Curse King of the Hill series

Curse is proud to announce the Curse King of the Hill series.  This series will include weekly matches from League of Legends in North America, and Europe, as well as World of Warcraft.  Teams will compete for a $100 prize, and the chance to return the next week for a shot at another $100 against a new opponent.  In our First week we will have Curse.EU vs. in League of Legends Europe and Curse.NA vs. Team Dynamic in League of Legends North America.  Check out the schedule on, to see when your favorite game is being played. 

Also be sure to check out for all your WoW competitive news and stay right here for all your LoL news. 




  • LoL EU
  • Curse.EU vs. 2pm EST (20:00 CET)
  • LoL NA
  • Curse.NA vs. Team Dynamic 9pm EST (03:00 CET)
  • World of Warcraft
  • Teams TBD 1pm EST (19:00 CET)


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