Akali but with the tradeoff of more tank for less damage will add more if I get a chance to see / play her in game later today. Also her theme music is enough to be deeemed OP!"

Dr. Prant

"I think Diana was designed in the idea of fun>competitiveness. First of all, an AP jungler won't be seen in the tournament scene as junglers at that level of play need to be tanky so they can survive the damage from the enemies that will naturally outfarm them. Secondly, things like curved skillshots, multiple dashes, and little CC don't really come off as "team skills". I imagine she can be successful in a Solo Queue environment and of course casual play, but in the competitive scene I think we'd be lucky to see her Solo top at best."


"Diana while a new concept seems to lack early ganking power. In this current meta where the early game dictates the tone of the game - I think she won't fit in as well as Riot would hope. Her ganks don't get good until level 6 and even then they are average. An AP champ excels early-mid game but she is forced to build non-AP items early on if she wants to survive/sustain. I simply don't think she's going to be good the way she is now in the current meta."


"Diana's combos are a little linear but there are some neat tricks you can pull off with moonlight. Her base damages are fairly tame and her damage really comes from her ability to attack an enemy multiple times and proc her passive."

I'll be adding more as our writers pitch in with their thoughts - but in the meanwhile, tell me what you think of Diana - leave a comment below and let's get some discussion on the Scorn of the Moon.


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