The News Roundup: New Three Kingdoms Themed Skins Revealed, Season Two World Championship Schedule, Kha'Zix Creative Design AMA

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New Three Kingdoms Themed Skins Revealed for China's One Year LoL Anniversary

Today players got a first look at two new skins: Lu Bu Jarvan IV and Zhao Yun Xin Zhao

Season Two World Championship Schedule

If you missed the first post on the format, make sure to check it out in our red tracker.

Creative Design AMA - Kha'Zix, the Voidreaver

What does Kha'Zix think of Yordles?
They're delicious but unfulfilling. He doesn't generally get any genetic benefit to eating them, but they're like candy ^^

What does Malzahar think of Kha'Zix (and vice versa)?
Mal'zahar likely finds Kha'Zix oddly familiar, having seen visions of the Void coming to Valoran, but Kha'Zix was not the main focus of what the prophet saw... For his part, Kha'Zix has had no contact with Mal'zahar. If he encountered the prophet, I suspect he would understand what happened to Malz in terms of what Kha'Zix himself does--that Malz adapted with the Void, and has become something greater than before.

What does Kog'Maw think of Kha'Zix (and vice versa)?
Kog'Maw like bug! :3 For his part, Kha'Zix would see the potential in Kog'Maw. This would be especially true if Kha'Zix was aware on some level of Kog'Maw's father... 

Does Kha'Zix see Draven as worthy of devouring, since he's just that Draven?
Since Jax is so powerful, does he seek to consume him?
Kha'Zix would not single Draven out for eating because smugness is not something Kha'Zix needs to devour prey. Jax is not something Kha'Zix would be interested in eating because he has not yet come to respect the nature of Jax's battle prowess, but if he evolved or otherwise learned more, he may be tempted to try. Whether he would actually gain anything from eating Jax is another question entirely. 

Does he have any relations with Skarner?
Skarner's people are very elusive, and Kha'Zix has not done much exploring. I think Kha'Zix is completely unaware of Skarner, but would definitely take an opportunity to eat him if he encountered the scorpion. 

Why would Kha'Zix be in the league after Rengar?
How does Kha'Zix feel knowing that he cannot actually devour any of the champs to better himself?
Kha'Zix did get captured yes? (I mean, theres no way he would willingly join a League where he can't kill anyone/better evolve himself right?)
We've found it best to leave questions of the League to player imagination and focus ourselves on character-driven stories; the better the character, the more ways to answer those questions. Where we answer those questions ourselves, we often find that it can limit the character. 

So given that, let's explore those questions! Why would Kha'Zix join the league? I can see many reasons, primarily among them the huge treasure-trove of interesting creatures to devour. There's also Rengar, who would draw Kha'Zix like a moth to flame. Was he brought in by force? Many would love to capture such a monstrous creature, but I find it difficult to imagine any prison keeping Kha'Zix for long. Hypothetically, I think it would be significantly easier to kill Kha'Zix than to imprison him, so personally I don't believe he has ever been captured. As for not being able to devour champs under certain curious circumstances, well, Kha'Zix is nothing if not adaptable. If there is an occasion where he can't devour a champion, he would find a different occasion to attack them, but he would not give up. At a fundamental level, Kha'Zix is not physically capable of what we call "giving up". He could become anything, given time; he can be delayed, but he cannot be denied. He will only "give up" when he is dead. 

I've already talked about Malz and Kog, so here I'll talk about Cho and Kass. I personally believe that Kha'Zix would be interested by Kass but not trust him. Conversely, Kassadin would recognize Kha'Zix's potential but views the more imminent Void threats, such as Cho'Gath, as more important and more pressing. 

For Cho'Gath, I believe there's a certain compatibility, a monstrously alien camaraderie between Cho and Kha. They both devour to grow and grow to devour, they have similar basic makeup. Kha'Zix is playing the ground game, turning Valoran's strength against it, adapting to become a better predator to devour the creatures of this world. Cho'Gath is set in form and devours Valoran creatures that he may become large enough to overshadow and consume them all. They have similar goals and different methods.

What was Kha'Zix devouring in his sneak peak? Was it a notable kill or even his first in Valoran? Is it void-based in Origin? Does it happen to be a Spider Queen?
Kha'Zix finds every kill notable, but it was more likely to be one of his first kills in Valoran than a specifically notable being. Kha'Zix would need extreme circumstances before he would be willing to eat a Void being, and even then, he may refuse. As for if it's a queen of spiders, Kha'Zix has eaten spiders before, but he shows no adaptations of spider origin. Since one can imagine a queen of spiders being highly powerful, one could then assume that Kha'Zix would adapt some portion of such a thing's power. Since Kha'Zix has no spider powers, one can then decide that he probably did not eat any spidery queens.

So, Mech Kha'Zix is what happen when Viktor convince Warwick to find him a worthy specimen for his glorious evolution?
Perhaps. Skins are not canon, of course, but within a hypothetical Glorious Evolution future, we do see battlecast creations that are as advanced as Mecha Kha'Zix. However, they follow a naming scheme and a certain design aesthetic--heavy, powerful, inelegant in form but elegant in function, as is Viktor's way. They are beautiful in a towering brutal fashion. Mecha Kha'Zix is sleeker and lighter, and his visual appeal is different. Perhaps he signals a shift in Viktor's design methodology, perhaps he is an independent line from the Battlecast, perhaps he is something else entirely.

His lore uses the word 'infiltrate' to describe how Kha'Zix came to Valoran. Is Kha'Zix acting out his own agenda or is he infiltrating on someone else's orders?
Kha'Zix is acting out his own agenda, which happens to be infiltration, which itself lines up very well with what other Void creatures are doing. If there is an intelligence behind these actions, if there is a plan, is unknown. Mal'zahar has perhaps the most information on this topic, and his mind has been twisted by the visions he has seen. Some knowledge is not meant for mortals. 

Also, as a follow-up, is his end goal simply to become the strongest thing in Valoran and then move on to another plane of existence or planet, like an interdimensional locust swarm? Is there some other end goal he is trying to reach that consuming everything will lead him closer to? Is there something on Valoran specifically that he wants (I know he's obsessed with Rengar now, but that was after he got here. What informed his decision to choose Valoran?)
ha'Zix does not think in terms of end goals. If he did, it would be "to become perfect", which itself is relative based on environment--but he does not. Kha'Zix is a being of process, of the flow of moment to moment. He thinks in terms of where prey will go and where he will go; he's not a planner or a schemer. 

To Kha'Zix, life is change. In the way that most people don't have one dominant goal that drives their whole lives, and they mainly want to live well, Kha'Zix also wants to live well. For him, this means constantly changing, constantly improving. Fretting about what one will become distracts from the act of becoming. He came to Valoran to gain its strength. While he is there, he will turn that strength against Valoran, and through his very existence, he will bring that strength into the Void, but the point is neither the strength itself nor any concerns about worlds. For Kha'Zix, the point is the change itself.

Void creatures are infinitely varied and terrible. To strictly define their motives is impossible. They certainly can embody basic urges, but beyond that is inscrutable. 

And what about Cho and Kha'zix? They bffs, rivals, neutral?
Yes and no. Kha'Zix and Rengar have similar themes because of the story we're telling with the characters, but they feel drastically different to play. Try them and see! Answers for Cho are in an earlier question in this post.

How did he crossover? Was it easy for him? does that mean the void can cross over quicker and easier now?
Kha'Zix understands perfectly why he is in Valoran, but how is more mysterious. The mechanics of entering this realm from another get into technical realms of magic that he has no interest in. 

Why the godzilla approach and not the xenomorph approach? Very disappointed in this.
Is his blood acidic?
Kha'Zix's blood is not acidic, and it is unlikely he would desire such an adaptation--dissolved prey is useless to him. I'm not sure I understand the other question. "Godzilla approach", "xenomorph approach" ? My instinct is that he uses neither approach, but I don't really know what you mean. 

What other champions in the league would he be eager to devour? 
So Kog Maw looks kind of like a slug and this guy looks like a....some animal. upright praying mantus almost. Do these guys have insectoid parents as well? We sort of know about Kog Maws Daddy but what about Kha's parents?
I find the first question here very interesting. Kha'Zix has initially very little knowledge of who's in the League, but as he learns more, his targets change. At a very simple physical level, he would look at champions such as Volibear, Rammus, and Warwick as good targets for devouring because he could take some of their physical characteristics to adapt himself. If he devoured his way into an expanded intellect, however, his purview changes. He would likely become curious about his own nature--can he devour magic? Could he adapt Anivia's phoenix nature to defy death? He would find an expanded menu. Can he devour mages? The undead? More interesting questions. But then there's that special category. If Kha'Zix devours his way to an expanded mind, he may come to understand beings that threaten him or the Void on an existential level. These would be beings to kill and never devour, because Kha'Zix would never want to be anything like these most loathsome of creatures.

Does size matter in the void? Im being serious, could Kha take down cho gath? Or would it require a pack of creatures similar to Kha.
The nature of the Void is so terrible and alien that to discuss it here would be a misstep. I do not want a bunch of forumites driven mad by Mal'zahar style visions!

How did rengar react to cho gath when they first met? A bit off topic but it interests me. If Kha was a challenge how much does he enjoy fighting cho?
How...eager are the void to cross over? I mean we get the idea that they are just chomping at the bit but if guys like cho, kha and kog can just sort of walts on over what is keeping the others at bay exactly?
I do not know if Rengar and Cho have met. Cho's size would likely impress Rengar, possibly making him think of Cho as a greater prize, but I think after pursuing Cho the lack of a personal tie would bring him back to the hunt for Kha'Zix. For Cho's part, he would devour Rengar without a second thought if he had the chance. If he found Rengar to be hunting Void beings, Cho would take a very dim view of that, but he would not get in Kha'Zix's way. 

How would Kha'zix view a champion that have also 'evolved' beyond their origins such as Rammus? Prey to be consumed or a specimen to be studied?
Also, any insight to what his life was like before crossing-over from the Void? Was he an infantile void creature or did his crossing-over diminish him from his previous form/might?
Consumption and study are the same for Kha'Zix. To understand something, he devours it. Answers about the Void question are further up this post. 

Kha'zix seems static and one-dimensional. Does he have other skills and interests besides being a devourer. 
Does he give back anything meaningful to the Void community? 
Or, is being an all consuming predator just his Void nature?
Kha'Zix is the exact opposite of static. He is living change, and he looks at the time he spends not changing the way that we look at time spent in the elevator or waiting in line. His skills are limited only to what he can eat, and while his interest is very focused, it is not focused on consumption. Rather, it is focused on the idea of becoming. Kha'Zix wants to grow and change and adapt, forever; he picks up and discards other interests and agendas only in that they service his endless change.

Kha'Zix himself mentions his "mission" is to devour strong prey and grow from it. Is there any chance that there's something in the Void that doled out said mission?
Follow up question, does he have anything to do with the "Daddy" Kog'Maw mentions in one of his emotes?
The nature of the Void is inscrutable, but clues abound...
Kha'Zix respects and fears Kog'Maw's "daddy". Beyond that, he will not say.

Do you think Kha'Zix's character is any less compelling by virtue of his goal being unachievable within the League of Legends universe?
To speak to the heart of your point rather than the individual specifics, this is much of why we prefer to focus on the stories of the characters themselves and leave the League up to the players' imaginations. These obstacles you describe are only present if we sit down and say that X and Y happened in Summoner's Rift et cetera. If we focus on the story outside the league and leave the fields of justice to the players' imagination, it works better on all counts.

We give richer characters more room to grow both by ensuring they have better foundation and by making sure we don't limit their potential by, say, preventing resolution to their conflict. This also frees us up to talk more about our champions and the world they live in. Kha'Zix and Rengar are extremely likely to resolve their arc outside the League, but if players want to imagine a League encounter that ends their story, they certainly can--the fields of justice have always been the place in our world where players decide what happens. 

Was Kha'Zix originally concepted with evolution?
Yep! Kha'Zix has been in development in varying stages for a long, long time. Far longer than either Rengar or Syndra, actually. Answers to the Glorious Evolution question are earlier in this thread.

As for Kha'Zix : what does he think about the other Voidborns in Runeterra ? Would he follow the Prophet's orders ? Or does he only care about hunting ? Does he consider Kog'Maw (another one who likes eating stuff) as a younger brother or something ?
I hope these questions have been addressed to your satisfaction in my other posts! They're a bit split up, but generally we prefer the Void to be inscrutable and alien, so I'm rather limited in what I can say. 

As for whether Kha'Zix would follow Mal'zahar's orders, or anyone else's for that matter, the answer is no. Kha'Zix advances the Void by his very nature. Orders are unnecessary and unwelcome. If Kha'Zix must do something, it will be done. There will be no orders. And Kha'Zix is quite fond of Kog'Maw, being a little hungry fella who wants to eat so he can grow big and strong :3

What does the League think of the Void now? Was the previous view actually held by the League, or did Senior Summoner Farnsley have a reason to call the Void a lie?
Back in February, but I was on the Skins Team for a while. 
And the Void itself is, as always, the subject of terrified whispers and horrible secrets. Any who know keep the details well to themselves, lest awful things hear them speak...

Why not Qa'zix?
"Qa" can be pronounced "Kwa", and we did not want him to be named "Kwa'zix" for folks who pronounced it that way. "Kh" is also generally associated with dignity and power in a way that "Qa" isn't; "Qa" is more sci-fi and exotic. 
For your second question: Yes. He brushed against others beyond our world, in the Void, among them Kog and Cho.

Has Kha'Zix seen Kassadin's daughter in the void?
Does he prefer to be called Kha or Zix
That's a very interesting question, and I fear I would cheapen it by giving it an answer, so I will give it a question instead: Can Kassadin's daughter go to the Void, and if so, has she been there?
Kha'Zix does not care what food calls him. Personally, I favor "Kha" :3

Is there a method to Kha'Zix's hunting by now, or does he still ravenously consume indiscriminately?
His lore says that when he first arrived, he slaughtered and ate, risking life going for bigger and bigger prey. Now, with Rengar, he has a specific target to hunt down. Would he still kill to evolve on 'lesser' creatures, or would he only kill to sustain himself before moving on?
He consumes to improve himself, adapting from the strength of the most dangerous creatures he can find. His tastes are very picky, and only become more refined as he grows in power; the deadlier Kha'Zix is, the deadlier his prey must be to give him advantage. 

The question of whether he continues to consume and adapt or just go for Rengar is more nuanced. Yes and no, I suppose; he consumes and adapts wihle he hunts Rengar, but the adaptations he chooses are specialized for hunting Rengar. His overall goal is still to become better and stronger, but he thinks the best way to get that is to eat Rengar

Okay, let me start off saying I love this lore. But take a step back. Replace the word Valoran with Earth. The word void with future. The word Rengar with Goku and the word Kha'Zix with Cell. This lore reminds me of Cell from DBZ.
I'm aware of DBZ but not familiar with it. However, what little I've seen of Cell makes me think he's a schemer and a planner, and that's not who Kha'Zix is. Kha'Zix is also completely divorced from pride; it is his nature to grow and improve, and he does this by devouring. He did this where he was before he came to Valoran, he will do this on Valoran, and he will continue once he has left. He endlessly draws nearer to perfection, but what "perfection" means is based on where Kha'Zix is, what he is doing, what creatures he is hunting and who is trying to stop him; it is not a goal, it's highly subjective and relative. Cell was designed from the ground up as an amalgam of the greatest warriors specifically to create the ultimate warrior; his personality has very human flaws. Kha'Zix started from nothing and adapts to his circumstance; his personality is utterly alien.
To sum it up, Cell is perfection, Kha'Zix is endless adaptation. They're only similar in that they both adapt themselves based on their opposition. 

SO! Since Kog has a dad, can we assume that Kha'zix has a mother.... a QUEEN perhaps? (You should know where I am going with this...)
The specifics of Void heredity lay beyond the veil, into the realms of horror where mortal minds may not venture. 

If he and Varus fought (off the fields of justice) who would win and why? (Is he even able to devour the shadowy stuff on Varus?)
Who would win? That's another question that's only cheapened if I answer it. Far better to imagine the fight, the angry-but-nervous arrows fired at sounds in the brush... the Void spines stabbing a tree, startling Varus out of the moment he stole to look at his locket... the leap from the treetop with Void blades charged... the corruption flowing out from Varus's outstretched hand to block him... far, far better to imagine the fight. 

Kha'Zix can consume the corruption on Varus, but whether he would want to, and what would happen if he did, is a matter of no small speculation. Would Kha'Zix be corrupted, or would Kha'Zix gain the power of corruption itself? Would Kha'Zix be unable to digest the material and be corrupted, only to adapt away from the corruption and discard the tainted flesh like a molting insect? Interesting concept!

How do the nations feel about these Void creatures?
Answers about summoners are in other posts in this thread. The nations of the world have private opinions about the Void creatures, colored by their awareness level and attitude. Bilgewater, for example, might have bounties posted for strange monsters, shared only among the scurviest of sea dogs. Demacia would view them as a threat and likely keep information hidden to avoid a panic. Noxus would likewise see a military threat, but their response would be more of a power play and less about keeping the populace safe. Ionia's thoughts would turn to Varus's temple, and from there to the war with Noxus, and they would have a great many questions--questions that would lead them astray, I think. Zaun would try to study the Void and that would go badly for them, or worse for the rest of us, it might go well. Enhancing Void creatures with technology is exactly the sort of starry-eyed boneheaded maneuver a Zaunite would perform, and I hope for all of Valoran that they never have the chance to try. 

How does being in the explosion of his own Void Spike heal Kha'Zix?
Fundamentally, we prefer not to explain game logic with lore. I can think of a few ideas of how he might heal from his spines, the simplest being that it provides a cloud of genetic samples that he can use to reinvigorate himself, but for me the question is very similar to "how does Kha'Zix use a Bloodthirster?". It's fun to imagine what solutions or circumstances these juxtapositions of game logic and story can lead to, but at the end of the day, we're probably not going to focus on Kha'Zix figuring out how to get his heap of Doran's Blades working. 

Where are Kha'Zix's wounds from his battle with Rengar? Rengar lost an eye in that fight, Kha'Zix can't have just made it out with no scars at all. Let's not talk about scars in his pride, just the ones he aqcuired on his body. Could his battle with Rengar have hurt him in such way that it would damage his evolution mechanisms/abilities to evolve?
Kha'Zix sustained grievous physical wounds from Rengar in their battle, but since Kha'Zix regrows his base form so frequently, scars are a non-issue. Neither, however, is pride. The scars Kha'Zix bears from Rengar are the wounds of what might have been. Kha'Zix has never encountered a beast as powerful, and healmost devoured and adapted from that strength. The evolution he tasted but could not have looms large in his mind.

Why did Kha'Zix enter the league instead of devouring even more creatures on Valoran while he could get back on Rengar easier that way? Which of them joined the league first?
Answers about the League are earlier in this thread, I hope! For the second part, I think Kha'Zix has been stalking Rengar since their encounter in the jungle.

Does Kha'Zix evolve only when he devours strong opponents or does he also slowly evolve with weak prey as well? Does his evolutionary potential have a ceiling?
Kha'Zix gains no benefit from eating weak prey, and indeed even finds them unpalatable. They taste to him how bland gruel tastes to us. His evolutionary potential has no ceiling, but it does have cases of optimization. Say Kha'Zix spends many years in a desert--he would rapidly become very good and murdering things in that desert, then improve slowly over time. But if he moved to a different desert, or to a jungle, he would change rapidly at first, then settle down into more nuanced refinement again. 

What is Kha'Zix's intelligence level? We know Cho'Gath is really intelligent, and Kog'Maw seems like the exact opposite.
Intelligence-wise, Kha'Zix is... interesting. His mind expands beyond what we would consider a normal human mind, but in terms of human intelligence, he's below average. His instincts and cunning are incredible, his spatial awareness is top notch, but his long term planning is humble and his abstract reasoning is unimportant. What's more, his instinct expands beyond the bounds of his brain, into his genetics. In the way that deciding to behave differently is the foundation of sentience, Kha'Zix's genes collectively decide to change themselves as he devours and adapts, and this process is part of Kha'Zix's instinct. Put another way, he has the same instincts we do in terms of not being burned by fire, eating when hungry and so on, but he has extra instincts for what prey is strongest, what adaptations he needs to survive, etc.

....not sure if trolling or if you don't know Sci Fi 101. Godzilla is Godzilla. Please don't represent Riot at the tokyo Game Show if you guys go there. Xenomorphs...Alien and Aliens. Nough said. But I do think your trolling.
Not trolling, just unsure what you meant by "approach". Kha'Zix is neither Godzilla nor a Xenomorph; he does not destroy for destruction's own sake or because he has been disturbed, nor does he eat purely for sustenance. However, neither is he a Xenomorph; he is not perpetuating a race, creating offspring, or even participating in a life-cycle. Who can say what caused Kha'Zix to exist, or how long such a thing might live? His entire genetic structure is regenerated and altered on a regular basis. There is no degradation of copy that causes living things to grow old and die. It may be that Kha'Zix could live on forever if he is not slain. For such a being, infesting another holds little purpose.

Also, on a couple points you act as if Kha has been a willing participant in a sort of discussion interview. Is this just you not knowing or the idea that the League actually sat and tried to talk to Kha. A sort of judgement style thing. If so, how much does the league hope to gain from these "interviews"? How cooperative are some champions? I could see Rengar being an easy chat. Syndra a bit more difficult. But a creature of death, adaptation and evolution coming from a place that almost nothing is known of would seem to blunt any questions imo. So how does Kha respond?
Kha'Zix is capable of speech, and I could see him talking to other Void beings. Beyond that, it's all hypothetical. If it's more interesting to imagine his response as speech, that's what I do; if it's better to describe from the outside, I do that instead. To my knowledge, Kha'Zix has never engaged in a formal interview. 

- Second follow up being, will there be any expeditions to these creatures place of origin?
An interesting question. I can definitely see Zaun, and possibly even Piltover, mounting such an expedition. Whether it's possible, what would happen, and what any hypothetical travelers might find... well, that's a whole nother kettle of fish!

How would those who have seemingly shrewed minds, or other wordly power fair being absorbed by Khaz? For example but not limited to: swain. You have touched on if he were to absorb those with high intellect it actually may lead to an inferior path because it would stray from what he believes the perfect goal to be, but generally those with a vast and cruel intelligence have powers that would be much desired, no?
Interesting dichotomy, isn't it? It may be that Kha'Zix has devoured beings of high intellect in the past, only to find the extra burden more cumbersome than helpful. Personally, I believe that he has yet to adapt himself a strong mind, but when he does, he'll have to deal with the difference between his instinct and his reason. If he can reconcile the two, he will be much, much stronger for it.

I'm not so much saying that the events on the Field of Justice are restricting them. I'm very aware that the Champions certainly have lives of their own. I think I worded my last post poorly (or I'm misinterpreting yours, which is entirely possible o.0).
Oh, I understood you perfectly, but I don't think I agree about there being a problem. We're fully comfortable telling stories with our champions in ways that don't disturb gameplay. If we chose to resolve the Rengar / Kha'Zix conflict, even with one or both dying, I can imagine a number of methods we could use that wouldn't involve messing with which champions are available to pick in the game.

Odd question, but now that the bug is out of the bag, will Regnar's lore be edited a touch to actually refer to Kha'zix more specifically? It seems weird to have Regnar's background be so mysterious now that we know who it's talking about.
I think we're happy with Rengar's bio the way it is.

Does Kha'Zix view Yordles as easy prey?
Also, what was his first reaction to how hard they could fight back? (especially Poppy)
Lastly, would he want any of their traits?
Yes, surprise, and no, respectively. He would almost certainly become curious as to how they could fight back when they had no desirable traits. 

Well, she DID get sucked into the Void when Malzahar and Kassadin had their confrontation in Zaun...
Sucked in, yes, but the Void is a harsh and terrible place. I had meant to ask it sneaky-like, but I'll ask it here plainly: Did she arrive intact on the other side? Does Kassadin's ability to Riftwalk around Valoran imply a possibility that she never reached the Void at all?

This is more of a sideways question aimed at the Void in general, but: You mentioned that "there are things mortals aren't meant to know". Does that mean immortals like Kayle, Nasus, or Anivia are capable of grasping information about the Void without it turning them into Void creature wannabes?
Perhaps. The minds of immortals tend to be stronger and deeper than mortals, but considering the intensely dangerous nature of studying the Void, would they really want to try? 
Kha'Zix sees Nasus as a physical being, and lacks the abstract reasoning to understand the true extent of Nasus's power. If Kha'Zix adapted a greater intellect, he would likely be very intrigued by Nasus

Yeah this concerns me a bit. I would hope riot would be a bit more familiar with their own lore. Whether they are relatively new or not.
I have my UFO Corki the old-fashioned way. New to LoL lore? I think not! I would gladly expound upon my opinions of, say, Reginald Ashram, but these are things I must keep to myself.

So from here on out, I have to write my own headcanon if I want to connect the characters you create to the gameplay I experience? That doesn't feel awesome. 
No, you don't have to write your own headcanon to connect the characters to the gameplay, far from it! We specifically focus on the character interaction, backstory, personality and relationships in order to lend more connection to the gameplay you experience. Your interactions with other champions are far more frequent, more emotionally intense, and more interesting story-wise. Leona and Diana are great examples of characters where our lore focus pays off in-game, and Kha'Zix and Rengar have even more game-to-lore connection. 

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