The News Roundup: Season 2 World Playoffs Mobile App, Ezreal Getting Nerfed After World Finals, and More

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Season 2 World Playoffs Mobile App

With the Season 2 World Playoffs only a day away, we don’t want fans to miss a thing during the most momentous eSports event of the year. Twelve teams from all across the globe will be competing for a share of $2,000,000 in prize money and a shot at the title of World Champion, so the next two weeks will overflow with action-packed matches and bloody battles on the Fields of Justice.

In addition to live broadcasts and coverage on the event site, information about the Season 2 World Championship will also be readily available in the palm of your hands. Download the League of Legends World Championship mobile app to get updated event brackets, match schedules and results, event photos, team and player bios, and more – all instantly accessible through your iPhone or Android smartphone. 

To access the Season 2 World Championship mobile app:

1) Download the Guidebook application for your iPhone or Android
2) Scan the provided QR code or search for League of Legends in Guidebook
3) Read about your favorite teams and players, and set your schedule so you’re on time to witness your most-anticipated matches

Ezreal Getting Nerfed After World Finals

Next patch after finals, already testing specifics (though subject to change).

This is an obvious nerf as far as need goes - the winrate data on LoLKing makes him look balanced in comparison to the internal global one

Updates to Terms of Use and End User Agreement 

Hey Summoners,

We wanted to give you an early heads-up that we’ll be making a few changes to those massive documents of legal jibber-jabber that you agree to when you play League of Legends – the Privacy Policy, Terms of Use (TOU) and End User License Agreement (EULA). The changes will be taking effect in the next patch (scheduled for October 9th), and today we’ll outline some of the key changes you can expect to see. It’s not a lot, but if you’re interested, read on (and of course, be sure to familiarize yourself with all the changes when the complete docs are posted):

Privacy Policy

  • We’re now TRUSTe certified, which is the highest standard of privacy protection out there. You’ll see their seal on our website in the near future. You can read all about what that means at TRUSTe’s website.
  • We want to understand where new League of Legends players are coming from, so we’re gonna make use of more 3rd party cookies as well as tracking pixels, and the updated policy reflects this.
  • Riot collects data/information associated with making a payment (rather than simply passing it along to third parties). We don’t do anything with that info except charge your card when you purchase RP (thanks!). We’ve added more clear language regarding refer-a-friend, newsletters, how to change your account info, and other services Riot provides.


  • We’re the only ones who have access to personally identifiable information you provide directly to Riot.
  • Like in the privacy policy update, we collect and store payment data.
  • In the event of a dispute, you and Riot agree to binding, individual arbitration of your claims (except for in certain, limited circumstances).

Season Two Regional Spotlight: Korea

Season Two Regional Spotlight: Southeast Asia

Season Two Regional Spotlight: China



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  • #3 Excel12

    I really have a horrible feeling about the incoming Ezreal nerfs. I just hope they don't nerf him HARD like they did with Urgot... Now that Ezreal is a very good champion I'm just really happy playing him (back in the days when he was just "meh" I didn't feel so good at all). I really love Ezreal and I don't want him to get hit hard...

  • #2 XtendedImpact

    Would be awesome if they integrated the stream into the app :3

  • #1 SiameseCookie

    noooooooo ezreal nerfs....

    but honestly, he deserves a little downgrade. after just a few games of experience with him I was simply crushing anyone else.

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