PBE Changes 8/23 & The News Roundup: ELOBUFF Giveaway, Arcade Sona Skin, Rengar Design AMA, and More

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PBE Changes 8/23



  • Explosive Cask [ R ]: Cooldown is now 100/90/80 Seconds (Up from 90/75/60 Seconds)


  • Collateral Damage[ R ]: Tooltip wording has been changed. Now has says "enemy champion" instead of just enemy.

RoG Article Recap

Arcade Sona skin

Phreak confirms that Arcade Sona will be given away at a convention but that it will also be purchable by people who couldn't make it to the event.

AFAIK Arcade Sona will be equivalent to Metal Rammus:

Given out at a convention, but available to everyone.

Xyphorous was so nice to shine some light on why Arcade Sona's Song of Celerity still has the same spell effects.

it's because song of celerity affects minions. we actually tried a buff icon like her other abilities, but the potential to have it display on 20+ units at once made it too loud to keep.

How about just make it exclusive on champions then?

that would be less noisy, but it would still be up to 5 champions (10 in a mirror match) instead of 1 or 2 on her other. we want to be sensitive to the overall noise level in team fights (especially 5v5), so when adding particles with a strong contrast like the new icons we have to be conservative when we can

We had a quick peek of this new skin on the PBE

Katarina creative design AMA

The creative design AMA about katarina has been updated with a few more answers. 

I'm not saying that the general should specifically be listed as General Marcus Du Couteau, but it would be helpful if you at least went as far as to give Kat's own full name. Why couldn't she be introduced as Katarina Du Couteau? I'm certain you could slip her last name in there somewhere without it being awkward, and it would solve all of the problems.
While many of our characters have last names, we are trying not to highlight them as a core part of the average LoL player's experience.

As we develop new vehicles for lore, we'll add things like that back in for all of you who are excited about LoL lore. That way, you can have the deeper lore experience that you desire, without having it be an essential part of the LoL experience.

whats your opinion on player feedback affecting the development of a game or in this case, story? i understand its certainly important for players to feel like they're being heard, but should the masses have the power to veto things they dont like? isn't that the responsibly of a developer to make a game, and its the players choice to choose to enjoy it or not?
I don't know if this is the future of game development or not. It is important to have players feel like they are important and being heard – we are a player-focused game company and that is core to our values here at Riot Games. That, however, needs to be balanced with the fact that you can't develop creative endeavors with too many cooks in the kitchen and that you can't please everybody.

In our case, when something like this happens and the feedback is widespread, useful, and constructive, we listen and make adjustments where we can. That is our commitment. We all love our characters.

So what does Kat, as a pretty epitomal Noxian, think of the Rakkor, who according to Pantheon's lore regularly trash their forces, at ridiculous odds like 10 to 1, like it ain't no big thing? I'm having a pretty deep discussion with this other guy who keeps on saying that entire battalions being ruined is only "harassment".

The Rakkor are a fierce people, no doubt. However, the Rakkor are not populous enough to be a real threat. If the occasional band of Rakkor takes out some Noxian soldiers – who are very dangerous themselves – then it would be harassment. There aren't enough Rakkor to do anything but that.

Noxians respect strength, and the Rakkor certainly have that. They may not like them, however.

What are her feelings on Yordles?
I doubt Kat thinks about yordles much. If she meets a yordle and it can prove itself, she'll respect its strength and prowess.

Does she like cute things?
I'm sure Kat has her own definition of cute things she likes.

What are her thoughts on Rengar, since they both have scars on their eyes?
The scar isn't enough for her to bond. Rengar lost his eye, while she didn't. He'd have to prove himself.

What are her thoughts on Ionia?
The Ionia situation is for the generals to decide.

Has Darius even tried to spin in an effort to impress her?
I think the number of weak officers Darius has culled is what would impress he

Since this is an AMA, I may as well posit a question. Why is it necessary to have lore that has Kat fail? What about that aspect of it is so essential it was kept?
Characters need to be human and have flaws. Characters who are presented as basically rocking in everything are caricatures, rather than fictitious people. We like people for the things we perceive as cool about them, but we fall in love with them for their flaws. Flaws fundamentally make characters relatable.

Heres a question though, why are her new lines so dumbed down? Her joke is in line with the "not a joke" of all the other ones, and it took out a lot of her history. Was "time for the dance macabre" too much of an in-joke? That and the "why because I CAN" quote is grating as hell.

The intent with her new VO is not to dumb her down, but rather removed the one-dimensional sadistic killer that was her original VO. As the writer of her original VO, that's what I went for at the time. With the new character explorations of Kat, we created a deeper character and wanted to round her out a little better in her VO


Bans for false reports

A wave of bans has been sent out for people who were abusing the report feature by repeatedly reporting innocent people.

Our Player Support teams actually sweep accounts for toxic behaviors on a frequent basis and we've empowered them to hand out direct bans as necessary without prior warnings if they catch players displaying excessive racism, bigotry, or other toxic behaviors in their matches. We use these sweeps to determine whether we are doing enough for our community and to check the accuracy and speed of systems such as the Tribunal and LeaverBuster. The Tribunal is just one piece of the solution to player behavior, but we realized we need to do more.

We've been receiving a lot of complaints from our community about how the act of reporting has created a more toxic environment for other players; players will write in about having a poor game and someone screaming profanities at them and threatening them with reports and bans. 

Because of these complaints, we decided to run analyses and metrics against some of the players who reported the highest number of players in the game (after normalizing for games played and all that fun math stuff). We found something a bit surprising and a bit shocking. There were some players that had reported over 1000 times more players than the average player in the population! In addition, these players were often extremely toxic in their games and had repeated cases that were punished in the Tribunal. When we analyzed chat logs in this population, we noticed that they were using reports in an offensive and abusive manner. For example, these players would often say "Enjoy your report f@ggot!" or "everyone in this game, plz report this n*gger." Not all players behaved in this way, but these players were consistently negative towards their teammates in their matches and often tried to convince others to report someone in the game. Many of these players reported for issues (such as playing a poor game) that were not legitimate according to Riot staff standards.

The decision we made today was not easy. It was actually quite sad and a bit depressing for me. We knew that we had never banned for something like this in the past; however, as we dug into the data more, we realized how toxic these players were to their teammates and their opponents and we knew that a verbal warning would not be enough.

These are players that were abusing our report feature and using it as a tool to bully, criticize and frustrate other players in the game. These players that try to get decent players banned from the game! Many of these players already had Tribunal histories and already had their report weights set to 0, but we felt that these acts were distinct enough that an additional punishment was warranted because the Tribunal was not designed to combat abusive reporting.

For many of these players, we simply removed the power of their reports; however, today, we decided to give an additional 7-day timeout to players who were the worst 0.2% of players who abused the report feature and had displayed toxic behavior in their recent matches. 

The bans were harsh, I agree. But, we felt they were warranted given the level of abuse these players were involved with. I will continue to answer questions in this thread, let's keep it constructive.

Creative Design AMA: Rengar, the Pridestalker

Greetings Summoners!

Rengar is out and rofleaping all over unsuspecting (and suspecting) champions on the Fields of Justice. I'm here for all your questions about his story and the creative efforts behind his character. Also, to follow Zyra, another riddle:

The might of kings I represent,
I put all others to shame.
And when you see me, you won't forget
The picture that I frame.

Here's my question: what IS he? Cause to me he looks like a cyborg lion man with dreadlocks. His visual design just seems kind of weird to me.
I think other than the eyepatch, there isn't too much to make him seem like a cyborg. We do take certain liberties from time to time to make characters look more interesting and give them some depth, that's how the eyepatch started. I do actually have a story in mind for why that eyepatch looks the way it does, but unfortunately I'm going to need to wait a bit before I can tell it. I know that sounds like a cop out, but you'll just have to trust me on this one. You also mentioned the dreadlocks, I think that's just the way a mane would get tied back if the lion is following the other human dress rules.

question, why isn't europe asked for lore feedback?
I'd actually love to get feedback from Europe, but there are a couple limiting factors. One, the time zones make it pretty rough for EU guys to be on when we're here working, but maybe we should post something on that forum to pull people over. Two, and this is the kicker, we wouldn't be able to answer questions very effectively in other languages. We are looking to find ways to make the AMAs more broadly received though, thanks for bringing it up!

Is there any background information about his unique item? Since it's only his, what makes it special? What does the Institute think of it? Is Doran (bless his simple soul) looking at it with interest?
His item isn't really meant to be a special magic relic or totem so much as a signature piece of gear that he's always adding to. Since he's a trophy hunter thematically, and pride is core aspect of his personality, we wanted to craft an in-game experience of building pride as you gain kills. Effectively, the better Rengar feels about himself, the more charged he is, the more dangerous he becomes. I think Classick found a really elegant solution for this.

Is by any chance Draven the one who thougth Rengar to hunt and stuff? Because their weapons are so similiar it would be cool.... and if is not him, who is it then? Can you tell us?
Hi! Nope, not Draven, although you're sharp to see some resemblance in the weapons. We actually started Rengar with a double blade that looked even more like Draven's and we went through a couple iterations in order to find something that felt more uniquely his. Unfortunately I don't really see Draven as a very outdoorsy person. He likes having throngs of people around to admire him. As for who the hunter is, we're leaving that a bit open-ended for the time being.

The monster in his lore sure SOUNDS like it could be Cho'Gath...but I dunno...

How hard was it to not call him Ajani in development?
Not hard at all! I actually never thought about Ajani when I was working on him, although I won't pretend we made the first lion man. We actually took the fact that there are several anthropomorphized lions in games and media to be a sign that they have broad appeal. Personally, working on Rengar took me back to the old days of playing Wing Commander!

How come we can see his empty eye socket through his eyepatch? Is it because Regnar's insides are actually made of Lite Brites?
He doesn't know his parents and was raised by humans, but generally are the people of Valoran aware of Lion-People? Is there a community of them somewhere, like the Ursine or is Regnar alone?
At best, I would say Rengar's insides are made of glowsticks, it's way too hard to find Lite Brites to put in our champions these days.

As far as Rengar is aware, he's alone, but I'm sure he suspects there are others like him. As for the people of Valoran, I think most would be surprised by a lot of the creatures that exist outside their city walls. The wild parts of Runeterra are constantly changing and evolving, and as is typically the case with people, there's lots to hold their attention within their societies.

(Assuming the League still does Judgements even though we don't see them) Who did Rengar see during his Judgement? What did he answer when asked why he wished to join the League and how it felt exposing his mind?
I think Rengar definitely would have seen the beast he could never defeat. If asked that question, Rengar would probably growl, "I hold no secrets. Anyone who wants to know me has only to visit my den and gaze upon my walls."

How would you describe Rengar's "alignment"? (chaotic good, lawful neutral, etc.)
Lawful neutral. Rengar lives by a strict code, although his code is neither benevolent nor malicious.

Did he craft his own weapons, were they handed down, or were they stolen?
I think Rengar's blade is a gift from his father and his claws are something he built and maintains himself (I say maintains because I'm guessing the blades need to be replaced from time to time). I think the claws were his way of taking advantage of his natural talents.

How would he describe his training as a hunter?
I think his training was grueling and difficult, although with the best intentions. I also imagine there was a fair amount of jungle combat involved.

Which would he like better: caviar or steak?
Steak, definitely. Animals taste better the bigger they are.

This guy seems to think Jarvan is they guy who raised Rengar any truth to this?
Can we get any info on whether or not the creature Rengar fought is something/someone already in the league, or someone/something we have already met through lore?
Nope, not Jarvan, although I really like the pattern of logic there. The only factor that complicates it for me is that I think Rengar is probably older than Jarvan. To me he is more of a weathered warrior. A lot of that time takes place after the story in the bio, while he has covered his wall in trophies.

The best info I can give you is that the creature is as it is described in the bio.

Rengar looks like the an animal that other trophy hunters would be pursuing. Do hunters pursue him?
'm sure there are people, both hunters and otherwise, who have tried to pursue Rengar. I'd bet there are some of them even mounted on his wall.

How long does it take Rengar to do his hair; looks quite nice if I may say so myself.
Edit: Also, does Rengar hunt sentient beings as well, like humans if deemed worthy, perhaps?
Edit2: Or Yordles, like my beloved Tristana or Poppy?
If he's trying to put in zig-zag patterns and make it REALLY pretty...probably about 8 hours. Most of the time it's closer to 1-2. Then again, sometimes you just wanna wake up and leave the mess that's there.

I think Rengar would hunt any target, human or otherwise, so long as it's worthy.

so i was thinking of changing my name to scribbles a cpl weeks ago, im glad you used a k.
where did rengar get his weapons from O:
I actually chose to spell my name with a k because my psychic told me you might just want to do that. Nice to finally meet you, btw.

I got to the weapons in the earlier response, I think the knife is from his dad and the claws were something of his own innovation.

Has Rengar fought any Nargacugas? What about other Wyverns and Dragons?
Attachment 515328
Bigger Pic Here
If Rengar found a Nargacugas, he would definitely hunt it. As for wyverns and dragons, I wouldn't be surprised to see beasts like that in his den.

Would Rengar think of yordles with combat prowess like Teemo as worthy trophies?
I actually think Teemo would be interesting prey for Rengar, since Teemo's techniques are largely built to combat jungle predators. The thrill of the hunt lies in its difficulty and complexity, Teemo would offer both.

Does Rengar belong to any race in Valoran? I'll just say he's a yordle (because he's furry) until I'm proven wrong.
Not a yordle, not a currently named race. Then again, I don't have proof. Rengar isn't exactly a "submit for DNA test" kinda guy.

Alright, question tyme!
What does Rengar think of Yordles?
What IS Rengar? Are there more of these things around Runeterra?
Does he compete with Sivir, since both are on the hunt?
What exactly does Rengar hunt? We haven't exactly heard much about the variety of wild magical beasts in Runeterra...
And finally, does Sion think Rengar is one ugly...thing?
I doubt Rengar would regard MOST yordles as threats. They are sort of unassuming. Some would pique his interest though. He may be interested in the way that their society blends the natural world and modern civilization.

Rengar isn't aware of others, but I'd save some space for the possibility of others.

Rengar hunts huge beasts and great warriors. The being must be a worthy prize and represent significance when added to his collection. I don't have a list for you, but (throwing this out there) it would be awesome to see some concept art of one of the walls of his den.

Sion actually finds him quite handsome.

Would Rengar have any qualms about going after the likes of Hecarim or Nocturne? If so, what would he use as trophies since they aren't corporeal?
I don't think he would have any qualms whatsoever. He'd probably take the helmet from Hecarim and one of the blades from Nocturne. I believe Nocturne became corporeal when he was trapped in the world.

Dreadlocks, Wristblades. Stealth and Tracking Tech, Hunting Culture, his Lore is straight up AvP.
Does being one massive Predator reference cheapen the character?
In a time when the LoL Universe is supposedly being refined, bam, random lion man race. Why is that?
Opinions on Udyr, Warwick, Volibear?
Opinions on Cho'Gath?
Wow, some incisive questions there. I think similarities to Predator are less about making our character a reference and more testament to how effectively Predator captures the trophy hunter archetype, which we wanted to nail with Rengar. Ironically, we never really referenced Predator with artists when talking about the archetype, but I can certainly see the comparison.

Let me start by answering "why lion man?" With our ever-expanding catalog of champions, we're always looking for ways to fulfill different fantasies and keep healthy variety between characters. This is no small task. For Rengar, we asked ourselves why we had characters like Renekton and Volibear in the game but no representation of one of our world's most fearsome animals: the lion. We then explored several artistic and thematic avenues to fit this theme, so we broke down what people's expectations of what a lion character would be. Lions are quintessential hunters and "kings of the jungle," so we wanted to be sure he felt appropriately tribal, ferocious, and predatory. Nidalee occupies the space of a realistic feline animal in our game, but she doesn't satisfy the lion fantasy, so we decided Rengar would be anthropomorphized.

Knowing this, we settled on a motivation that fell in the middle of human and animal goal: trophy hunter. We moved a bit away from just a "I love to kill" hunter, because that's Warwick, and we moved Rengar outside of society and away from humans to support this. We gave him weapons that would retain some of his bestial ferocity (that's where the claws came from), and we gave him armor/clothes built of his trophies. The mane was pulled back and put in dreads to maintain his wildness.

Stealth and tracking are core elements of any hunter or predator (and fit the assassin role nicely in our game), so that's where those came from, and we didn't really intend for them to come off as "techy," although I'm sure you get that from the eye. My explanation with the eye is mentioned earlier, the eyepatch made him more interesting and immediately told you he had a story to tell.

Honestly, I have the feeling we probably went through a similar process to the guys who made Predator and just wound up drawing a lot of the same conclusions. The same is probably true for other characters I've heard players mention as being similar to Rengar.

As for the universe being refined, I think he fits pretty well against our pantheon of characters.

PHEW, so many werds.


Udyr: Worthwhile target, definitely. Udyr actually incorporates the animals into the way he fights, so he's sort of like a combo pack for Rengar. He might also be tougher to predict.
Warwick: Warwick would probably actually interest Rengar less, although I think he's still a worthwhile target. To me, Warwick seems like more of a "kill as fast as possible" kind of guy than a clever, unpredictable prey. He certainly is strong though.
Volibear: Interesting target, powerful, imbued with lightning. Also I'm guess he's never seen anything quite like Volibear.

Deep One Kassadin Carries a Warning and Sale

I have seen them! I have seen the strange creatures that lurk in the deeps. There are perils from an unseen world stirring in the dark. You don’t believe me? What do you mean, “professional help?” Silence! You fools. **** YOU! **** YOUR EYES!

You don’t know what awaits you, summoners. I have witnessed things beyond your comprehension. Down there in the depths there are beings so horrifying that they will haunt your nightmares. I have seen… A SALE! A sale filled with such terrors that even the bravest of men must look upon it and save. 

You too will understand savings as I have. Beware... the sale beckons!

  • The ruins of many lost civilizations litter the roiling sands of the ocean floor. Within the blasted husk of his shattered city lives Atlantean Fizz, the last of his kind. He can be yours for a mere 487 RP.
  • Deep under the waters of a secluded and terrifying lake sleeps the ravenous Loch Ness Cho’Gath. Who knows what horrors await should he ever stir again? Awaken his hunger for 487 RP.
  • Down in the darkest fathoms of the ocean lives the terrible and strange Deep Sea Kog’Maw. His rows of dagger-like teeth and noxious bile are enough to leave any explorer forever changed. Tame this horrifying beast for 487 RP.

  • Those who venture down to the bottom of the deep blue sea may find themselves forever changed.Nautilus was once a man, but shall never be again. Embrace the metamorphosis for 487 RP.
  • Not all those who fall from on high find themselves beneath the cold embrace of the waves. Morgana will never more dwell amongst the clouds. Lament for this Fallen Angel for 292 RP.
  • Not Caitlyn again! Every time I try to carry a warning of the dangers below, they call in the sheriff to arrest me. You can take her away for 487 RP.

Heed my warning, summoners! The balance of power has been upset! These deals will only be around from August 24th until August 27th. Then the darkness comes. The end is nigh!



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