A new champion approaches?

A new item recently appeared in the item list of the official league of legends site. This might be an indication of a new champion with a mechanic similar to Viktor or just a new item. The item was only on the site for a short time, it was swiftly removed after that.
The reddit user Boxtop was able to take a screenshot
  • +20 Attack Damage (+2 per level)
  • UNIQUE Passive: Rengar collects trophies when killing Champions, and gains bonus effects based on how many trophies he has. Kills grant 2 trophies, assists grant 1 trophy, Rengar loses 1 trophy on death.
  • 2 Trophies: +25 Movement Speed
  • 6 Trophies: +10 Armor Penetration, +5% Cooldown Reduction
  • 12 Trophies: Rengar's leap gains 150 bonus range
  • 18 Trophies: New Active: Instantly gain 5 Ferocity.


  • #21 eebros

    Probably just a bait :D

  • #20 Smayo

    lol hes like the ultimate snowballer.

  • #18 ulhax84

    Looks pretty cool. Will probably buy.

  • #17 monkyyy

    im waiting for a champ who's passive is "starts the game with one free item of choice", think of someone starting w/ a tri or bloodthrister or unholy grail

  • #14 bahamutprime

    Will certainly scale better into late game then Viktors item

  • #13 jsteele11

    Seems like he could be a terrifying jungler.  One successful early gank and he'll essentially have boots (even more move speed if he starts with boots).  Early on, there's not much to do against that, especially when he will apparently have a leap to initiate with.  This is, of course, assuming he starts with this item instead of needing to buy it.

  • #7 klvkboom

    I read somewhere that a new champ might be voiced by Liam Neeson, who knows, we might see that later.

  • #9 Nakhan

    Any links to back that up?

  • #19 klvkboom

    I don't necessarily remember where I read it, but it was just a rumor anyway. Don't keep your hopes up on it, but hey, if it does happen, that'd be pretty awesome :P 

  • #6 supportking

    Seems that there's a new type of mana "ferocity" 

    and seems like new champ has a leap 

    This must be nidalee and warwick's kid :D

  • #3 Zentari2238

    ...Because everone LOVES victor's item.

  • #12 K0stra

    Problem wih Victor is no real scaling into late game. And this will be probably even worst as it relies on stacks to do ANYTHING.

  • #15 monkyyy

    read how the stacks are handled again, they will be stacked for all but the feeders

  • #2 mrobert5


  • #11 LamestOne

    You got your Lulu, so stop your whining.

  • #22 Blinkingsky

    Except that, you know, that's 1 support champion in the middle of several AD bruisers with an occasional AP mage/AD carry thrown in.

  • #1 Blinkingsky

    Basically, Riot is making Kat 2.0 except even MORE useless competitively and even more stompish at low levels, based on this item alone.

  • #4 HPBEggo

    It's not snowballing on kills that makes Kat bad, it's the fact that she has no utility and her main damage is prevented by smart use of CC, something that the majority of competitive teams have an awful lot of.

  • #5 Blinkingsky

    The snowballing on kills part is what I meant, though. I understand that it's not her biggest flaw, but it's still rather large and it confuses me as to why Riot would ever consider making a champ who quite possibly has an item slot taken up by a mandatory snowball item that would mean that either you get kills or you get screwed.

  • #8 HPBEggo

    Snowballing isn't necessarily bad. Every champion does it, and some champions that do it especially well are used quite often competitively, i.e. Vayne. Just because a particular champion has something that makes them snowball harder doesn't make that part of the champion bad.

    For instance, Katarina gets her CD reduction and extra gold on kills, something that obviously makes her snowball a bit harder than other champions. The major problem with Kat has nothing to do with this, and her passive actually isn't a problem at all (it used to be one of the things people wanted nerfed the most). If she had a reliable ultimate or any utility she would be very broken, and the snowballing would be a huge problem.

    For this champion, he gets a mechanic that allows him to gain free stats when he is doing well, but he also automatically gains 22 AD at level one. This should make for an easy lane against many champions, especially when he, obviously, has a leap of some sort to go with it.

    I will agree that a mechanic that exists only for snowballing will probably hold a champion/item/mastery back, i.e. Mejai's or Mercenary, but if the snowballing is in addition to something you already want, i.e. free bonus AD or free CDR, then it can actually be quite good.

    My only real complaint here is that snowball champions tend to be a nightmare to balance properly, and he will probably either be incredibly overbearing or completely useless on release.

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