New Champion: Syndra

It look's like a sneak peak of the next new champion - Syndra was  found in some gameplay at Gamescom. Check after the break to see the ability info.

Part 2


Thanks to Ventricate on Reddit, we have a quick look at the abilities.

Passive: Abilities on maximun level gain bonus effects:
Dark Sphere: Deals 20% bonus damage against Champions.
Willpower : Knock an enemy in the air for a short time.
Dispersing of the Weak: Works on a 50% wider area.

Q: Dark Sphere 40 mana | 5s cooldown Conjures a dark sphere, dealing 70 (+16)[.55] magic damage. The sphere lasts for up to 8 seconds long and can be manipulated by Syndra's other abilities.

W: Willpower 60 mana | 12s cooldown First activation: Grabs a dark sphere or enemy minion.

Second Activation: Hurls a dark sphere, or minion. Enemies struck take 80 (+19)[.6] magic damage and are slowed by 25% for 2 seconds.

E: Dispersing of the Weak 50 mana | 14s cooldown Deals 60 (+13)[.5] magic damage and flings back opponents and dark spheres. Enemies hit by spheres are stunned for 1.5 seconds.

R: Unleashed Power 100 Mana 100s cooldown Syndra uses all her cataclysmic might and all her dark spheres to deal 70 (9)[.2] magic damage ( at the minimum of 210 (28)[.6] to one enemy champion.

For more information, Angush talks about Syndra.


  • #9 isababa12

    skin looks kinda like Diana's

  • #8 henkjehh

    She could be played as support having a facecheck mechanism and 2 hard ccs, one of em is a knockback

  • #7 supportking

    FINALLY kassasdin`s daughter

  • #6 aHappyDay

    she resembles an X-Man character. Not quite sure who it was. Maybe Magneto, like within the other games.

  • #5 NTGHaruhi

    Interesting champion but I hate the fact that now we have 2 champions instantly. Riot stop spamming champions...

  • #10 isababa12

    instantly?  Whaddya mean...She's not coming out the same patch, Gamescom has access to clients.  

    Also Riot does this for these reasons.

    #1 Make money

    #2 Learn more about what the community thinks is OP (properties that new champs may have)

    #3 change the meta

    #4 change the game 

    #5 increase the champion pool

  • #11 henkjehh

    people keep bitching about that riot wants to make money, but its pretty obvious because its not ONLY their hobby, its also their JOB, so they need money to buy their own food. Some people cant realise this.

  • #12 isababa12

    I'm not against Riot if that's what you think.  I'm totally for Riot, it's just that NTGHaruhi doesn't understand the concept of business.

    Riot TOTALLY enjoys making this game and the community, but just like everything else, it's a business, and of course there's a "catch" so they can have a way to make money.

  • #13 NTGHaruhi

    Don't assume something because of something that I said without knowing me. I said that Riot need to stop spamming champions so quickly and start focusing on other things. Fixing bugs, releasing new maps (and now rehashing the tutorial map like something new) and making stuff that people ask for a long time now like new model for nidalee, soraka etc etc.

    I liked this game, instead of DotA because it had a great learning curve learning from playing with and against each champion and learning his abilities the easy way and the hard way, not like DotA "Here 100 champions, play!" . I started when Kennen was the newest champion (roughly 40-50 champions at that time) and now we are at 103 (104 if you count Syndra). If Riot continues that way in 1-1,5 year we will be at 200+ champions. Imagine you are a new player and you see League of Legends and try it... You will have to learn to play with and against 200 champions. Imagine if Riot keeps making 6300 champions, not lowering the price of older ones. I'll not say how I would react or you should react but just imagine that.

    I know Riot is a company that needs to make money but they should raise the time between 2 new champions not every 2 weeks. Maybe 1 month with a new champion or something like that.

  • #4 Rispudding

    She can throw minions and reposition enemy champions, sounds fun =D

  • #3 Dredbr1nger

    This must be the gravity champion that Morello was talking about or whoever it was.

  • #2 henkjehh

    A little bit orianna-ey, but very awesome due to you being able to spawn balls and then immediately fire them!

  • #1 Konanza

    Very interesting

    Very, very interesting

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