First Impressions: Diana

Hi guys! DiffTheEnder here and I'm the new content manager for Reign of Gaming. We want to work to make it the best LoL site around and feel like the homeliest home in all the internet. To help this cause, the people behind RoG will be giving their first impressions on each new champ release! Diana is the first one up! Let's see what the bloggers make of it...


"After testing her out a tad and using her E on bots I can say it's definitely weaker than Darius's pull and his is already a make or break ganking tool. Her jungle clearing speed is admirable but her reliance on blue is absolutely crippling. She doesn't seem to require defensive items to jungle but is going to require an investment in mana regeneration of some sort likely doran's ring stacking. Her ganking is weak until level 6 and even then it's only decent. I'm still excited because this is a new option for jungling but she definitely looks like she might disappoint a few people."

Read on for more insight in to what our bloggers think of Diana!


"After testing her on the PBE, I can say I am very attracted to her quick clear speeds as a jungler and unique skillshot.  Her AOE pull on her E can setup some nasty AOE traps with her teammates.  Post 6 I feel her ganks become much more scary having a large gap closer and slow."


"Haven't gotten a chance to see her in action, but I believe she seems to play similar to Akali but with the tradeoff of more tank for less damage will add more if I get a chance to see / play her in game later today. Also her theme music is enough to be deeemed OP!"

Dr. Prant

"I think Diana was designed in the idea of fun>competitiveness. First of all, an AP jungler won't be seen in the tournament scene as junglers at that level of play need to be tanky so they can survive the damage from the enemies that will naturally outfarm them. Secondly, things like curved skillshots, multiple dashes, and little CC don't really come off as "team skills". I imagine she can be successful in a Solo Queue environment and of course casual play, but in the competitive scene I think we'd be lucky to see her Solo top at best."


"Diana while a new concept seems to lack early ganking power. In this current meta where the early game dictates the tone of the game - I think she won't fit in as well as Riot would hope. Her ganks don't get good until level 6 and even then they are average. An AP champ excels early-mid game but she is forced to build non-AP items early on if she wants to survive/sustain. I simply don't think she's going to be good the way she is now in the current meta."


"Diana's combos are a little linear but there are some neat tricks you can pull off with moonlight. Her base damages are fairly tame and her damage really comes from her ability to attack an enemy multiple times and proc her passive."

I'll be adding more as our writers pitch in with their thoughts - but in the meanwhile, tell me what you think of Diana - leave a comment below and let's get some discussion on the Scorn of the Moon.


  • #42 Isysar

    For everyone who was arguing about Stonewall's opinion about Diana, make sure to check out his new tier list video for Diana.

    The part about Diana starts at 8:10.

  • #41 sOuLiiii

    send her mid and you got the most broken hero to ever join the league.

    seriously... they even held her back for "some more playtesting" and i cant believe how incredible overpowered she is.

    even with full flat magic resist blues AND goin full HP build 1 combo drains 50% of your health.

    i dont whine when heroes are OP, but this hero is a joke. like youd just cheat your character in diablo2 open and go troll people. didnt expect a company with that much expierince to create something that fucked up.

  • #37 MasakanSolaris

    I think you guys should try building her more like a bruiser or a tank than a flat out assassin tell me how it works.

  • #38 klvkboom

    I could agree to this as she does have quite nice ratios. If you build her assassin, most times it will be quite difficult to even let your passive proc, and your burst would mainly be from QR+lich bane. A bruiser/tank set-up would definitely utilize her passive much more, and in drawn out fights she can effectively stay an any champion as long as you land Qs.

    Not to mention there are a decent amount of tank/utility items that work quite well with her. Philo is notably strong as it does give her early sustain that she needs. Glacial Shroud is nice as the small increase to mana pool actually makes a visible difference on her, including CDR. And unlike common tank champs (Naut, Malph, Mao), she can use some of the tanky AP items a little bit better, notably Abyssal and Rylai's

  • #35 CovertGhoul

    Her lvl 7 damage is really high.  I would take her mid lane.  If you have around 50-100 AP by level 7, she is going to do around 788-933 dmg from 1 auto, QWERR.  So, I think she will have some Akali esq match-up mids.  I have done well laning with her in mid.  She can also very strong itemization for a caster mid.  She makes for an excellent AP bruiser/assassin mid.

  • #34 ExeQte

    @Dr. Prant's quote

    When you actually look at her kit- she has pretty fine CC with her E, first off it disturbs channeling abilities since it's basically like Darius' Apprehend (E), and secondly when used right, you can actually manipulate your opponent by running away and then pulling him back into where u ran back and slow as they're bursted by your other abilities.

    And about not being suited for competitive play (because of assumed squishiness) - you must review her inherent stats again and you will probably find out that she has inherent tankiness which allows you to still dish out fine burst because of the high base dmg values and manage to stay in for a long time. Not to mention that her shield also scales off AP and practically makes it very difficult to focus you.

  • #31 VVinrar


    "I haven't actually played League of Legends seriously since June, and I still don't know what Jayce does.  I think that disqualifies me from having an accurate opinion on Diana."

  • #32 MerryLane

    Quote from VVinrar »


    "I haven't actually played League of Legends seriously since June, and I still don't know what Jayce does.  I think that disqualifies me from having an accurate opinion on Diana."

    Don't worry brah, I played once Jayce, but this champion eats too much neurons ^^

    (not that he is bad, I will sure have my fun learning how to play him someday, but for over 5 games in a row my brain can't process both how to land his skill orders, and usual stuff such as last hitting and watching map)

  • #29 FishFilet1337

    In unranked 5s (with all LV 30 players), I have yet to see her be particularly successful outside of the jungle. Without proper vision, she would gank early and annihilate targets at 50% (or lower health). Her skillshot, passive, and pull made her really hard to get away from. However, with CC and good warding, she isn't a huge threat. I've seen her played in all lanes before and here's why I don't think she belongs there:

    Mid: as a melee champ, it is easy to deny her farm (outside of her Q) with any sort of range or CC which basically all mid lane champs have

    Top: most people take tanky bruisers top; with decent health and magic resist, she can't burst most of those champs down and will lose most 1v1 trades (especially if her spells are on CD or she's low mana)

    Bot: could be just me, but I have a HUGE problem with melee carries; she's going to run into a lot of problems against enemies that have decent poke and even more problems when enemies have a heal as her pre LV 6 damage can be largely negated that way

  • #23 malachi8

    i also dont understand what stonewall means by blue dependant, i dont feel shes any more dependant on blue than other mana using junglers (someone said skarner, which is an accurate comparison i think)

    i feel her ganks pre 6 are not as good as they could be, thats true, but once i hit level 6 they either have to flash after i jump on them or die. (50% of the times they flash i still kill them too :P)

    like any assassin oriented jungler (or champion in general) she needs to get early ganks to be effective through the game, and if not you fall behind. the thing is that if you understand this and know how to balance your gank\farm for her you will do fine.

    im talking about jungle diana, if its not clear XD

  • #28 Isysar

    What Stonewall means by blue dependent is that invading her jungler early and stealing her blue buff straight away can be very disastrous to her early jungling. She needs the CDR and the mana regen to stay healthy in the jungle. Her clear speed from 1-4, and her survivability goes down noticeably if her blue buff is stolen. While you can solve her mana issues with a Philostone or Chalice of Harmony later on, you don't have 800+ to buy that at level 1. 

    She is very squishy with no innate CC or mobility. She's very vulnerable to jungle dualists like Olaf/Mundo/Shyvana/Lee Sin that will just hunt her down in the jungle at lvl 1-3 and straight up kill her. They have way higher damage, tankiness and clearing speed, especially if they've stolen your blue.

    Until you get Diana a Philostone/Chalice and some items, she has this glaring vulnerability.

    When one gets counter jungled hard, there are several options: counter jungle the enemy jungle, try to find and kill the enemy jungler, or focus on early ganks. Diana cannot reliably do any of these. (Remember, we're talking about if her blue gets stolen)

    She has no innate mobility or safety if she tries to counter jungle. At high elo, often supports will stick a ward near their wraith camp to check if you're trying to counter jungle. Mid lane and the enemy jungler can close on you and kill you. If you started cloth 5 5 pots or regrowth, you're too slow, and will have to flash to escape, but they'll flash right after you and you die. If you started boots 3 pots you might get away with some counter jungling, but you'll run out of mana without blue and you'll have to base when you run out of pots. A higher tier jungler will not only outfarm you in the jungle during this period, but might continue to counter jungle you (putting you further behind) or even get a successful gank off on one of your lanes.

    We already talked about how Diana is a terrible dualist early game. She isn't tanky. She has zero CC. She has no mobility or escapes. You can't just try and find the enemy jungler and kill him. You might get lucky if you find a really low health Mundo or Olaf, and be able to burst them down, but anything else; a Maokai/Shen/Trundle/Udyr/Jarvan whatever would GLADLY like to see you waltz into their jungle and try to kill them. You won't have the damage to kill them without the CDR from blue, which also gives you extra tankiness through Pale Cascade. 

    As you said malachi8, her pre 6 ganks are pretty tough to pull off. You can get lucky here of course, especially at lower elos, and if someone is playing very aggressively, sure, you'll be able to get a kill with red buff. But the chances of this happening in high elo play are quite low, especially with the recent surge of level 2 jungle ganks. High elo laners play safe early.

    All this changes if you get your blue buff. Yes, as you say, she's still ganking reliant, but if she has blue buff, that really makes or breaks her 1-4/5 levels. It lets her farm, and stay at high health with a low CD Pale Cascade. Once you get level 3, you will start clearing camps quick, but you need that early blue buff to do so. You'll run oom without it, and scrapping up 800 or 890 for a Philo/Chalice from lvl 1 is not an easy task for her if her blue gets stolen.

    You're correct in that, like most other mana using junglers, they don't need blue after the first Ancient Golem spawn. But UNLIKE many junglers like Nautilus, Shyvana, Riven, Skarner, Lee Sin, Udyr, Trundle, and even Alistar or Maokai, you have a HELL of a time if you don't get that first blue buff, even more so if when you're mana starved and lower on health from not being able to spam Pale Cascade, an angry Udyr or lee Sin appears behind you while you're doing wraiths. You will die, and a high elo jungler will snowball his dominance against you to keep you underleveled and underfarmed.

    And you said yourself, an unfed assassin is not useful to her team. If you get behind, you are not a tank that brings a ton of CC and can be useful even if you get invaded and counter jungled hard.

    I'm not saying Diana doesn't have potential, but I am (and Stonewall is) saying that Diana has 2 rather exploitable weaknesses that will likely prevent her from seeing high level competitive play.

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  • #30 malachi8

    Quote from Isysar »

    She is very squishy with no innate CC or mobility. She's very vulnerable to jungle dualists like Olaf/Mundo/Shyvana/Lee Sin that will just hunt her down in the jungle at lvl 1-3 and straight up kill her. They have way higher damage, tankiness and clearing speed, especially if they've stolen your blue.

    notice anything about these guys? except olaf (which is very strong for other reasons) they have no mana, my point is, this paragraph can be applied to most junglers that use mana, including cho, noct, amumu, and jarvan, which are all tier 1 by stonewall

  • #36 Kawemi

    I disagree. Diana, without blue, cannot duel any other jungler, doesn't have a decent clear time and survivability. With Cho, noct and to an extent J4, you can do not so bad without blue buff, because it doesnt really affects their clear time. Cho cain gain back some mana with his passive, noc can only use his Q to clear camps and J4 only his flag, wich doesnt cripple their clear time and/or survivability. For mumu, it might be a little more closer to what Diana looks like without blue, though with the buff on Mid-July patch (I think, correct me if I'm wrong) on his E, you could only use that and still clear camps effectively. Plus, these mana jungler are used for complete different purpose than mana-less junglers, the later being counterjungler, and mana jungler like you listed are used for either their tankyness, their initiation or something else really good in their kit. Diana, on the other hand, cannot be good in the jungle without blue buff, wich makes her dependent of it.

  • #39 Isysar

    You (malachi8) do well to point this out to be sure, but I believe you're overlooking some things. Cho'Gath, Nocturne, Amumu and Jarvan all bring a significant amount of utility and CC to the table regardless of if they get counter jungled and/or hunted down repeatably by an enemy jungler. Diana simply does not. Moonfall is a good CC, but you personally will die very quickly if you're underleveled and dashing in to use it just to set up kills for your teammates. Diana is an assassin jungler. She's about her personal damage setting and using her kit to stick on a target and kill them. While you can argue that Nocturne is an assassin, he can be built bruiser/straight tank with a Wriggles, Frozen Mallet and Wit's End and arguably do his job far better than a full melee carry Nocturne

    You're right that Cho'Gath, Nocturne, Amumu and Jarvan cannot dual a Lee Sin/Mundo/Shyvana/Olaf. But they aren't nearly as hurt by jungle invades as Diana is because theybring substantially more CC, team utility and can be built as tanks, or aura carriers, not damage dealers, if they they get behind in CS. 

    Regardless of what happens to Cho'Gath in his jungle, he has sustain from his passive and decent clear speed from his Vorpal Spikes. He doesn't NEED blue or red buff early or ever. His ganks are wonky, but you can go that route super early with Feral Scream and Rupture. As the game draws on, even if he's denied hard and hunted down by aggressive counter junglers, he becomes too tanky to kill unless caught out by multiple people on the enemy team with his feast stacks and the fact he can build straight tank/CDR/aura and still have a lot of CC and dmg. If he's caught in the jungle, he's got 2 hard CC's to escape with as well. Even if underfarmed, Cho'Gath always has a long range AoE knockup, a massive cone 3 second silence, and straight god like red/blue/dragon/baron control with smite + Feast (1,000 true dmg to a monster). And Cho'Gath ult is always scary because it's true damage. You don't need to be fed to take advantage of true dmg. (you've seen that 0/6/0 Darius who's been denied to shit top lane have 1 team fight that goes in his favor and he's 4/6/1 and back in the game.)

    Diana has moonfall. Diana needs blue on her first clear. Try building her straight tank and see what happens. You're completely ignorable. What are you going to do when a counter jungler hunts you? Moonfall them closer to you? 

    Nocturne has innate sustain on his kit and decent clear speeds just from autoattacking and procc'ing Umbra Blades. He doesn't NEED red or blue buff early or ever.  If he gets denied, you can build him tanky instead of some kind of snowball AD with Ghostblade (or build him tanky to begin with; it's way better) and still have an incredible impact on a team fight. You wanna talk about Terrifying ganks? Nocturne is a far better semi-global ganker than Diana ever will be once he gets his ult. Even before that, Nocturne is way more successful with his MS buff trail, spell shield and fear. Lets talk utility. Nocturne has a built in AD/MS buff on his Q so he innately has damage and sticking power. He has a spell shield. He has a fear, which can be one of the strongest CC mechanics in the game if they wander further into your team. His ultimate removes vision from the entire enemy team, and lets him gap close across 1/4th of the whole fricking map. You counterjungle the shit out of a nocturne, it does not matter; he is still scary because of his kit. He may not be able to solo the enemy carry, sure, but he's still got a ton of disruption. Say Nocturne is hunted by an enemy jungler; he can escape with the MS buff from his Q, fear the enemy jungler and spell shield the enemy jungler. He'll get away. Hell, worse case scenario, you can sometimes pop your ult and dive onto a random enemy laner and survive that way too.

    Diana has moonfall. Diana needs blue buff on her first clear. And a gap closer that won't burst people down, and just get her killed instead if you don't get fed. She'll get hunted and killed. No escapes. Only hard engage. 

    Amumu admittedly does suffer quite a bit from a blue steal, there are plenty of people that can duel and kill him, and is the most comparable to Diana. Amumu all but needs blue buff, yes, but you can come back without it after his mana cost reductions either by getting an early gank off. I'll admit, Amumu can have an awfully hard start if he doesn't get blue and he gets no ganks. But regardless of how beat up he gets, one Amumu ult can win the game. If you have to, stick him in lane for a level or 2 just to soak XP to get him to 6 quicker so his ganks can be terrifying if he's REALLY getting raped by the enemy jungle. He brings huge 35 MR shred on his autoattacks to buff his team's AP damage. He's got his bandage toss, and the base dmg on his Tears is % enemy max HP. That's always going to hurt even if you can't build big AP items, or Sunfire/Abyssal. Amumu has very situational escapes, but sometimes a bandage toss over a wall unto a minion in lane, or a jungle creep is all you need to run away from being hunted. You can ult stun if you have to as well. Amumu ult, bandage toss and MR shred are all useful to almost any team comp. No matter how underfarmed he is, all his CC, MR shred and AoE % max HP dmg are still there. 

    Diana has moonfall. No escapes. Her super early ganks are completely ineffective against smart players, unless you take moonfall at level 2-3 which would set your jungle even FURTHER behind if you didn't get a kill. You don't want to just stand around and soak top lane XP with Diana. Her ult is great, but it's DAMAGE, not AoE CC that almost ensures a kill like Amumu's. Diana's ult will never decide the game in one teamfight unless you're fed as hell already. She needs big AP items to have her damage remain noticeable. Diana doesn't buff any of her allies or bring utility to the table other than moon fall. Diana wants a team built around her instead of her being very useful to any team comp. 

    Jarvan zomfg. . . where to begin?! Jarvan is not crippled by losing blue. He doesn't NEED blue or red early or ever. He can do almost anything. You can build him as a carry, a tank, a bruiser, a aura whore, whatever the situation calls for. Jarvan can do any route. He's a safe counter jungler as he can escape over walls with EQ. He can gank early. He's tanky. He's got an insane amount of utility crammed into his kit. His passive gets stronger the stronger the enemies get, and procs on demand instead of needing a charge up time like Diana. It makes switching targets in a fight (say to apply a Frozen Mallet slow) even more rewarding. His Q has a huge armor shred for your AD carry and top lane if they're AD. His E gives a team armor and AS buff for taking turrets and dragon/baron faster and safer. It's also great for team fights. His E/Q combo can knock up potentially AN ENTIRE TEAM in a close jungle path, a bush, or dragon/baron pits, or after another team mate uses AoE CC. It's a gap closer, it's an escape, it crosses over walls. It can peel. He has a shield that gets stronger in team fights and it's an AoE slow. His ultimate is fricking game changing (admittedly, for better or worse ( I'M JARVAN! I'M HELPING!)). It's a gap closer. It's an escape. It's a fight initiator. It can peel. For some reason it does a ton of dmg in addition to completely isolating or grouping up the enemy. It forces flashes faster than any other spell in the game, and if someone doesn't have Flash, it's all but a certain kill. Diana ult for ganking doesn't even compare to Jarvan. At all. While we're on the subject,  can Diana initiate a team fight from a few feet outside of her mid turret to initiate onto the enemy team that's standing a few feet outside their mid turret like Jarvan can when he using Flash > E >  Q > Cataclysm?  Now maybe you can you guess the next sentence, but no matter how underfarmed Jarvan is, all of this utility is untouched. It's there on his kit.

    Diana has mother fucking moonfall. Spell looks totally baller, I'm not going to lie. But uh. . . well just look at that paragraph on Jarvan. ^ Do you see the difference in size between these paragraphs? I hope you see the point. 

    What you seem to have missed is that, yes, Olaf/Shvyana/Mundo/Lee Sin can kill Cho, Noct, Amumu, and Jarvan, BUT THEY CANNOT SHUT THIER PRESENCE OUT OF THE GAME.

    They will shut Diana out almost completely. She has no team utility. She's a selfish damage dealer. That innately makes her a less viable pick. Your comparsion to Cho, Noct, Amumu and Jarvan just because they use mana like Diana does is only a very, very small piece of the picture when comparing strengths between different junglers.

    Diana has huge exploitable weaknesses; but so does Shaco. They aren't "bad" champions. On the contrary, they take imo a lot more skill to play effectively because they have apparent, noticeable weaknesses. But you can't just throw them into any team comp and win with them in a highly competitive OR high elo setting (Stonewall plays in the later situation). Will Diana see a lot of play as a jungler? Yes. Will she absolutely crush games? Yes! Just like Shaco. Can she be viable at high level of play? Yes, but in very specific circumstances. Like Shaco. She might be really stompy at lower elo and snowbally quickly to carry the game and it will be awesome to play her and you will piss off the enemy team a lot. Like Shaco.

    She's really fun to play. She's very effective at what she does. She has great clear speeds. Her shield is really cool. Unique Skill shot is awesome.  She can stick to a target very well. But you need items, farm and kills. In high elo play, it's risky to play a champ that NEEDS that to be effective. (outside of an AD Carry of course. . . .) Look at all the popular champions. They don't just have high damage and some mobility. They have a ton of shit; CC, heals, sustain, defensive and or offensive steroids, team auras, utility, high mobility, built in tankiness, dashes and gap closes out the anus, debuffs,  global ults, etc. Diana's great, but she cannot compete with that given her current kit. In a professional setting, you'd be either a fool, or an extremely confident Diana main to think otherwise. 

    That's from a high elo standpoint. (Which I'm not). Lower elos? You can get away with almost anything. My cousin won a game with an AD Carry Zilean the other day. 1426 ELO he was at the time. She'll be a great fun champion there, and I'm sure she'll see some effective play at high elo eventually. But I have yet to see on any stream or through the client show matches, any Ranked Diana jungle that did well when she was picked early in the draft process. (If someone knows someone who's streaming successful Diana jungle play at higher elos, I'd love a link)

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  • #22 Darknesse

    Saintvicious has a Vlog up talking about it. He seems to have warmed.

  • #19 Arthacel

    Haven't you tried her or seen her in mid? She's a beast. She's a weak early level and probably won't get much farm till she gets at least 2 dorans, but after she hits level 6 she's almost unstopable. She build 3 dorans ring + sorcerers boots and aiming to get deathcap after that. Her style is similar to Gragas, pushing and poking so she can Gank other lanes or burst the enemy caster.

    What's your opinion on Diana Mid? 

  • #40 Isysar

    I've watched GuardsmanBob play a lot of Diana mid and frankly. . . I like Diana mid more than Diana jungle. It looks really strong there (GuardsmanBob is ~2k elo on EUW server) actually. Yes, her early game is a little rough, especially against a ranged, aggressive laner, and she feels a little like Leblanc in the fact that she'll get a lot of kills, but probably die a lot also. She's a lot less slippery than Leblanc since she's a hard engage only champion. If you get fed though, she's quite the thing to behold. 

    GuardsmanBob was generally running Boots 3 pots --> 2 Doran's Rings --> Kage's Lucky Pick --> Sorc Shoes --> Abyssal Scepter --> DFG. And then either a Deathcap if doing well, or a Zhonyia's in not so great/fed AD Carry. He'd work on a lichbane next, but most games were finished by then. 

    Like in the jungle, I think she gets a REAL noticable boost in power when she gets blue around 7 minutes. Her ability to poke and trade in lane with Pale Cascade and Ult just skyrockets. 

    She does a HUGE amount of damage with her Q if she can hit a whole team with it. You can be really ballsy and just dive in there with Pale Cascade and Moonfall. She's especially powerful when she gets a Zhonya's as you can just dive into what are normally very BAD spots to be as an AP Carry (the middle of the entire enemy team) to Moonfall and AA. Pale Cascade keeps you quite tanky and if you get low, just Zhonyas and your Q will be up to potentially Ult to a different position. 

    I think she'll first show up in high elo play as a mid laner tbh.

  • #18 kluntje

    I played her several times as an ap mid-laner, but not as a jungler, yet.

    Buying Sorcerer Shoes, Abyssall Scepter and DFG i had High Burst, the ability to easily take Wraiths / take Blue Buff on my own. Skill Order R>Q>W>E

    farming seems pretty easy , the auto attack is very good, the passive helps to push, with q its easy to get lasthits at early levels versus ranged mid laners.

    play Diana in mid, its worth a try! ( im wondering why none of you bloggers wrote about mid lane? )

    (on a site note, Alex Ich played Diana yesterday in midlane on stream, with success i might add)

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  • #15 eleandar

    Using my AP carry runes on diana, and rushing philosopher stone after boots, I could spam W without real mana problems, and I had more than enough hp substain.

    Building her as AP carry after 2or 3 gp5 items, she felt really strong. Her problem is really pre lvl 6 ganks. 

    Viable in competitive play or not, she adds an interesting option in soloqueue: having a full ap champion in the jungle.

    And for the fun, at 45min I killed baron solo without being fed (only 3kills + assists).

  • #14 klvkboom

    Mainly from the jungle standpoint, what do you guys think of her as a control jungler, controlling camps and shutting down the enemy jungler? She's quite fast at clearing camps after she gets a few levels, and her ability to go toe to toe with other junglers is decent. Also, the moment she hits 6 her options for mobility are ridiculous. Not necessarily Lee Sin/Jarvan, but she does have the luxury of being able to jump to any camp, and even Dragon/Baron cove as she can Q for vision (or just ward) and R to dash (for dragon though perfect timing is needed as he moves away from R range after Q hits for vision). Though, other than these movement options, she has very little forms of escape.

    I find that she also has the luxury of being item independent, and like other similar junglers (Maokai, Nautilus, Malphite), philo and HoG come into mind. Philo also helps her in the sustain department so she relies less on her mana intensive shield, and as Spell Vamp/Life Steal are sub par on her, health regen is probably the best thing. Also, having nice base numbers, she can be built like an AP counterpart of Nocturne with just a few offensive items then tank options.

    As for gank potential, I would best compare her to Shyvana, albeit a bit weaker: not the greatest in the CC department, but quite strong in damage, and also respectably strong in turret diving. And so I think she synergizes well with champs either with high CC, or high damage potential for diving.

    Then again, I haven't played her as much, but these are my first impression of her :P

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