Creative Design AMA - Diana, Scorn of the Moon

 RiotRunaan hit the official forums with a creative design AMA for Diana. The AMA covered topics about her lore, character, story, and place in the LoL universe. You can easily view the full AMA below, or check it out on our updated Red Tracker. Don't forget to check out the staff's first impressions of Diana

Eve seems to have an upside down heretic mark on her head. Any relation?

No relation.

Did the ancient Silver Lunari actually advocate the destruction of the sun, or was it more retaliatory against the Solari, where they eventually realized they could not coexist?
The Solari and the moon-worshipping culture once coexisted. For a time, neither advocated the destruction of the other, but something went wrong. I don't want to go into a lot of detail as to exactly what happened between them, but the mural in Diana's teaser image does give some clues. 
I'm curious: Is Diana friends with Vayne? Similar (kinda) motivation, "Silver of the moon", etc.
Plus, she is "The Night Hunter" so that probably has something to do with the moon.
Vayne's motivation is to cull dark magic from the world, wherever it might hide. Without knowing much of Diana's backstory, I don't think Vayne would have an easy time swallowing the fact that she murdered the Solari elders. Given time, however, Vayne might sympathize with Diana, and Diana would respect the Night Hunter.  

will she be leading an assault on the iron solari any time soon to encounter leona? if so will there be an in game event similar to noxia vs iona?

 The Iron Solari aren't canon (just the Solari--the Iron Solari were a forum faction). However, given what Diana has just done to the Solari elders, I don't think she's going to have to go looking for Leona. Leona will find her

Is there a Lunar shield out there for her, or is there a particular reason why she doesn't have a shield? I mean, I know she's aggressive and all, but...Pantheon and Leona are both warriors from Mount Targon who wield ancient enchanted weapons, and both of them have a shield. Was the Lunar shield destroyed? Did Diana just not find it? Or does the lack of a shield give some hint as to the Lunari past?

There is no lunar shield.
What does it say about the ancient moon-worshipping culture if they were not warriors who wielded shields? Recall that the Solari are intended to be protectors, guardians, and leader figures--qualities that Leona fully embodies. Food for thought. 

Is she the only Lunari currently, or are there more out there in Valoran? It seems like they were all executed or exiled prior to Diana becoming their warrior.

For now, Diana is alone.

 What is the Solari training like? Is it somewhat similar to Rakkor training?
Which champions does she respect in the League? Which is she the most condescending towards to?

Not all Solari are warriors; most are scholars, leaders, priests, etc. Leona (or the Chosen of the Sun at any point) is their warrior-leader, and those that follow her craft would train to be protectors/defenders in battle.

As for other champions, I think with time Diana would come to respect others like her... Vayne has already been mentioned, and Morgana comes to mind as well. I also don't see Diana as the condescending type, but I see her having conflict with (outside of Leona, of course) with Demacian champions, as they follow what could be seen as an oppressive doctrine/regime. 

Will she gain a sort of following similar to how Malzahar and Viktor have their followings/cults?

It depends on how she goes about it. Right now, being as used to solitude and isolation as she is, the idea of building a cult following doesn't quite occur to her--she's devoting herself to finding and executing the rest of the corrupt Solari (and, of course, Leona). 

I already made a thread to this effect earlier but I'm curious what the ideologies of the Solari and Lunari actually are. What currently have no idea what either organisation does, or aims to do, with their power, much less how well-known and represented they are across Valoran.
In conjunction with the above: 
Diana's lore makes it clear she is intent to hunt down and kill the Solari, wherever she finds them. How often do Solari, other than Leona, actually leave their compound on Mount Targon and how would Diana go about tracking them down?
What would/will Diana do when the Solari are finally eradicated?

This is stuff we'd like to develop elsewhere, but I'll give what detail I can. The Solari would call themselves protectors, guardians, and keepers of light and warmth on Valoran. From their perch upon the peak of Mt. Targon, they watch over the world. It is the duty of their Chosen of the Sun to protect the weak throughout the land, but I imagine other Solari leave the mountain sometimes to travel and spread the light. Over time, however, some of their motives may have been twisted. 

As for what Diana would do should she succeed at eradicating the Solari... I think there's an element of her tragic story here. She's given herself a very singular and fatalist purpose, and I don't believe she's ever allowed herself to stop and think about the end-game... and if she has, she doesn't have a very... positive view of her ongoing role in the world once her mission is complete. More food for thought.

How/Why did she join the league?

The same way that everyone else joined the League--and she joined primarily to find Leona.

Does Diana truly believe that Solari who convert to her way of thinking can be trusted? Why does she offer them that alternative when Leona, the person she thought would be most receptive, could not look beyond the things that she had done?
How does one convert from worship of the sun to that of the moon? How large is Diana's current congregation?
If Leona swallowed her pride and offered Diana the acceptance she craves, would she still accept that the Solari and Lunari could co-exist?

A lot of the amount of trust Diana would place in other Solari rests on Leona, in truth. Leona is the remaining figurehead of the Solari, and her trust or acceptance informs that of the rest of her followers. Leona's lack of acceptance pushes her further into the belief that there can be no reconciliation. 

If Leona were to concede and offer peace, well... that would be a point of incredible conflict for Diana, and it goes deeper than their ideological conflict. As a Solari acolyte, Diana admired Leona a great deal from afar. Before becoming the Chosen of the Moon and learning everything about the corruption in the Solari, she saw Leona as the ultimate good, a valiant protector. A small amount of that trust and longing for acceptance would remain. As for what would happen... well, that would be telling. 

As I mentioned before, Diana is alone--she currently has no congregation.

How do Pantheon and the Rakkor view her? I know there's some sort of reverence for the Solari coming from them because Leona was spared from death because of the power of the sun she displayed. And what does she think about them in return?

The Rakkor, like most of the Solari, have become unaware that a moon-worshiping culture ever existed, so they're largely "blinded," if you will, by the Solari's influence. Most of them would be very quick to consider Diana nothing more than a heretic and a murderer, and Diana would see them in the same corrupt light as she views the Solari themselves. Pantheon is likely very conflicted, but as Leona's childhood friend, his choice, for the moment, should be clear. 

I think Diana would have a vague respect for another who used the night to strike down 'evil', while Vayne would simply see a cruel figure who used unnatural magics to kill and destroy. They would be enemies, one way or another, because any effort from Vayne to interfere with Lunari business would get her on Diana's hit-list.

As I mentioned before, unless they had a heart-to-heart and learned a lot about each other, this is pretty accurate. It does depend, though, on how much they come to know each other's story and identity.

Would Diana and Morgana get along? They both were exiled from their societies for being different, so they may share some common ground.

I think so, yes. If I had to choose a possible "ally" for Diana, it'd be Morgana

First of all , By carefully listening to Diana's Login Music(and also reading what Saiyaka said) , It seems like it has a sad tone music and It also seems like the story hides something. By reading Leona's Judgement/Story , It looks like they were forcing her to kill someone(like a Tradition to do or so) , By reading Diana's lore , the Elders called her a heretic and wanted to execute her just because she worshipped the Moon and found some proofs about It.
Now I wonder , Is this conflict really direct between Leona and Diana now , or It shouldn't be really direct and someone/some people is behind all this? What does all this story hides?

If I'm reading your question correctly (and please tell me if I'm not), yes, the story is "hiding" something. The idea is that the sun is "blinding" and that the Solari elders have hidden something from their followers (and Leona) all along. An overall question the story behind Leona and Diana is trying to drive at is really--who is truly in the wrong, and where did this begin? Leona and Diana are in some respects victims of circumstance and a cycle that began long before they were born, but the burden of reconciliation or utter destruction has come to rest upon their soldiers. 

RiotRunaan you are a pure genius.
Are you single ? :3

Ahaha, sadly, no! Flattered, though. :3

Diana learned to use her abilities over the moon incredibly quickly in relation to how long she knew about the Lunari. How did she manage to become a master in the art so quickly?

The moment Diana was Chosen, and in that moment, it was as though she'd known how to call upon the moon's power all along. It's a part of her ascension that she immediately understands the extent of her abilities--that doesn't mean they can't be refined, though.

What was Diana like, before she was dubbed a heretic? She clearly became very bitter afterwards, but she still seems to have a glimmer of humor squirreled away inside her.
Does Diana have any hobbies or interests, aside from the usual revenge motivations and such?
The marking on her forehead is clearly meant to be the sign of the Lunari, however it seems to clearly have been placed on her magically. Is it a side-effect of her armor? Does it have any meaning aside from being a sign of loyalty she placed on herself/the armor placed on her?

Early on, when Diana first began questioning the teachings of her Solari elders, I imagine she was incredibly eager and thoughtful in her approach. But what began as almost-innocent questions gradually earned her more and more scorn and derision from her peers. She was always a bit stubborn, though, and continued on her path despite the punishment she suffered for it. Diana became bitter, cold, and unforgiving, but she was right all along--that's worth something, isn't it? Isn't it...? : )

Hobbies include moon-gazing... and long walks on the beach. 

The mark appeared on her forehead when she ascended as Chosen of the Moon. 

Does Warwick feel an inexplicable attraction towards Diana?
How does Fizz feel about Diana, since the moon controls the tides?


I don't think Fizz realizes how the tides work, so I doubt he sees Diana as anything but "totally no fun at all," because she frowns too much and has no time for games. 

Does Diana draw her power from the Moon? E.g. Does she gain powers while the moon is up? What if the sky is clear with no moon? (In the event of a Solar Eclipse?)

Her powers are for the most part constant, but the idea of an eclipse is interesting to consider... if you'll note the state of the sun and the moon in her splash art, you might get an idea of how this could work.

Will Ezreal study the armor of Diana and possibly try to find relics (new items) from the Lunari culture?

If Ezreal goes digging around Mt. Targon, he might find some relics.

What is Diana's opinion on Soraka since she was originally one of the main power wielders of the stars?

I think Diana would be interested in Soraka's connection to the stars, but I think Soraka's magic is quite different than Diana's. Diana might also consider Soraka too peaceful and passive. 

Does Diana consider Nocturne to be a foe? Is she aware of who he is and his capabilities? (Since most fears surge because of the night)

I don't think Diana considers Nocturne a foe on a personal level, no.

Does diana have any friends from the league similiar to who her such as Riven?

I mentioned Morgana before, but Riven's interaction with Diana could also be interesting. Riven might think that Diana went too far, though, in her actions against the Solari elders.

What does Diana hope to bring to the people who believe in the moon?

 If Diana gains followers, she might have a difficult time acting as a real leader for them. It isn't in her nature. She's learned to be solitary. Either way, though, if she ever gained followers, I think she'd want them to feel accepted and empowered.

Is the Dark Valkyrie Diana skin the max power of Diana in the presence of the full moon?

Sadly, skins aren't canon! Interesting idea, though.

Sneaking in a second question: how many elders did Diana kill? Was it a council of five? A council of three? Twelve? Twenty-four? A hundred? That would be a lot of elders...

Since we never represented this visually, I admit we never settled on an exact number, but Diana killed quite a lot of people.

Was about to ask that. She killed all the elders present in her execution, were ALL Solari elders present?

She did indeed kill all of the elders present at the execution... hmm. : ) 

What does Soraka think of all this heavenly body worshipping and the fact that people are dying over it? Did she ever try to pass along her own knowledge of the heavens to Diana or Leona?

Soraka desires peace, so the events on Mt. Targon likely disgust her a great deal. She might've interacted with Leona in the past, but she never had the opportunity to pass on her knowledge of the heavens to Diana until now. 

What happens now that the elders have been killed? Where was Leona when this happened?

What happens indeed? :)

Leona was not at the temple when Diana was sentenced to death. She will undoubtedly learn of what happened (if she hadn't already been on her way home) and come to confront Diana for what she's done to the Solari. 

While Leona was an apprentice to their teachings, the elders presented her with an entirely different face than they did Diana. To Leona, the Solari elders are her mentors and some of them she may have even considered her friends. She fully believed in the Solari ideal--protection of the weak, guidance for the lost--and, as good-hearted as Leona is, she may have been somewhat blinded by their light herself. 

How she reacts to the challenge Diana brings to everything she's come to believe remains to be seen. 

Second part: Before I dive, this was also quite fascinating. I'm assuming that Diana was one of the warriors (or guards...I'm assuming that it's more of a ceremonial position, with skills taught by some of the best fighters but never actually practiced in the field), based on the armor we see in her teaser picture (and her skill). But is there a Solari plumber? What are the plumbing levels of Valoran in general, actually? Does Mount Targon also boast the best selection of men who you can hire to fix the pipes?

She likely had some training as a warrior before she ascended, certainly. 

...I don't really know what to say about Solari plumbers. 

Which means that the society was organized on a SWORD and SHIELD. The Solari as the protectors, and the LUNARI as the dirty job, on the shadows assassins. I have two possiblities for the rift:
1. One of the lunari killed, on their on volition, someone on the top. And they went on the smackdown.
2. Someone on the Lunari was ordered to assassin someone on the top crop of the Solari, and the elders decided that the Lunari were now a liability, ordering the killing to hide their motives

Interesting speculation on what caused the rift between the two factions, but I can't confirm or deny anything... : ) Really cool to see you guys speculating wildly on this, though!




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